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VR sex dolls may become the trend of the times

July 02, 2020

What exactly does VR refer to? VR is an abbreviated form of visual reality. In the early years, for us, VR technology still belongs to the cutting-edge technology of crazy explosion, and intelligence is the imagination of floating clouds. But now look at smart phones, smart homes, VR devices, VR movies, VR porn. The development of eroticism always depends on or even surpasses perhaps promoting high technology. Now there are even VR sex dolls that can replace real women. The development of VR sex dolls is beyond our imagination. She will make huge waves in adult products with technological innovation, but it also brings a lot of controversy.

VR sex dolls may become the trend of the times

 The combination of VR technology and physical sex dolls

As the development of VR technology enters a new inflection point, people do not need to spend too much forward thinking to realize that VR and sex dolls are simply a perfect match. Although VR technology is far from mature today, the development progress of VR sex dolls is at an early stage, but I believe that in the near future, VR sex dolls will become very popular.

of course. From 1996 to the present, there have been many physical doll production companies that have made sex dolls with a high degree of simulation. These companies are currently developing doll heads with artificial intelligence AI. Can be used to replace the now static head. This sounds a bit sickly, but Matt McMullen, the founder and CEO of the physical doll company, explained his purpose: "I hope to use this technology to awaken the emotional and intellectual needs of some people, not just Only physiological."

After the combination of VR and physical dolls, maybe in the future we will see a man and a virtual holographic image falling in love, kissing and hugging.

Many sex dolls have already tried to implant VR technology. Although the current technology is not very perfect, it will one day. VR sex dolls will be perfectly combined with sex dolls. You will see a super-real sex doll, she will communicate with you, she will care about your daily life, and the relationship between you is not only sexual intercourse, but more like a company.

Recently, scientists at Stanford University conducted an experiment. They asked participants to touch the robot. As a result, the part of the subject's brain related to sexual arousal was stimulated. Yes, people also feel about robots. So, robots can do much more than an airplane cup.


VR sex dolls may become the trend of the times

 Obviously, humans aspire to obtain far more than simple physiological needs, and the emergence of virtual reality gives a solution that satisfies both physiological and psychological needs. However, there may be some too smart situations. For example, if your VR sex doll thinks your VR house is not big enough and your VR cooking is too bad, you may need to slowly run in with your VR partner. As you know, the process of people's real sense of dependence is not just unilaterally greedy.


Do you want to have such a VR sex doll?

"With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence and robots in people's daily lives, I believe that robots will generate different feedback based on their positioning and the unique personality characteristics of their users." Dr. Julie Carpenter said, as a dedicated researcher An expert on the impact of human and robot social activities, she believes that in the end, we will use a normal heart to live with robots. "I think the design of robots will not be static, but gradually evolved, as is the relationship between humans and robots. This is very important."

"Some people may say, but these sex dolls will not ask their partners to make any promises. This is just what it seems, maybe one day they can rule the world, and they may enslave humans." So how can we combine VR and sex dolls properly? A pair of robot breasts plus a VR helmet, and then equipped with an operating handle similar to a flashlight? Or invent a special VR doll? I believe that the future may really be horny for these Erotic suits tailored for the bachelors. 


VR sex dolls may become the trend of the times

Some social problems caused by VR sex dolls.

 But these virtual sex dolls may cause some problems. The users of VR equipment have begun to promote the construction and sharing of VR office areas, so will there be VR robot brothels in the future? Because VR sex dolls must not be cheaper, so those who are horny bachelors in order to save some money, I had to go to the brothel. So should government departments supervise?

To give another example, what will happen if your robot wants a three-person trip? If you can customize the appearance of VR sex dolls, then your wife wants to occasionally "have fun" with some sexy hormone male stars, you may be reluctant to accept this Male VR sex doll, but one day she changed the appearance of the robot to your colleague or neighbor? I am afraid no one can answer this question. In the legal sense, making adult products is still legal, but when it comes to audio-visual products, it crosses legal boundaries. VR is a new technology. How to classify it is currently inconclusive, but from a general perspective, it is indeed possible to be classified into audio-visual products.

And this possible classification has poured a pot of cold water on adult product manufacturers who are looking forward to VR. If you want to sell adult products with VR legally, manufacturers must make some compromises. This seems to be contrary to the effect that adult products hope to achieve, but it is almost an iron law that must be observed.


VR sex dolls may become the trend of the times

 If VR sex dolls are developed, it is definitely a very shocking social news, which means that our technology has developed to a considerable height. It is entirely possible that VR sex dolls are a technological innovation and face real-life suffering. We have to find psychological comfort in other things. These new sex dolls will exceed your imagination. This is an irreversible trend, and you will get intimate and sexy VR sex robot dolls, which is worth looking forward to.



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