We can imagine that sex doll is a real person

We can imagine that sex doll is a real person

June 30, 2020

Can sex dolls become real people? In reality, many people have an ideal lover in their hearts. But the contrast between ideal and reality is likely to form a huge contrast. Many men cannot find an ideal partner in real life. Some men's psychological disorders can't even chat with women, just like Raj in the big bang theory can't communicate and talk with women in a sober state.
We can imagine that sex doll is a real person

Why do we treat sex dolls as real people

The appearance of the sex doll is exactly the same as the real person, but many people cannot treat her as a real person. The sex doll is a soulless individual, he will not speak to respond to you, and will not have opinions and other aspects of you. Suggest. She is a dead object made of silicone, without human consciousness and soul. But in the eyes of some people, these sex dolls are not false individuals, but actually exist in our lives. They cannot find themselves in life, and sex dolls let them know themselves and make them no longer feel lonely.

In fact, this is not a disease, but our human instinct. We always yearn for good ideal things, and hide the unhappiness of life, long-term accumulation causes a psychological burden, we can no longer face this reality. sex dolls simulate the reality of the touch and appearance of the reality, so that we have found the spiritual sustenance, he can be the object of our company forever, no matter what happens in the future, sex dolls will not betray us. "Inflatable Doll's Love" tells us such a story.


Lars and the Real Girl

"Look! She will chat with me"

The movie "Inflatable Doll's Love" tells such a story. Lars is a single otaku. When he was born, his mother left him because of dystocia. When he lacked maternal love, he grew up with an introverted personality, loneliness, and faced with his brother-in-law. Shout asked warmly and didn't take it seriously. Wrap yourself thick every day, avoid physical contact with people, curl up in your own world like a hedgehog, and refuse the closeness of beautiful colleague Margo.

However, Lars, who keeps a distance to those around him, has a soft spot for the simulation of inflatable doll Bianca. Lars chats with Bianca, takes her to the party, Lars prepares dinner for Bianca, and takes her to a forest walk in the suburbs when the weather is fine, they are still kissing in the forest, Lars even wants to marry her in the church, as if Bianca has never It is not a dead object made of plastic. In Lars' eyes, Bianca is no different from a real person.


We can imagine that sex doll is a real person

Lars is ill and is fantasy. Fortunately, with the help of psychiatrist Dagmar and the cooperation of a group of kind people around, Lars was finally cured. This is a warm and heart-warming story. As Dagmar said in the movie, mental disorders are sometimes not necessarily a disease, it may also be a way of working out in a desperate situation, and patients are looking for a way out. When Lars started to come out of the closed self, it was when his conscious Bianca died.

Lars finally returned to the real world, but the key question is, is he really happy when he returns to reality? Bianca is a utopia in his life. All his unhappiness can talk to Bianca and find an absolutely true and ideal existence. When Lars finally realized that Bianca was not a real person, he was out of absolute security, and he exposed himself to this society again. All reality will be pressing again and again, pushing him to the corner again.

When Lars realized that Bianca was no longer a real person, we can say that he returned to a normal life. The question is, what is normal and what is abnormal? Is normal defined by us really normal? Is mental disorder defined by us really insane?

Is fantasy a disease

When we use "symptoms" to describe a behavior, it means that it is already a disease. Delusion is an illusory perception that appears in the hearing organs and is one of the common symptoms of mental patients, especially in schizophrenia. Psychology's explanation for its causes is that this is a form of expression about subconscious and self-cues.

You have a strong desire for something, but it cannot be realized or happened immediately or in reality. Then, in the right half of the brain, there will be an illusion out of reality that only you can see and hear. If it is serious, it will be divorced from reality. For example, most people with mental illness exist in fantasy, without reality.

We can imagine that sex doll is a real person


So, for patients with "inflatable doll fantasy", the full-size sex doll is not a doll made of plastic or silicone, she is a living real person. Look! She will chat with me and will have emotional and emotional reactions. And all these outsiders can't see or hear at all, just the patient's own imagination and hallucinations. Just like the roommate created by Nash in Beautiful Mind. In reality, it is similar to Lars' "I have an appointment with an inflatable doll" due to fantasy, which is estimated to be rare, but this is also a possible explanation.


Finally, say something off topic. In our view of "normal people", these people with "quirks" are "abnormal", and they will feel that they have "sick brains" and are a kind of "heterogeneous". So, in their eyes, aren't our so-called "normal people" "neuropathy"? However, the "abnormal" of these few of them endure the "normal" ridicule of our majority. There must be a reason. If the actions of these people haven't hurt us, they are happy when they do so, why should we laugh at or even ridicule their right to pursue happiness? The general public needs to be more tolerant towards them.

Therefore, when we once again see the news of "men watching movies with sex dolls" and "girls dressed as young girls are actually boys", we can restrain the inner discrimination a little and understand instead. Because they are all people who need to be cared for by this world!

We can imagine that sex doll is a real person

Homosexuals can be slowly removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Maybe one day, what about fetishism, transvestite and "love syndrome with sex dolls"? With the development of artificial intelligence, when a more advanced "inflatable doll" is created, in addition to being indistinguishable from the real person, and also having the function of emotion and interaction, perhaps the love with them will become daily life.  After all, every boy has a perfect lover in his heart, how do you know that you will not fall in love with young sex dolls in the future? May every kind "alien" be treated gently.

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