Watching sex videos or using sex dolls, which one is more experience? |

Watching sex videos or using sex dolls, which one is more experience?

August 12, 2020

Many people feel ashamed when they hear about watching sex videos or using real sex dolls. But almost everyone will experience and have sex personally. Watching sex videos is just a way to seek orgasm, and using realistic sex dolls is just a way to solve physical needs. If you hear or see such a thing, you will feel ashamed, then you can imagine if there is no sex in this world. Without sex, everyone in the world is an independent individual, there will be no close relationship, no longer appearing as a family unit, no inheritance, and people will not survive for more than a century... Just think about it, and you will know what a wonderful thing the existence of sex is. In fact, everyone's experience of sex is different. Sex is an indispensable part of life. The child was born because his parents had sex. The development of the body also changes the reproductive organs due to hormones. Falling in love is not for sex, but it is also related to sex. In addition to having sex with people, the sexual experience has other negative experiences, such as watching sex videos, masturbating, using masturbation tools and so on. So watching sex videos and using mature love doll are both topics in sex. Which one do you think is more experience?


Watching sex videos or using sex dolls, which one is more experience?

Watch sex video

Many people want to watch sex videos often. Will they become addicted? The latest research shows that people who regularly watch porn have negative changes in their brain areas related to addiction in terms of size, activity, and neural connections. The changes in the brain observed in the study still indicate that too much pornography will reduce the quality of life. The longer they watch sex videos, the more they will use alcohol and other addictive substances within the legally permitted range, and they will also feel more depressed.

Studies have also found that “male macaques prefer to peek at the lower body of female macaques more than delicious ones. In short, everything in the world loves sex!” Many sex videos in Japan have any scenes, and many people believe it. Many small clips can be called international Olympic stadiums, and various poses with a degree of difficulty exceeding that of acrobatics are used. You can also stand by for a long time. "If you are a man, you have to persist for two or three hours, and you will not be tired after changing ten actions." But some irrational people will try to imitate. Here is an example:Qiang, 38, tried to imitate after watching "A film" once.Constantly having sex with his wife in difficult positions. His wife disagreed at first, and then reluctantly agreed, but he was not careful,feeling a "pop" from the penis,Then he felt intense pain in his lower body, and then he was sent to the hospital where he was diagnosed with penile injury. Sex videos can be watched in moderation, but the premise is that they must be sensible after watching them. If you masturbate while watching sex videos, too many men will cause inflammation of the prostate. Excessive masturbation can cause habitual premature ejaculation.


Watching sex videos or using sex dolls, which one is more experience?

Use sex doll

Sex dolls are simulated lifelike sex dolls, advanced masturbation toys. Super sex experience. While experiencing the feeling of having sex with a real person, it does not hurt the body. The complexion of the sex doll is delicate, close to the real person, and the touch is very similar to the skin. Most of the curvy sex doll are now solid, made of non-toxic and tasteless silicone. In addition to silicone sex dolls, there are TPE sex dolls. It has high durability, feels almost the same as a real person, and is easy to clean. Each joint of the physical doll uses a mechanical bracket to make it transform into various poses you want. During your sex with it, there is a more comfortable experience. It can be a sexy, charming, beautiful or thoughtful little lover. It is more comfortable than having sex with a real person, because there is no need to consider its pain like having sex with a real person. In addition to not having to feel the feeling of it, there is no need to consider the sense of experience. It ends when you want to. With the development and technological improvement of the real life sex doll, it can have an automatic heating design, which can heat the vagina and breast parts to a temperature similar to the temperature of the real human body. Let male users have a more real sense of experience when engaging in sex sports. In winter, the temperature of the doll's vagina will not be too low to make the penis hard. Many men watch sex videos because they want to see woman’s naked bodies. But if it is because of this, why choose a physical doll directly? It can not only meet and impact your vision, but also meet your tactile needs, allowing you to practice experience. The most basic choice of dolls is that you can choose to customize your sex doll according to your preferences. It can be your favorite celebrity sex dolls, your favorite big boobs sex doll, or your favorite mini sex doll. You can have sex with it while watching a sex video. It will not feel ashamed of it like your girlfriend, and will make you more involved in your sexual exercise. It also can help you get rid of the bad habit of masturbation, and it can let you experience a deeper feeling than masturbation.


Watching sex videos or using sex dolls, which one is more experience?

Above and above, we can conclude that using best sex dolls will make people more experience, but it is not ruled out that some people have different feelings. But if you think our analysis is valid, you can buy a sex doll to serve you. If you have any questions, you can go to our store and ask our customer service. Of course, our mall has many brands and types of dolls for you to choose from. If you still can't find the doll in your mind, you can use the description and let us customize a doll that belongs to you.

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