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Why do some people like to use real dolls for SM?

August 01, 2020

Nowadays, in some sex movies and pictures, we can see more and more figures about SM. With the increase in social pressure, many men are shouldering heavy responsibilities. They receive a lot of cross-brows in society or in the workplace, causing their inner trauma. They can't find a place to vent, but they have to find an outlet. Coupled with the spread of sex movies, more and more men like to be abusers, using this perverted method to vent their inner grievances and satisfy their inner wild desire. What is SM? SM is called ‘sadomasochism’, a sexual activity that connects sexual pleasure and empathy, that is, sexual activity that obtains pleasure through empathy. Common sadomasochistic activities may also involve binding, whipping or other training methods. General official name is ‘BDSM’ (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism). That is, it is a general term that is a mixture of multiple meanings and acronyms.Some people have also directly expanded their use, using "sadomasochism" as a synonym for ‘BDSM’

But in fact, most women cannot accept that their partner is torturing themselves unless the woman is a strong abuser, so men rarely find a partner to cooperate with them. When many males’ animal desires cannot be satisfied, they will choose to customize their perfect life-size dolls as their sexual abuse objects to satisfy their animal desires that cannot be satisfied in real life.

Why do some people like to use real dolls for SM?

Causes of SM

Biological point of view: Pain, violence, sex and love all cause the release of many hormones and compounds in the human body. Moreover, when people see, hear or imagine such activities, the sympathetic nerves in the body respond.

1.The level of testosterone in the body will be temporarily affected by the role of sadomasochism. The testosterone level of the abused party is usually increased, while the testosterone level of the abused party is usually decreased.

2.The body releases endorphins when experiencing pain. It may be a factor that causes some people to become addicted, so it is often thought that self-harm and voluntary abuse are functionally similar, but there is no causal relationship between the two.

3.Lactic acid released during muscle strain may cause pleasure.

4.Serotonin and melatonin in the brain can be affected by mood or stress.

5.The epinephrine and norepinephrine released during stress and pain can cause pleasant "excitement".

6.The effect of sadomasochism on the body's chemistry may enhance the behavior itself and thus create a subjective motivation to continue seeking this behavior.

Childhood experience: There is a view that childhood experience is related to the formation of sadomasochism. The most frequently quoted example is that Rousseau mentioned in "The Confession" that he was flogged by his aunt when he was 8 years old, which had a lifelong impact on his sex life. Impact.

Aggression: Another view is that sadomasochism stems from the aggression contained in human sexual instinct.

Why do some people like to use real dolls for SM?

The way and experience of using real love dolls for SM

The real doll was ordered after the purchaser made detailed selections of her body parts. Including the love doll's wig, eye size, eye pupil color, head shape, breast size and shape, hip size and shape, height selection, material selection, etc. The person who buys the full size sex doll can make simple customization through his own fantasy about the appearance of the abused person. Through such a simple link, the abuser can seek the most basic visual and tactile satisfaction, thereby satisfying himself the most basic pleasure in the abuse.

The silicone sex doll is not like a real person, and will not feel disgusted by the abuser's crude behavior. The sex doll will unconditionally obey all the behaviors the abuser does to them.The abuser can satisfy his inner thoughts by changing the posture of the sex doll. If the abuser likes oral sex, foot fetish and other addictions, he can buy sex dolls with open mouths to satisfy his most basic physical and mental requirements.

Bind the doll and use handcuffs, belts, and tight clothing to restrain the curvy silicone sex dolls. Through the use of slavery, the inner activities of the "master" of the abuser are satisfied, and the abuser is further sexually driven.

Physical punishment is to satisfy one's bestiality by slapping to whipping, or seeking stimulation by scratching, biting, and putting cream or ice on the skin of the sex doll. But the baby’s bearing capacity is as good as the skin tissue of a real person, sometimes it is a little bit worse, and it is easy to break. If you are not worried about destroying it, you can whipping it at will. If you love your realistic teen sex doll very much or your financial situation is limited, you need to pay attention to the way you treat the sex doll when you are abusive. So the prerequisite for this kind of sexual activity is to buy a high-quality doll.

Feel the sense of deprivation. This kind of sexual activity will most likely cause high-intensity pleasure and strengthen the feeling of vulnerability. For example, blindfolding a sex love doll seems to deprive people of the ability to perceive the time and location of the next blow, so that there is no opportunity for other distractions. Therefore, the abuser, the user of the doll, will quickly increase the pleasure and realize The satisfaction of sexual urges. This kind of experience and pleasure is no worse than having sex with a real person.

Why do some people like to use real dolls for SM?

Warm tip

 Although using mature sex dolls is not a living thing, we still have to be responsible for them. Because the skin of the doll is very delicate, touching sharp objects or contaminated objects such as ink will damage the skin of the doll and affect its appearance. Although the physical doll can change any posture, try not to bend more than the bending angle of the human body when changing the posture, and do not apply too much force when bending it, so as not to strain the skin of the physical doll. Although physical dolls can solve people's physiological needs, the frequency of use should be controlled so as not to affect their health.

Why do some people like to use real dolls for SM?

Realistic real dolls can meet the needs of SM enthusiasts, different poses of sexy dolls can meet the needs of SM enthusiasts, and the docile obedience of the doll can meet the needs of SM enthusiasts. Regardless of which aspect, all aspects of the doll can meet the needs of a man. When a man chooses a doll, he must first choose his own hobbies. Different brands of dolls have different feelings, and different specifications of dolls have different experience. If you want to have a doll of your own, welcome to buy it https://realdollshops.com here, we provide you with more choices.

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