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Why are the prices of silicone sex dolls so different?

August 19, 2020

When we search for sex dolls of various brands and websites on the web, we will see a lot of sex dolls with different prices. The prices of these silicone sex dolls fluctuate greatly. Therefore, some consumers will have questions, that is, why some silicone sex dolls of the same height are so cheap, only a few hundred dollars. Some high-quality sex dolls  are very expensive, up to 3,000 US dollars, and some silicone sex dolls even cost tens of thousands of dollars. Why is this? If you are curious, please continue reading.


Cheap silicone sex dolls

I can tell you with certainty that 100% of the dolls you buy for $800 can only be used a few times. The lifespan of the doll is extremely short, and it even makes you feel that you don’t want to use it once. First of all, a little taste prevents you from getting close. Most of the new ones The factory and some large factories use simple methods to deal with the taste, because the characteristics of the material are only the simple method, and there is no way to change the movement and eliminate the basic odor, even if it is tasteless, it is processed through seasoning. It is possible that at first you think your silicone sex doll is particularly aromatic, but after a period of time, your sex doll is likely to produce a very unpleasant smell.

Because of the rise of sex dolls, many manufacturers of raw materials, other industries, and accessories are involved in making babies. Regardless of the consequences, they just want a small profit, even if a baby has a price difference of 100 yuan. There will be a lot of problems, what will happen? Imperfect after-sales is not responsible for your own body. After all, the product is skin-friendly. The purpose of buying a baby is to hope that you are healthy and not sick. When you choose a fancy price instead of Looking at the inside of the company, you are the one who regrets the injury. A company knows exactly what he is doing. If he only considers profitability and does not consider user testing, he will only fight price wars.

Why are the prices of silicone sex dolls so different?

Especially if you want to have intimate contact with such a sex doll, can you really rest assured to put the most important part of your body into this cheap sex doll? For a short time, this silicone sex doll may not have an effect on your body, maybe it just makes your skin feel itchy, but in the later stage. The disadvantages of this sex doll are all revealed. You can feel that your sex doll is no longer soft, and even her skin shatters when rubbed like flour. So if you choose this cheap silicone sex doll, you must be prepared for a shorter lifespan.


High quality silicone sex doll

For companies with conscience and morality, entrepreneurs have that kind of consciousness themselves, and this harmful element cannot be used in sex dolls, etc. Because of the prerequisites, the cost of the product will increase, and the price will be higher. And these cheap products just provide opportunities for users who do not require longevity and only need to spend a while, and think carefully. Thinking, it's still worthless. Men's needs are still around 70 years old. On the contrary, they started to buy one and use it. Some people even stop using inflatable ones, because inflatable ones are cheap, and later have the urge to buy entities, but they add up their spare money income and baby When it is not proportional, it seems very melancholy, of course!

The original trend of borrowing money to buy a baby is still a bit difficult. In fact, buying a baby with a credit card is also a good way. The second time you buy it becomes more cautious, and the third time you buy it even more, because you just started You will feel that when you use a good product, you will feel that it is not worthwhile and other factors are unnecessary. Of course, this is not an objective reason. You still need to use it when you want to use it. It can be said that TPE dolls are conscientious to ensure that workers have a living. Just do it. After all, R&D, production, plant, rent, and operation costs are relatively large.

No matter what the product is, the price is directly proportional to the quality. The higher the price, the more refined the sex doll you will receive. The premise is that the websites you buy are very formal. Don't buy sex dolls in stores that do not have a production and business license. Always ensure that your rights are not harmed. Some brands of silicone sex dolls are of very good quality, such as gynoid sex doll, sanhui sex doll and yuqu sex doll , these are very well-known sex doll brands, and there are There are many categories for us to choose from. You can clearly feel that the appearance and touch of these sex dolls are absolutely different from ordinary sex dolls. The pictures of these high-quality silicone sex dolls will be clearer, many of which are high-definition pictures, and you can even see the pores on the doll's face.

Why are the prices of silicone sex dolls so different?

The real touch of silicone sex dolls

The most prominent advantage of silicone dolls and tpe sex dolls is that they are more realistic and more realistic. Can give you a perfect experience. When you see your silicone sex doll, your doll is almost like a real person. The pores of her skin are clearly visible. Some sex dolls use the technique of implanting hair, so the dolls look more real. Especially when you face your sex doll, it is like a real woman standing in front of you. Hair transplanted sex dolls are completely different from wig sex dolls. The hair of these hair transplanted dolls seems to grow in the skin of the doll, and you can see where the hair and skin are connected. Some more advanced sex dolls even use real human hair implanted in the doll's scalp. It's so real and scary.

In addition to the first time, a prominent feature of current silicone sex dolls is that they are no longer satisfied with the superficial similarity. The current silicone sex dolls can actually simulate human pores, and human blood vessels can be seen on the skin. These blood vessels make your sex doll look more real, and even the red blood on the skin, all of which are dedicated to making your sex doll more real. There is also a lot of thought on the internal support of the doll. Many sex doll researchers are working hard to design a more realistic sex doll skeleton. The knuckles of most sex dolls are made of iron wire. So the deformation is very serious. When you twist the fingers of your sex doll, it is difficult to restore it to its original appearance. You can see that many people's sex dolls have unnaturally curved fingers. But the silicone sex dolls are delicate to the finger joints. These finger joints are very delicate and can be twisted without deformation. Except for the fingers, the brackets in other parts of the sex doll have been greatly improved.

Why are the prices of silicone sex dolls so different?

As for what kind of sex doll you should choose, I believe it is self-explanatory. Because these silicone sex dolls will accompany us for several years, the better quality sex dolls, the longer her lifespan. In fact, the money spent every year is not much. If you divide the total price of your sex doll by the year, you can enjoy a high-quality sex doll with a few hundred dollars a year. If you also want to own a high-quality silicone sex doll , come to Realdollshop, you will find the silicone sex doll of your dreams. We are dedicated, professional and ethical sellers, and you will definitely enjoy the most sincere service.

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