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Why do men love flat chest sex dolls

July 02, 2020

I like big breasts out of instinct, like flat chest out of aesthetics. Aesthetics are always different. Although big breasted sex dolls are the object of most men's erotic fantasies, there are also many males who like flat breasted sex dolls. Can flat chested sex doll also bring passion? Definitely. And a large part of the community like flat chested love doll. Why do these men like sex dolls with flat chests?

Why do men have flat chest sex dolls

 Increase male confidence

The sex doll flat chest improves the satisfaction of men with their own pectoral muscles. Before, friends said that since the purchase of flat sex doll, the whole person became confident and sunny. I ask him why? He said that now after finishing fitness every day, look at his chest muscles, and then look at his girlfriend, he feels that his efforts are not in vain! So he took his girlfriend with him everywhere, and the sweetness of the two was hardly too much. When they are at home, they all get along together. The flat-chested sex doll can give him more male self-confidence and make him regain male confidence. After all, real men are not always perfect, they will have imperfections in their bodies, and sex dolls will not laugh at your weaknesses. She will sit here quietly, listening to your voice.

Why do men have flat chest sex dolls


Flat-chested sex doll is very light to hug

Most flat-chested sex dolls weigh no more than a hundred pounds because there is no burden on the chest. Even if it is not very thin, you can pretend to be very thin. Every time you hug her easily, your masculine charm rises! And your masculine charm can also be improved, you will feel that your masculinity has reached full marks.

This hug will not only give her a sense of security in full marks, but also better express your love. The closer you hold, the closer your heart is, the happier you are! Sex dolls are actually heavier, but if you like to hug sex dolls, it will be more convenient. She is very light, you don't need to bear excessive weight, you can easily get close to your sex doll, you go from the physical to the soul communication.


Flat chest sex doll is more sexy

Their figure is the same as that of elementary school students, so they also look very young. The school uniform can be pretended to be a student girl, not to mention more fun. Little boy who becomes a boyfriend in minutes. The flat-chested sex doll can be exactly the same as the student, you can wear all kinds of pure clothes for her, it looks especially cute. If you like pure student dress, then you must choose a flat-chested sex doll. In particular, many student-made costumes, sailor costumes and other costumes are more beautiful and pure on these sex dolls. Japan especially likes this kind of sex dolls, so the production of flat chest sex dolls in Japan is very high and is very popular among consumers.

One of the benefits of the flat-chested sex doll is the key to protecting yourself, avoiding the scorching eyes of rape on the bus and subway. Intuitive nudity is more likely to evoke male desires, but pure sex dolls will not, which means that your sex dolls are safer. She is wearing a cute school uniform and looks particularly cute, making people unable to bear a desire to protect. They will not have the psychology to desecrate these pure female sex dolls.


Why do men have flat chest sex dolls


Flat chest sex dolls are very fashionable in dress

Many top supermodels in Europe and America are flat chest. The official explanation is that the flat chest can not only wear a sense of quality, but also restore the characteristics of the clothes to the greatest extent. There is a flat-chested sex doll. When she wears a T-shirt, the slightly undulating small lines on the chest show a lot of tightness and are eye-catching, and can ensure that the pattern will not be deformed.

Wearing a shirt won't break the button, small fresh, literary fan, cold sex, European and American fan randomly switch, wear everything is a walking hanger, but also pure. Especially when she wears your shirt, it adds a looming sexiness and fun.


Flat chest sex dolls look younger

Scientifically, from the perspective of human evolution, flat chest is a phenomenon of "childhood persistence". Flat chest sex dolls will age more slowly than big breast sex dolls. To the naked eye, the sex doll's chest will slowly sag over time, which is a big killer to expose age. Especially for sex dolls with big breasts, the inside of big breasts is hollow. This can easily cause deformation, especially if you treat the sex doll's chest roughly, it is more likely to cause deformation.

But flat-chested sex dolls don't, and the inside of flat-chested sex dolls is solid. Make the sex doll's chest more elastic and not easy to deform. And the age of sex dolls is relatively weak, the breasts of sex dolls with small breasts are more lovely, and the storage time is longer.

Why do men have flat chest sex dolls

 Flat chest sex dolls are more pure and innocent, her beauty is not floating on the surface, not all men like women with big breasts. If you like sex dolls with small breasts, it means that you are different from worldly tastes, and your tastes are not original impulses, but also high-end aesthetics. Flat chest sex dolls can also be more sexy, their legs are very long, and their waist is thin, it is easier to stimulate your inner desire to protect.



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