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Why sex dolls are so popular among Asian men

December 10, 2020

Owning a sex doll has never been easier. Initially, a stigma associated with the subject was considered taboo. However, the situation has changed and more information about sex dolls is available. People are also more aware of the broad benefits of owning a doll. In addition, there are more options for those who are looking for the sex doll of their dreams.

jarliet sex doll

China is the world's largest supplier of sex dolls, with a global market share of 70%, but did you know that Chinese men are also the largest buyers? Lovedollshops sell a variety of amazing sex dolls from different manufacturers such as WM Dolls, the most popular doll brand from all over the world, such as silicone sex dolls, TPE dolls, and big breasted dolls. We distribute them as the largest authorized seller. Other names in our catalog include JY doll, Gynoid doll and many famous sexy love doll manufacturers. Moreover, although most of the dolls are exported abroad, there are still many Chinese men who continue to buy dolls on the website, especially in the case of social isolation in most states.

Gynoid sex doll

Gender imbalance

One of the biggest reasons why more and more men in China prefer to have sex with dolls is the imminent scarcity of women across the country. The country has a huge gender imbalance gap. According to Statista's 2019 report, China has 713 million men and 681 million women. This gap is widening every day. Remember, this report considers demographic trends from 2008 to 2018, which means that the numbers have changed significantly, and the gender imbalance is more pronounced today. So, what do these statistics mean? You may ask. Well, it's very simple. There are nearly 100 million men who will not have a spouse. They can only find a partner or solve their sexual desire through other means. Under the new norms of staying away from social, blockade and viruses are more difficult than ever to satisfy special people.

medium breasts sex doll

High libido

In addition to the social issues and plans that have led to a surge in demand for sex dolls in China, men also buy them to satisfy their sexual desires. For single men, dolls provide a reliable way to satisfy your sexual desire without risking infection from multiple partners. On the other hand, married men use sex dolls to ease their sexual desire, especially when they are on business trips.
Having sex with a doll in reality is not considered cheating by many people, especially when it is impossible to have sex with a wife. Whether you are away from home or she feels uncomfortable, it is best to use a sex doll instead of having sex with other people. So why do you continue to work when you have a good impression of sex dolls?
Sex dolls are sold as a product in the market to increase the decline of marriage. You know? You are used to it, the previous flames are beginning to disappear. It happened. Therefore, most Chinese men prefer to introduce real-life robot dolls into the bedroom to enrich the experience. In fact, this is a sure way to inspire romantic relationships.

Asian face sex doll

Unleash wild fantasy

We all have our dark fantasies, these fantasies cannot be released in our daily lives. Men especially have a list of things they actually like or are doing. For example, some people like anal sex, but their partner absolutely does not allow it. Similarly, some men like to be active in bed, which may be interpreted as sexual abuse in today's world.
Although some people may regard it as a normal phenomenon, people are being prosecuted for these things. This development will only intensify people's preference for adult dolls. These flawless dolls provide you with a way to spend the craziest fantasy in a safe environment. There are no court summons, divorce documents, and no consequences for fulfilling your wishes. Must be good, right?

long legs sex doll

Sex dolls are angels that liberate sexual desire and provide you with the best sex you have always wanted. China is the world's main supplier of sex dolls. In fact, more and more Chinese men are participating in this action.

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