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What should I do if my sex doll is moldy

August 17, 2020

Exquisite dolls are important companions in our lives. When we face our sex dolls, we will feel a kind of sincere happiness and joy. But sometimes life is unavoidable, and we have to face the affairs of life and put our sex doll aside. Especially in the rainy season. When your sex doll is put in the closet and it is not cleaned at the same time. Think of her again, take her out of the closet, and you will see that your sex doll has many small black spots on the face and body. These little black spots may make your sex doll look a little disgusting. Because these molds are all attached to your sex doll's body.

This is very uncomfortable. It's like you have a delicious cake. When you want to taste the taste of this cake, you find that your cake can no longer be eaten. But if the cake is moldy, you can throw it away and buy one again. After the sex doll is moldy, it is difficult to throw it away and buy it again. The price of a sex doll is not cheap, especially a silicone sex doll , although the appearance is both beautiful and exquisite, it looks exactly like a real person. But it may cost you months of salary. These sex dolls are very worthy of our cleaning and love. So how to remove these molds? If you are curious, please continue reading.

sex doll is moldy

makeup remover

Buy cleansing oil or olive oil to get rid of the mold on the surface, and then add talc or corn flour, and you will find that yours is the same as new, just without makeup. But the disadvantage of this approach is that your sex doll will not have makeup in the end. She has no cosmetics on her face and looks very elegant. It can also be very weird. Can you imagine your sex doll's face without any makeup? Sex doll is a very cute thing, in fact, it is also an opportunity. You can remake your beautiful sex doll.

You can put on different makeup for your sex doll, and different makeup will make your sex doll show all kinds of beautiful appearance. Your sex doll will be more beautiful and refined. The premise is that you have to learn some makeup techniques for your sex doll. Many novices are unable to draw a delicate makeup at the beginning. So the best way is to buy another doll head, which can be a very cheap plastic head. You paint different makeup for her on those plastic heads. When your makeup becomes more mature, you can put on beautiful makeup for your sex doll. Your doll has a brand new look, showing a beautiful expression.

Wash repeatedly in warm water

Wash repeatedly in warm water

If you don't want your sex doll's facial makeup to fade away, you can choose a more troublesome method. Just keep washing your sex doll with your warm water. This is actually more time-consuming and laborious, because your sex doll will not only have mold on the face, but also have many signs of mold on the body. If you want to rinse your sex doll all over, it will consume a lot of time and energy. If you happen to be fine and leisurely one day, then it is a good day to clean your sex doll. The sex doll is a good companion in our lives, she is worth our time to treat her well.

Remember to be gentle when you rinse, and don't treat your delicate sex doll too roughly. And the immersion time in water should not be too long. It's best to rinse with running water, don't let your sex doll keep soaking in water. When you rinse your sex doll, it is best to wipe it gently with a soft towel to remove some mold on the surface. So your sex doll will show its original appearance under the warm water rinse. Your teen sex doll  is back to its former exquisiteness.

The same is true for the vagina of a sex doll. If you don’t clean it when you put your sex doll in the closet, your sex doll’s vagina can become more moldy. Because the vagina of the doll is narrow, it is easier to store bacteria. So when washing your sex doll’s vagina, use some small brushes specifically for the doll’s vagina to wash out the mold. After washing the sex doll, disinfect your sex doll. The warm water only removes the bacteria on the surface of the doll. In fact, the inside of the doll's vagina and skin are not completely clean. So the last step is to disinfect your sex doll, and then you apply some talcum powder, your sex doll will restore its original exquisiteness and beauty.

What should I do if my sex doll is moldy


You have gone through the process of cleaning a moldy sex doll once, and I believe you don't want to go through it again. So the safest measure is to make all kinds of precautions for your sex doll. Every time you have sex with your sex doll, you must clean it. Never use up your sex doll and put it in the closet or under the cupboard of the sofa. This is a serious damage to the sex doll. Especially when you want to place your sex doll for a long time, you need to make perfect measures. To ensure that your sex doll will not become moldy or have some special conditions after long-term placement.

How to take preventive measures? It is to completely clean your sex doll, sterilize your sex doll, clean your sex doll, and let it dry naturally. Don't expose to the sun. When the water droplets inside the doll are dry, apply some talcum powder. Make sure your sex doll looks dry and clean, and the surrounding environment is dry. In addition, you can also buy some dry dehumidifiers to prevent moisture, such as some dehumidifier boxes, which can help keep your sex doll's surroundings dry. There are also some special dehumidification equipment and supplies, you can choose the dehumidification suitable for you. You can safely put your sex doll in the box for storage. At the same time, you also need to check if there is any mold on the outside of your sex doll. Also replace the invalid dehumidification equipment in time.

What should I do if my sex doll is moldy

Sex dolls need our protection and cannot be too rough on them. Maintaining a sex doll is a very time-consuming and laborious task. But when you see your sex doll regain all kinds of beauty, you will restore information and love to your sex doll. After all, there is still a lot of love between you. This is not a burden. If you want to talk about a burden, it is also a very sweet burden. You and your sex doll have an emotional bond, and you will be with you for several years, so treat our sex doll well. She will repay your various contributions with her beauty, and you can also feel all kinds of pleasure. If you want a sex doll that is not easy to mold, please contact us, we will recommend some high-quality sex dolls , and these dolls will not be easy mold. These dolls will definitely bring you a happier experience.

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