Who should I choose bewteen sex dolls and prostitutes

Who should I choose bewteen sex dolls and prostitutes

June 30, 2020


Sex dolls are constantly evolving, and now sex dolls are extremely simulating the skin of real people, which is very surprising. Now sex dolls let us realize that technology can also bring us real feelings, and even sex doll experience is better than people. With the development of technology and the continuous development of sex dolls, future sex dolls will have more choices. Sex dolls will even have human thoughts and emotions, they can also express love, and they can also provide you with real female care.


Who should I choose bewteen sex dolls and prostitutes Prostitutes are legal in some countries, and many men choose to recruit prostitutes to satisfy their desires. This is understandable, after all, everyone has their own choice of power. But we need to note that with the emergence of sex dolls, we are faced with two options, one is to spend a sum of money to buy a full size sex doll, the other option is to spend a small amount of money to go to the street or a bar to find a prostitute degree spend a spring night. What is the difference between these two options?


First of all, no matter what kind of emotional experience you enjoy, you must protect your physical health. Your choice to have sex with a prostitute means that the prostitute is at risk of contracting AIDS. Even if you wear a condom, you cannot avoid the possibility of being infected. A lot of promiscuity means a high risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, you are not willing to get these sexually transmitted diseases, especially if your work is more decent. If you choose to go to the hospital because of sexually transmitted infections, this is really a very embarrassing thing.

But sex dolls are different. During the production process, sex dolls have gone through high-temperature anti-virus to ensure the health and harmlessness of the sex dolls. And your purchase of sex dolls is brand new. She has not had any sexual relations with any man. Her former belongs to you, and the brilliance and meaning you give her life. In addition, if you like this sense of ritual, you can even customize the doll's hymen. The hymens of these dolls are like real women, bringing you all kinds of wonderful feelings, especially the moment when you have sex with her for the first time into her vagina. If you like virgins, then you will definitely feel the ultimate happiness.
Who should I choose bewteen sex dolls and prostitutes

Because the sex doll is yours, she has no thoughts and will not run around. So she has always been very healthy, as a pure angel, to bring you satisfaction. If you have been having sex only with your sex dolls and paying attention to personal cleanliness from time to time, you will find that you are less likely to contract STDs. If you want to share a sex doll with your friends, you have to pay attention to the health of the doll. The more people who have sex with the sex doll, the more likely your sex doll is infected with sexually transmitted diseases. This possibility is very small. After all, sex dolls are like your girlfriend. How can you be willing to share sex dolls with your friends?



If you choose to recruit prostitutes, there is no doubt that you have chosen to give up loyalty. Prostitutes have had sexual relations with many men. There is no deep love between you, just a simple transaction relationship. If you pay, this transaction will be established quickly. You don't have to feel burdened for this, but you usually feel empty in your heart, and the two sides have no feelings for making love. There are also many stories of infatuated men who fall in love with prostitutes, and the results all end in failure. Prostitutes are masters who play with emotions. She can make you obsessed with her warm embrace as soon as possible, and also allows you to quickly take out all your savings. You want to get loyalty from prostitutes, which is a very small chance of happening.

 Who should I choose bewteen sex dolls and prostitutes

The female sex doll can give you absolute loyalty. You are her creator, and everything about her is determined by you. Formally because you gave the doll life, the love between you will continue unchanged. She is your possession, the sex doll is only loyal to you, she will always be at home, and will not contact with other men. You are the only man she meets, and she has no consciousness and lives in your love nest forever. When you leave work, she will wait for your return in the living room. She won't betray you, everything she does is because of you.

She cannot take the initiative to break up with you. You are the determinant of this relationship. She always stays by your side when you need her. When you don’t need her, just clean her and put it in the cabinet. You can choose to see or not. When you are tired of this sex doll, as long as you have a sufficient budget, you can even buy a few more sex dolls, everything is determined by your preferences.



If you are looking for an extremely soft body, the sex doll may not be able to meet your requirements, because after all the sex doll's interior is constructed by a bracket, she does not have a very flexible body. But if you pursue soft skin, sex dolls are your best choice. Sex dolls can bring us more comfort. Most sex dolls are made of tpe, to be softer, and some sex dolls are made of silicone, which is harder and can more closely simulate the skin of real people.

The skin of some sex dolls is even softer and more comfortable than the real human body. When we touch the skin of these sex dolls, especially her chest and hips, they are even softer than the skin of real people. The skin of these dolls is elastic , Just like jelly.

At the same time, the skin and material of some sex dolls can also be customized. When you look closely at the skin of the doll, you will see that their skin does not have any flaws, just like the good porcelain. With the existence of these sex dolls, their skin can also change. Whether you like white skin, dark skin or wheat skin, you can customize these skins. You can even customize the chest of the doll, and the size of the chest can change according to your preferences. Bring you the most comfortable experience.

Who should I choose bewteen sex dolls and prostitutes

In addition, the vagina of the sex doll can also be customized. As long as you like, you can customize the vagina you like, whether it is the length, diameter, or color of the vagina, it can be constantly changed.


Sex dolls are the trend of the times. More and more people buy dolls to experience them. Compared with prostitutes, sex dolls are safer and healthier. You don’t have to worry about the risk of infection, and sex dolls are used a lot more. As long as you have the needs of desire, sex dolls can unconditionally meet your needs, bringing you a better emotional experience and spiritual pursuit. If you want to know more about sex dolls, please consult us, we will provide you with more professional guidance and suggestions, and choose the best sex doll for you.

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