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Why do older people also need sex dolls?

July 01, 2020

The purchase of sex dolls by the elderly has become a social trend. Many elderly people will have sex dolls in their homes. These realistic sex dolls can help them solve their sexual needs and desires and accompany them every day. Is a very good object of emotional appeal. However, it used to be that it was not very friendly for older people to buy sex dolls. Many people think that the elderly who have bought sex dolls do not meet the perception of the elderly in their minds.



Why do older people also need sex dolls

Stereotypes hinder our perception

The elderly are also normal people, and normal sex life is an indispensable emotional appeal in everyone's life. To many people, buying sex dolls seems to be a young man's business. For the elderly, social qualitative thinking hinders our cognition, and it is not a shame for the elderly to buy sex dolls. We also don't need to mock or doubt this behavior.

When we talk about the sexual desire of the elderly, the most common approach we take is to avoid this topic. Old people are solemn in our eyes. We have been afraid of the authority of our parents since we were young and dared not resist their actions. But when they are old, we still respect them. They are the image of the parents who are high in our hearts, and they are unsmiling.


Why do older people also need sex dolls 

At the same time, the elderly also have their own pride. They are accustomed to the status of authority. They are unwilling to show their desires easily, afraid of being criticized and ridiculed by the people of the society. Once the sexual desire is expressed, normal needs will resort to the commanding heights of morality and will be ridiculed by many people, which makes the elderly at a loss.


Sex dolls help extend the life

Some elderly people mistakenly believe that temperance can prolong life, and that semen leakage will shorten their life span. Some people even have a saying that one drop of semen equals ten drops of blood, equating the release of semen with blood.

Some elderly people also think that the idea of igniting sexual desire is also bad, and this desire will not be conducive to the operation of the internal organs of the body. So as a result, they refused sexual needs after the age of 60 and suppressed the desire for sex. Modern medicine believes that long-term abstinence can lead to loss of sexual function. Because restraint disrupts the balance of the body, reduces the secretion of sex hormones, and inhibits human sexual instincts, the libido in the human body cannot be released.


Why do older people also need sex dolls 

Too much suppression will not produce any benefits but will damage the body's spirit and body. Just like a water pipe, if you block it, it will explode, the water will splash out, and it will damage the water pipe. The human body is very similar to this water pipe metaphor.

Studies have shown that the aging and mortality rates of the elderly who are completely controlled are 30% higher than those of normal gender. Normal use of sex organs can delay the decline of sexual function and maintain the normal secretion of sex hormones. Just like Darwin's theory of biological evolution, if you don't use it for a long time, your sexual organs will shrink, shrink and become useless.

And mental pleasure also helps to prolong lifespan. A person who is suffering every day and a person who is active in daily health and sunshine are in different states. Unleashing your inner depressed desires helps us to face life better and also extends our lifespan.


Why do older people also need sex dolls

Companionship and addressing sexual needs

As we all know, when people enter old age, their physiological function will decline. Body quality will be worse than before, and activity will be reduced. However, if the reduction is not as good as before, it does not mean that it will disappear completely. The same is true of libido.

With the increase of age and the decline of physical function, the female hormones in the body decrease, and the demand for sex life decreases. So many women refuse or hate having sex in old age. So what should men do? Obviously, it is unwise to force a partner to have sex, which may lead to tension and coldness in the relationship between the couple. Some men have lost their wives and have no female partners in their later years. So how do they address this need? Realistic sex dolls should be able to help him solve this problem.

Older people can choose different dolls based on careful preferences. Their wives may have aging skin, but they can choose a young sex doll. Dolls will not age with age. And girls in reality for many years have been reluctant to have sex with the elderly, so sex dolls not only meet the sexual needs of these elderly people but also solve the emotional needs.

Adult dolls can always meet his needs and obey their requirements. She can also be the object of the widowed elderly so that the elderly can speak from the heart and reduce loneliness. When an elderly person is at home alone, it is very lonely. They can't find anyone to talk to. They do the same thing every day. Since they have no work or companions, they can only stay at home alone and do nothing. The emergence of sex dolls solves this problem well and brings more companionship and care to the elderly.

Why do older people also need sex dolls


It is an indisputable fact that the elderly need sex dolls. Many young people ignore these needs of the elderly and think that sexual needs seem to be just the emotions that young people will produce. The elderly should face their own physical needs. Only by opening up can our lives be better.

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