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Will boys buying sex dolls affect marriage?

August 29, 2020

Many men have the desire to buy sex dolls, but before buying they are really afraid that their behavior of buying sex dolls will be discovered by their family members. And many people think about whether buying sex dolls will affect their future marriage, making them unable to find a lifelong partner. This is a very sensible idea. We will not deny the possibility of such a thing, but everyone does not need to be too anxious. After all, this possibility is minimal, because modern people are open-minded and no longer particularly mind their partners having sex dolls.

All you need to do is to confess your hobbies. After all, your wife is a partner who wants to live with you for a lifetime. It is a very normal thing for men to buy sex dolls, just like women buying some sex dolls. Compared to sex dolls, the most unacceptable thing for your wife is to face your cheating or prostitution. Their inner tolerance is far higher than men thought. Super real sex doll  does affect our marriage, but many of them are positive.

real sex doll

Long hedge period for men

Men are like wine, the longer you leave it, the more masculine charm will be. Men and women are different. Girls will no longer be young as they age, and their appearance will be greatly reduced. The increase in loose skin and wrinkles makes their beauty no longer maintained. But society is more tolerant of men. A middle-aged man in his forties can marry a 20-year-old girl. The society will not give severe criticism. But if a woman in her forties interacts with a boy in her 20s, she will often be criticized by a lot of public opinion.

Men are not easy to show old age in middle age, but will show mature charm. The older men become, the more mature they become. Many Japanese people choose mature men as their partners. Because they feel that mature men can provide them with more security. Many women cannot resist the charm of mature men.

Don't worry, take your time, you still have enough time to choose, men have a longer shelf life. The most important thing for people is to perfect themselves. Your own life should follow your own ideas. Perhaps the subject has reached the age of responsibility, but don’t forget that marriage is part of life. If you decide to abandon your own thoughts and take it for the sake of your loved ones, that's not a big deal. If it is a well-thought-out decision, just do it. Feelings need to be run-in, but don't be polished off by the so-called run-in.

hedge period for men

Improve sex skills

Sex technology is a rigid criterion for many girls to choose their partners. Many women value men's sex skills and abilities, because it determines their happy life for the rest of their lives. Excellent sex skills can add a lot of points to you. But if you live alone, how can you improve your sex skills? It is difficult to find a girl willing to accompany you to improve your sex skills. If your sex skills are not good. They will not develop a long-term relationship with you. This creates a very contradictory scene. You want to use your sex skills to attract girls, but the girls are not willing to cooperate with you to improve your sex skills.

Sex dolls can cooperate with you to improve your sex skills. When you buy a new full-size sex doll , she is exactly the same as a real woman . These sex dolls have soft skin, highly simulated faces and flexible skeletons. You can play with your sex doll, put her in a position you like, and swing into a suitable position at will.

Especially when you may see some sex positions on the Internet, if you want to try, sex dolls are a good fit. Her body is very flexible, no matter how difficult posture she likes. She will enjoy this sex very much. When you can fully master this sex position, you can try to have sex with your girlfriend, and she will definitely appreciate you. If you haven't kissed anyone, the sex doll can also kiss. The sex doll even has a tongue in its mouth. Everything is for the truth of touch, the real experience of people who pursue and reality. You can improve your kissing skills with tongue kisses with sex dolls. Many of the tongues of these sex dolls are detachable, and you can have oral sex by removing the tongue, which is in line with your fantasy.

Improve sex skills

Find your love preferences

Many men do not know the kind of girl they like at first, when they customize their sex dolls. This is a very good opportunity to face your heart. You can fully know what type you like, or what your mate selection criteria are. There are many options for sex dolls, such as Lolita sex dolls, muscle sex dolls or anime sex dolls , these sex dolls are yours very good Companion.

If when you receive your sex doll and find that it is different from what you imagined, you may not choose this type of girl when choosing your girlfriend. In order to find a girl you really like. For example, some men like girls with big breasts, but also hope to find a girlfriend with big breasts in reality. But when he buys a sex doll with big breasts, he may not like this characteristic sex doll.

Improve sex skills

There is no shame in buying sex dolls, and sex dolls may be a kind of sexual reconciliation for husband and wife, which can promote an emotional exchange between themselves and their wife. So it will never affect your marriage, but will help promote your marriage. It's just that you need to use appropriate methods to tell your wife your choice, rather than tell her directly from the beginning. After all, people who have not been in contact with sex dolls may be more difficult to accept at first. As long as you give your fiancee or wife a buffer period, she will understand your choice. Love your beautiful sex doll even more than you.

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