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What sex dolls bring to Japan's birth rate

July 01, 2020


Japan is a very contradictory country. You can see that many people in Japan are very conservative, many people abide by traditional morals, and the relationship between men and women is more traditional.


What sex dolls bring to Japan's birth rate 

But on the one hand, they are very open. Japan is a big porn country. Their adult porn industry is especially developed. You can see many pornographic places or shops that buy porn products in Japan. It is also the development of this adult porn industry that many Japanese men will buy these products, so they will not face a crisis of sex life.


Combat real marriage

Japanese men are overworked, their work is very busy, they have to cope with various work affairs, and even are required to entertain customers on holidays, many Japanese men have already begun to be overwhelmed. When they feel tired, they simply do not have the energy to make love. They even think that making love is a very physical thing.


The development of the sex industry has enabled more and more people to meet the needs of sex. As a result, men's need for wife's sex is getting less and less, especially some big breast sex dolls, their breasts feel even more comfortable and flexible than real women, and men can also choose different breast sizes according to their own preferences Doll.


The communication between husband and wife is reduced, and there is no fun in the family, especially if there are no children, the emotional connection between the family will be reduced. Busy work simply does not have time for the couple to communicate, making family life more boring and boring. Some wives were even dissatisfied with their husbands' indifference and finally chose to be derailed, so the husband and wife calmly ended this optional marriage. There is no love between husband and wife. Feelings are a burden for them. Obviously, they are already overwhelmed. They longed to be free from this failed marriage.

 What sex dolls bring to Japan's birth rate


The long-term asexual marriage will inevitably affect the stability of the relationship between husband and wife, so more and more families began to appear adult divorce, they do not have a common child, nor child care, so it is natural to break up.


There are also couples who have been traveling around sex sites all year round, and they have lost information about marriage, so they prefer one-off sexual intercourse without trusting their emotions. They like to go to various bars. There is a bar street in Japan that is especially famous. Many people who are frustrated with their marriage Like to play there, they feel spiritual freedom and relaxation. A person is free, and when he is drunk, he will not go home but choose to spend the night on the bench on the roadside, holding his own bottle. It seems lonely, but they are very happy, and their partners will not call to ask where they are, let alone pick them up.


Japan's birth rate drops

The sex industry in Japan is very developed. Even if people have problems in their marriage, they can still solve their physical problems in many other ways. They are not worried that their sex needs cannot be solved. Especially in marriage, the spouse does not have to deliberately please the other part to obtain the opportunity for sexual intercourse. The sex between the spouses is optional, and people can choose their own way of satisfying sex.

 What sex dolls bring to Japan's birth rate


Just like eating, when you feel hungry, there is a very sour peach in front of you, you don't like to eat, but you are too hungry, you have to put all the effort to get this peach, just to solve you hungry. But when you are in a peach forest, there are too many peaches for you to choose. After that, the sour peach is nothing in your eyes. You don't even want to eat it because you have to put a lot of effort into it. In order to eat this sour peach. But you don't need any effort, as long as you raise your hand, you can eat a lot of sweet peaches.

Your wife is the sour peach. The various sex dolls and sex products are those sweet peaches. If you like the taste of sweet peaches, you will no longer like the taste of the former sour peaches. You can see that many sex products have been made very realistic now, and these real sex dolls feel even better than real people. You can feel that they are like a real person, giving you all kinds of beautiful feelings.


Therefore, the emergence of sex dolls and some sex supplies makes the marriage parties no longer craving each other. They have a better way to solve their needs. Sex is a means to maintain the emotions of couples. If this advantage no longer exists, then This relationship is difficult to maintain, and they do not want to have a child to restrain themselves, nor do they want the marriage to continue.

Therefore, Japan's birth rate is getting lower and lower. Many governments have to resort to compulsory measures to return to normal. Many policies and preferential policies have been adopted to attract more couples to have children. Today, this trend of decreasing birth rate cannot be suppressed.


 What sex dolls bring to Japan's birth rate

The sex industry is developed, and the Japanese sex doll industry is also very developed. Even if there is a problem with sexual life, people can also solve their physical needs through other means, resulting in many couples unable to actively face and resolve asexual marriage. And before marriage, many men and women choose not to get married. Many people buy a full-size sex doll at home. These dolls are very realistic.


You see her as if you saw a real human. You will look for her beauty. Intoxicated and unable to extricate himself. It is not difficult to understand why today's Japanese men and women no longer choose to marry, or no children are needed after marriage. The birth rate of children is naturally small. We can see that this is a social trend. It is difficult for human beings to suppress the trend of this era.

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