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What are the types of legs of a torso sex doll?

August 28, 2020

Women's legs are fatal to men, especially when wearing sexy stockings, her white legs are faintly revealed from the stockings. Or wearing a Japanese JK uniform with very delicate stockings wrapped around her slender legs. No matter from which angle, it is the most beautiful existence. Especially for some boys with leg fetishism, women's legs can stimulate their various desires. The legs of sex dolls are extremely sexy. Curvy is sexy; at least most people agree with it. In this category, one sub-model you will like is the curved "sex doll" half-legs, which have sexy curved shapes that define realistic legs and thighs. So what types of legs do torso sex dolls  have?

Long-legged  torso sex doll

Long-legged  torso sex doll 

Most men cannot resist the charm of long legs. But in reality, women's legs will have some flaws and they don't look perfect. The shape of the legs may not look good, or the legs may have scars. These will affect the beauty of women's legs. But sex dolls do not have these shortcomings. The legs of sex dolls have very smooth lines, and they can be customized freely to the length you like, which can stimulate your deepest desires.

Long legs are very sexy and attractive. Not all sex dolls have this characteristic; therefore, the legs of sex dolls can make you enjoy yourself. The half-length long-legged sex doll is a kind of sex doll, and its legs are very long and I like it.

Currently, sex doll legs are inspired by their realistic designs. Most designs have soft and sexy skin and all the smoothness you might want to experience. Its orifices, anus and vagina are very adaptable in its realistic design. Judging from the list of their existence, there are many varieties, and your taste is always important. Different brands have their own torso long-legged sex dolls, such as JY Doll , AF Doll, QITA doll, etc. The sex dolls of these brands can cater to the different aesthetics of more consumers, face a wider consumer group, and the quality is also very good.

Big ass sex doll legs

Big ass sex doll legs

You may find such a reality that it is difficult for women in the real world to achieve the kind of figure you expect. Even if there is, it may just exist in the picture. Because many girls have used ps to make their legs look more beautiful. At the same time, if it is women with thin and long legs, many of their butts are relatively flat, and because they are too thin, they are not sensual. It looks ugly. Or some girls with big ass look good, but their legs are thicker and look fatter. It is difficult to find a woman who has good legs and a plump butt.

Another suitable breed that you can consider in this series are big ass sex doll legs, these legs have obvious realism, you can enjoy all the massage and big ass fun, and you might want a big ass sex companion. These sex dolls can completely satisfy your preferences. After all, not all sex dolls are the kind you like, and some sex doll torsos only cater to the expectations of some people. Just like not all men like the thighs of sex dolls. These sex dolls have charming thighs and plump buttocks. Their legs are plump and juicy. When you gently slap your sex doll's torso butt At times, her butt will sway slightly under your slap, showing a nice curvature and shape.

What are the types of legs of a torso sex doll?

Fat leg sex doll

This kind of leg is the leg of a BBW sex doll, suitable for men who don't like slim legs. After all, a full-size BBW girl is too heavy. Generally speaking, a full-size sex doll weighs about 50kg. Not all men can bear this weight, and sex dolls of this weight are uncommon. But if there is only one pair of legs and butt, it greatly reduces the weight of the sex doll. You can also easily pick up your torso sex doll, she is your best partner and best sex object.

The sex doll with fat legs is also very sexy. This beautiful feeling is not weak, but it belongs to a relatively healthy body posture. Most men like fleshy girls because they are very comfortable to hold and the skin-to-skin contact will have a wonderful experience. It's like the souls have been combined. The torso sex doll with fat legs is your best object to vent sex, you can also take pictures of her legs, or put on high heels. This invisibly tempts you and brings you new emotional passion.

What are the types of legs of a torso sex doll?

How to have sex with sex doll legs

 Playing with the legs of a sex doll is no different from other dolls. In this case, the important thing is positioning. The legs of a sex doll need to have a special position, with a bracket or a certain angle, so that it is more convenient to use. There are many sex positions for the legs of a sex doll, but the best factors to choose will always affect the fixed angle and design of the doll. Like other sex doll models, sex doll legs are sex aids specially designed to meet specific sexual desires and interests. If you have a passion for sexy smooth legs and thighs, then sex doll legs are the most suitable category for you.

You can wrap your sex doll's legs around your waist, just like a real girl is making love to you. You can twist her legs to any position you like, put on the selfishness you like, and let her be deeply immersed in your masculine charm. Experience different passions and appointments. And after the sex is over, your sex doll's legs will return to their original appearance. It looks very clean. Finally, you must do a good job of cleaning, the weight of the legs of the sex doll is not heavy, you can easily lift it, you are very happy and relaxed during the whole sex process. You don't need to worry about the weight of the doll being too heavy, or the inflexibility of the joints will reduce your experience of the entire sex process. You only need to consider your own pleasure when you have sex with the sex doll's legs. Her enthusiasm will never disappoint you, and you don't need to worry too much!

What are the types of legs of a torso sex doll?

Torso sex doll legs are a doll worth buying, but most customers don't know these torso sex dolls. I hope these articles can help you learn more about sex dolls. And the price of an ordinary tpe sex doll is very cheap, and you can easily buy this torso sex doll without financial pressure. She will be your best company. Now you can buy a perfect torso sex doll at a very cheap price, and there are many other types of torso sex dolls. You can also customize sex dolls, and there are more torso sex dolls videos  , which can help you learn more about sex dolls. Let her be your most beautiful wife!

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