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What do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls

July 01, 2020


Although the life of the elderly is relatively bland, all life has been shaped, and it is difficult for many elderly people to ignite any new sparks.

But what we haven't noticed is that there are still many elderly people facing emotional needs. We can't ignore this. We should have more care and understanding for the elderly. Now many elderly people are not accompanied by children, especially when their husbands pass away, their days are getting harder and harder, and there is no one to talk to in their lives. So they chose sex dolls, so what do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls?


What do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls 

Sports and exercise

Making sex with a sex doll requires a lot of physical strength, the movement of the doll needs to be moved hard, and a certain staying power is also required in the process of making love with the doll, and the cleaning of the doll requires effort. However, the physical function of the elderly is degraded. Due to muscle atrophy, muscle contractility, flexibility and endurance are reduced, so care should be taken to maintain muscle strength through appropriate activities.

Because the muscle strength of the elderly is poor and not so flexible, it should also be careful not to move too much, and the exercise intensity should not be too large, and it should be maintained at a suitable intensity. Both to ensure that the muscles are fully trained, but also to prevent physical damage. So as not to cause back pain, muscle pain and even unnecessary muscle damage.


If you think the full-size sex doll is too heavy for you to easily handle, you can choose the torso sex doll. This sex doll has no limbs, so their weight is greatly reduced, but otherwise, it is exactly the same as the full-size doll. The price is relatively low, it is suitable for the elderly!

What do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls


Room temperature

Older people have less fat, which means they are more sensitive to temperature changes. Since the reduction in fat is not enough to keep the body functioning properly, the ability of the elderly to adjust their heat and heat will be weakened accordingly. Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to adjust the room temperature during sex life. It is best to keep the indoor temperature appropriate and keep it at a constant temperature. Be sure to prevent the temperature of the air conditioner from being lowered due to overheating and sweating after ending sex to avoid fever and colds. When you have a cold and a fever, if you are admitted to the hospital, the chance of intimate contact between you and your sex doll will be even less, which is really a pity.

What do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls


Sex time

As we grow older and our body functions deteriorate, it is difficult for us to return to the vitality and vitality of our youth. Older people are easily tired. After a day of activity, they will feel tired. How are they interested in sex? Therefore, the sex life of the elderly should be carried out after going to bed or before getting up in the morning. Because after the break, both mental and physical strength are restored, and it is easier for both parties to obtain sexual satisfaction.


Sex frequency

The sex life of the elderly is limited by their physical endurance. You can continue as long as you feel comfortable. If you are in good health, you can extend the time of sex and increase the number of sex according to your sexual desire. In short, if you feel any discomfort, you should stop in time, and don’t let the sex doll damage your health. In sex dolls, you don’t have to care too much about your self-esteem, she won’t laugh at you when you end too early, she won’t be dissatisfied with you. Her smile always stays on her beautiful face, you don't need to care too much about her feelings, after all, she always serves you.



What do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls

Young people are full of energy and need vent and emotional communication. Young people are in a period of professional development, so they have less time and less time. More importantly, young people often have limited economic conditions and have not achieved financial freedom. The amount of spending with real women is huge. A brand-name dress usually costs thousands of dollars, plus other small gifts. Due to the heavy burden, many young people will choose silicone sex dolls.In fact, it is not limited to young people. Old people also have the power and freedom to choose to love.


What do the elderly need to pay attention to when sex with sex dolls 

Proper sex can bring the ultimate experience to the elderly and can release the pressure in the heart. The daily relationship with sex dolls actually helps them reduce loneliness. For example, the elderly can talk to sex dolls more, strengthen communication and exchanges with each other, cleaning and maintaining sex dolls takes time, and the elderly can be less boring.

The ease of mood can also make them have a good life, and our society will be more harmonious. Owning sex dolls obviously has more advantages than disadvantages. You can have the best sex doll at a lower price. Sex dolls can help you solve more emotional needs in life. If you are facing this kind of demand, don't be shy, contact us now!

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