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When do you need a standing sex doll

July 20, 2020


Now more and more sex dolls have been developed, and many sex dolls have never been seen. These sex dolls have different functions. For example, sex dolls that moan, sex dolls that automatically make sounds, and some sex dolls that can automatically adjust the temperature. These sex dolls have a variety of functions and will bring more fun to your life. Previous inflatable sex dolls cannot stand, and can only stand up reluctantly with the help of certain supports. But now the standing sex doll can stand freely and behaves very freely. From afar it looks like a real person.

When do you need a standing sex doll

How do sex dolls stand up?

When you are customizing a full-size sex doll, you will see such an option, sex doll stand up. This option can be customized freely. If you need a sex doll that can stand freely, then you can choose this standable sex doll. In the following article we will discuss some situations of these sex dolls that need to stand. Choosing a standing sex doll can be reflected in all sex dolls, and almost all sex dolls have the option of sex doll standing feet. But torso sex dolls can not stand, because they do not have limbs, naturally there is no need to stand.

When using the upright foot option, three small metal bolt heads protrude slightly from the bottom of the foot. These small metal screw heads may affect aesthetics. You can place the doll for photography, intimacy or storage for a long time. She can achieve simple standing and do some simple gestures or movements. However, we recommend not to allow the doll to stand on its own without supervision, as the doll may fall and be damaged. It is best to take a protective measure around the sex doll when you let go of the sex doll. When you want an adult doll to pose some difficult poses, make sure that she has stood up before letting go of her hands. If your doll accidentally falls to the ground, it may cause some damage to her body.

When do you need a standing sex doll

And when you put on sexy heels for sex dolls, you also need to pay attention, that is, sex dolls can wear high heels, which will not have too much impact on sex dolls. However, when you want to put a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes on your sex doll, you need to pay attention, it is best not to stand alone on high-heeled shoes. She needs a fulcrum that can be supported. Once you put on high heels, the center of gravity of the sex doll's body is very easy to change. This is very easy to make the sex doll fall to the ground. Then hurt their fragile body.


Situations where sex dolls need to stand

This is under certain circumstances to determine whether you buy a standing sex doll. If you just need your sex doll to lie in bed forever to solve your sex needs, then you don’t need to customize a surreal sex doll. Because she doesn’t need to stand, and you don’t need her standing function, she can solve all your sexual needs while lying down, so why customize another standing option?

But if you have other needs, then you need to custom realistic sex doll, these sex dolls have different functions, can meet your different needs in addition to sex. Here are some situations of standing sex dolls.

When do you need a standing sex doll


Many lovers of sex dolls can't help but want to show off their cute sex dolls, but a soft sex doll on the bed of love is naturally without any beauty to watch. But a standing sex doll is different, you can put her in any situation. She can take photos while standing, and you can even take her as a real person to take pictures. When you see her body, you simply see a real person beside you. This is indescribable.

You take her as a real girl and take different pictures for her. You can also give her a variety of shapes, no matter what sex doll you like, you can achieve your dreams on her body. Standing sex dolls can stand on the beach and watch the sea, or they can gently bow their heads and sniff a beautiful flower. As a professional photographer, can you restrain your inner desire to record this scene?

When do you need a standing sex doll

Make love while standing

Many men or women have different sex needs, they like to choose a different sex location or change sex. Will be a little different. After all, people always like to pursue absolute stimulation of spirit and eroticism, which will make them feel very excited. It happens that many people like to stand and have sex with their sex dolls. Sitting and having sex for a long time is inevitably boring, and making love while lying down is also a more traditional way of making love. Standing sex dolls can fully achieve standing sex, you can hold your cute sex doll in your arms, lean her against the wall or directly stand freely, so that you will reflect more pleasure and passion. However, it is best to have a support when you stand and have sex, otherwise it is very easy to fall down in the process of making love, thereby hurting yourself or the sex doll.


Dress up

Dressing up sex dolls is really an interesting thing. If a sex doll is lying on the bed for a long time, wearing the same clothes every day, I believe that you will feel bored soon. And you increasingly think that she is just a tool to vent her desires, and can no longer produce any passion and happiness for her. This is a very dangerous situation. But when you put a new dress on the sex doll, she instantly seems to be a new person, and all her looks have changed. And because it is a standing sex doll, she can easily dress up. As long as you stand her up at will, you can change her posture at will and dress her in various clothes. You don't need to hug her in every movement. This greatly saves your time and effort. At the same time, when you put on the sex doll's clothes, you will find that the sex doll is very beautiful. You just have to stand her and put it in your living room or room. She is like a real sex girlfriend!

When do you need a standing sex doll

I wonder if the above sex dolls about standing have aroused your interest? This new invention can't be more magical. Standing sex dolls have more possibilities, you can change their shape at will, and you can continue to give you new excitement. These sex dolls will continue to develop, although now there is an inevitable flaw, such as a few nails under her feet, will make the foot fetish feel uncomfortable. However, with the development of the times, sex dolls will definitely overcome their own limitations and achieve greater development. Together we look forward to the emergence of more perfect sex dolls. If you want a standing sex doll, please contact us, we will definitely provide you with a worlds best sex doll!

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