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What size sex doll should I buy?

July 20, 2020


After having a certain understanding of the material of the real doll and the advantages and disadvantages of the finished products. I believe that everyone has their own direction, and then we will sort out some more alternative options for the majority of baby friends. After choosing the category of the doll, the next thing you need to know is the height or size of the doll. Here we have to talk about one thing that the two types of dolls have in common, that is, heavy!

What size sex doll should I buy?

Sex doll weight

How heavy is the physical doll? Many people's understanding of physical dolls still stays in the concept of inflatable dolls, and when they actually buy dolls, they often fancy their favorite head shape in an instant, just because they suddenly fancy their sex dolls in the doll store! Or the size, seeing beauty, and ignoring the very practical problem of the weight of the doll. Because the doll is carried home, you need to take a bath, use it, move it, take care of it, or take it out to take a variety of beautiful photos on whim.

Taking large dolls as an example, those with a height of 158cm and above generally have a net weight exceeding 30kg, and some special style dolls can even reach a weight class of 50kg or even 60kg. A big butt sex doll, her breasts and buttocks have gained weight, which is much more important than a flat chested sex doll body. Therefore, the above position means that the more silicone materials they consume, the more weight she actually calculates in this way.

What size sex doll should I buy?

What is this concept? From the data, it seems that it is not much different from the real person. Many people will have such a misunderstanding that the weight data of the sex doll is not high, and it is lighter than the real person under normal circumstances.

 If you think of sex dolls in this way, your thinking is absolutely wrong. Don't forget that the physical doll is still a thing. Although it has limbs at the same time, it will not match you and your center of gravity. As a result, when moving the doll, basically the entire weight depends on your arm strength! You need strong arm strength to support such a big sex doll. Because she will not take the initiative to fit your body, this actually caused a lot of damage.


Big sex doll

Before buying big dolls, or dolls of special styles, it is best to think about the weight. Do not follow your imagination. This is an ideal weight. You need to face the real situation. After all, dolls are a weight issue and must be considered. This is not alarmist. And you just exercise your body so that your hand muscles can bear the weight of these sex dolls. Either buy a lighter sex doll, it seems that the latter option is easier to do.

But even the weight is a criticism, but the big doll is still obviously attractive, the real sense of substitution, the complete body touch, and the rich selection of head carvings, the rich alternative clothing. It is still the mainstream product in the doll industry.

It is relatively easier for big dolls of normal size to buy clothes or replaceable right sides. Women with the same height can generally wear them. Except for some special body types, for example, when the dolls are particularly large, it is very difficult to buy suitable clothes. Generally speaking, you need to pay attention to three data, which are the three key data of upper bust, waist and hip, this is the key to buying the right sex doll clothes! The doll's bust is the most important thing to note.

When you buy sex doll clothes, be sure to pay attention to whether sex doll clothes can be big or small! Because of the post-modeling reasons, the non-realistic entity dolls are always super-large! It's embarrassing to buy the women's clothes from various ninjas, but it's embarrassing if the dolls can't be worn. In short, the big dolls have these play spaces in the later clothing matching. The second choice!

What size sex doll should I buy?

Small sex doll

What about petite sex dolls, which are categorized under 158 and selected with three common heights. 100cm= 10kg±, 125cm= 15kg±, 145cm= 25kg±. Note that the weight data in the article is only the net weight of the doll's body, excluding the head, gifts, and packaging! The weight of the head is 2-3kg±, and the packaging weight is 8kg±.

And often accompanied by extremely cute head carvings, because of some factors, it will not be described in detail. But the shortcomings are also obvious. This is the biggest advantage of the full-sized baby doll is that it is light and easy to play with and easy to play with. Sex dolls have more fatal weaknesses.

The first is lack of sense of involvement and lack of physical contact. In addition to likes, if you only want to buy small dolls with lower prices or lighter weights, do not buy dolls. You will be greatly disappointed, because the little doll is summarized in one point: it doesn't work! That's right, it's so subtle!

What size sex doll should I buy?

In addition, corresponding to the current market situation, the general standard of the doll's head is relatively simple, even sparse, and the head interface of each factory is different, and the supply of wigs can also be. This is quite a limitation, if you like to match your own sex doll with different clothes or styles, then you must carefully consider whether to buy a small sex doll!

Although it will be cheaper in the early stage, you will spend more money in the future, and there is not much room for playing in the later stage. Finally, let's talk about the clothing issue in a unified way, it is so intimate! The other dolls generally need to match children's clothing or student clothing. Or need to rely on customization. Customization will cost more money, because the dark colors of many sex dolls are very large, and ordinary children's clothing and student clothing cannot accommodate their huge dark colors.

In fact, whether you buy a big or small sex doll will have its own shortcomings, the key is what you need. If you travel frequently, then we do not recommend buying such a large sex doll. If you love to go out, then we suggest you not to buy that kind of small sex doll. But if you don't know what kind of sex doll to buy, then we recommend this Asian sex doll about 150cm, her figure is relatively small, but it is the height of most people, you can buy a lot of different clothes or Accessories. And her weight is relatively light, very simple, you can hug her, of course, if you buy a huge sex doll, then she we have many such sex dolls, they have many different styles. Such as sports dolls, skinny love dolls or muscular female dolls, these are very good choices. Welcome to buy from us, we will select the best sex doll for you. Meet all your needs for sex dolls.

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