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Why are Japanese sex dolls so famous

July 15, 2020

As we all know, Japanese sex culture is very famous. They produce both fresh and natural movies and some very explicit sex movies. Japan's sex industry has formed a complete industrial chain. Whether it is sex movies, sex toys, or sex dolls, Japan is famous for its high quality and good sense of experience. Why is this? Why is Japanese female sex doll porn so famous?

Japanese sex dolls

Social background

There is a certain social background to the openness of sex in Japan. Although Japan belongs to a conservative society, the culture of shame is extremely obvious, and many Japanese men are very traditional. Many people don't discuss sex in public, and they may be guilty. Most people who have been to and from Japan know that Japanese people are polite, such as serving like Haidilao, talking like coaxing children to sleep, and bowing is like getting married to a newcomer.... Having come to Japan especially for a period of life In time, you will feel that the Japanese are actually serious. There is no imaginary full-skirt miniskirt, but mostly uniform trousers and long skirts, and quite a few can actually be called "old-fashioned". Only professional wear and student wear are slightly more short skirts, but this is Japan, There are many couple hotels, not to mention the AV industry, very developed and developed. On some occasions, Japanese prostitutes are legal. They have a developed sex industry, people have no scruples about sex, and even do some shameful behavior in public. This is a social background.

Japanese sex dolls

The Japanese have explored the road of building a modernized country for over 140 years. On the surface, the impression is "do not think about the lower body, take things seriously and have a conservative personality", but the Japanese seem to have hidden "cultural genetic factors open to sexual tolerance". In the modern Japanese society, some people chose to resolve depression through sex because they could not withstand the huge mental pressure caused by the working environment and work discipline, which also caused many social problems.

The development and prosperity of the sex culture industry

The strong sex industry and all-encompassing sex culture have made sexual perversion widespread in Japanese society. Japan develops the sex industry with an attitude of almost worshipping sex, and is happy to explore the different pleasures of sex. All kinds of perverted patterns have been promoted to society and the world in batches through artistic beautification and packaging. Japanese society has become accustomed to sexual perversion, and people around the world have also experienced the creation of Japanese genius.

Japanese sex dolls

It is precisely because Japan's strong sex industry makes society more inclusive of sex, and people are also willing to make some new attempts and discoveries. Japanese real doll also began to develop. And because Japan's own industry is developed, based on some sex toys, they can create high-quality sex dolls. And they have a very detailed grasp of the needs of customers. They know which passions or desires customers need. Because of the insight into the psychological needs of customers, they can work out a special plan for their needs.

Especially the styles of different sex dolls, many dolls of different styles are produced in Japan, which can satisfy the desires of different people. For example, big breasts sexy dolls, these dolls have particularly large breasts and butts, and there are different styles, there are mature big breasts dolls or pure student big breasts dolls. There are also some small breast sex dolls, these dolls have medium breast size, and some dolls are even poor breasts. Some customers like this kind of sex dolls because their bodies appear very slim and pure. There are also some special sex doll styles, such as elf sex dolls, fairy female love dolls, Lolita sex dolls or Gothic sex dolls. These dolls have various styles. Whether you like anime sex dolls or real sex dolls, you can find your own destination. And these sex dolls can also be matched to different scenes, for example, the costumes of Gothic sex dolls are very gorgeous and exquisite, and red and black form a huge impact. In addition, if you like the rapist scene, then the sex doll is tied up, her eyes are covered by black cloth, and only a shirt is worn on her body, which is in line with your unique taste.

There is a certain foundation. Due to the prosperity and development of the sex industry, Japanese people know what products can bring the greatest passion to customers and the different materials that should be used. For example, what kind of material will not hurt the skin of the human body, or which kind of material will feel more like the touch of a real person. They have also done a relatively good job in researching and developing these products. By making new developments on a certain basis, the products will become more attractive and more attractive to consumers' desire to buy. And the quality of these sex dolls will be even better.

Japanese sex dolls

High-quality products

The quality of Japanese love doll products are relatively high. Sex dolls use different production materials. One is Japanese silicone sex dolls, and the other is TPE sex dolls. These sex dolls are very well made. You know that Japan is a very real nation, and they like to make many things very delicate. For example, some Japanese people placed some gardens in the courtyard, and they concentrated natural landscape into a side of the courtyard. There are also Japanese potted plants. They like to carefully trim the potted plants into various shapes, as well as the Japanese diet. We will know more or less that the weight of Japanese restaurants is very small, but they are very exquisite, like a piece of art.

Japanese sex dolls

Their spirit is also brought to the production of sex dolls, and they also like to design and make sex dolls as a piece of art. There is a sex doll company in Japan that is very famous, that is, Oriental industrial sex dolls, and their product quality is very high. Even the sex doll's hair is implanted by itself, so it is very real. They also held an art exhibition about sex dolls, these sex dolls are almost exactly like real people. Sex doll is no longer just a tool to vent desire, she is more like a work of art or crafts.


Japan's sex dolls developed very early, and after a long period of accumulation, Japan's sex culture has been quite developed, and Japan's sex culture product itself has been developed, so the sex doll as a product of sex culture is also very famous. Many people have already connected sex dolls to Japan. Many people think of Japanese sex toys when they think of sex toys. In addition, Japan's own production technology is developed, which makes Japanese sex dolls very famous.If you want to know more about Japanese sex doll,please contact with us. We will provide you the most professional suggestions and high quality sex doll like Japanese sex doll!

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