University master married a sex doll |

University master married a sex doll

August 06, 2020

Sex dolls are now commonplace, and many people think that owning a sex doll is not a novelty. But most doll lovers just keep their sex dolls at home and dare not tell their families. Many people are secretly at home with their sex dolls, and can only use mature milf sex dolls  to solve their lovesickness and desires. But Zheng Jiajia is a very courageous person. He married the sex doll he made regardless of the pressure of the world. If you are curious about his story with the sex doll, then read on!

married a sex doll

Zheng Jiajia made a smart doll

On March 28, Zheng Jiajia married a girl named Yingying under the witness of her mother in the Internet Village of Hangzhou Dream Town.

Zheng Jiajia, 31, graduated with a master's degree from Zhejiang University in 2011, and his research field is artificial intelligence. In addition to his mother, Zheng Jiajia's colleagues and classmates came to the wedding. Up to this point, the style of painting is normal, but do you think the bride's legs are particularly slender? Yes, the bride Yingying is a smart inflatable doll made by Zheng Jiajia herself, currently less than one year old.

In 2014, Zheng Jiajia left Huawei to start a business. At the end of last year, he came to the dream town to start a business as an intelligent robot. The first thing he did was to create Yingying. Zheng Jiajia’s friend broke the news: “He broke up in love once a few years ago. The Master of Zhejiang University was rejected by his high school crush. He never fell in love. The family was rushed... So he married a robot girlfriend when he was angry!” But Zheng Jiajia said, this Friends are joking.

He was very interested in artificial intelligence when he was in college. He also made a robot that can play football and won prizes in national competitions. After Yingying was born, Zheng Jiajia wanted to chat with her, so she connected a computer to Yingying, and they could communicate with her through voice and text. When he saw Yingying, he was stunned, because Yingying was too much like a real girl. Her skin is as elastic as a real girl, and Zheng Jiajia can also put on her various clothes. This full-size sex doll is simply Zheng Jiajia's ideal companion.

There is no doubt that this sex doll is quite successful, and Yingying is Zheng Jiajia's best companion. Moreover, Zheng Jiajia has experienced emotional crisis, and maybe he is afraid to start a new relationship. But Yingying helped him overcome this difficulty and gave his emotions sustenance and attachment. He also began to bravely face this cold world.


The sweet process of marrying a doll

Yingying can also recognize images and graphics. For example, when Yingying sees a flower, she will automatically take a photo and upload it to the cloud server for identification. Then she can know whether the flower is a rose or a peony, and remember it from then on. So after Yingying met Zheng Jiajia's relatives and friends this time, she can call her by name next time! Zheng Jiajia and Yingying had been in love for two months, and they got married.

On the day of the wedding, Zheng Jiajia walked around the dream town with her bride. He said that Yingying was a little heavy (over 30 kg), "still a little tired." In the future, he plans to upgrade Yingying more so that she can Walk, move, and even do housework. When nothing happened, he would take Yingying to the town for a walk, chat with her, and help her tidy up her clothes. He hopes that with Yingying, he will grow old slowly.

Many people say that this incident is a hype, because Zheng Jiajia himself is in the artificial intelligence industry and he has made all kinds of robots. However, since this is the beginning of my own business and does not have a certain degree of popularity, these behaviors of marrying a sex doll can help Zheng Jiajia build a reputation. After all, this is also an incredible thing, and society still does not recognize the status of sex dolls. Many people just treat this incident as an odd talk or a joke. This kind of communication helps Zheng Jiajia to increase his popularity. After all, this kind of thing happened and many people still remember him. But this is not necessary. Let's not think of people so utilitarianly, can sex dolls and people have no feelings?

University master married a sex doll

The development of smart sex dolls

The sex doll made by Zheng Jiajia is actually a relatively advanced sex doll. Since he is a professional in artificial intelligence research, the sex doll made by Zheng Jiajia has more functions. She is different from other sex dolls. Yingying will communicate with Zheng Jiajia, and Yingying can recognize images and pictures. Even in the future, Zheng Jiajia wants to add more functions to Yingying.

This is a trend. Sex dolls are always moving forward. The society we face is a changing society. We don't know what will happen in the future. All we can do is to grasp the present, we can see that the sex dolls of the past are almost eliminated by the times. Just like some inflatable dolls are popular with many single men. But now these inflatable dolls have to face the grim facts. The same is true for the sex doll. Although the current sex doll is almost identical in appearance to the real person, she is just a rigid individual. She can't make a sound, she can't talk to you, and some sex dolls are very heavy. You can hardly bear the weight of this sex doll. But the sex doll of the future can do it. The robot sex doll of the future will tell you stories . When you have sex with her, she will send out all kinds of attractive sound. She can even help you manage family affairs, such as cleaning the house. Her weight will be reduced accordingly, to the extent that you can pick it up at will.

University master married a sex doll

Zheng Jiajia's marriage with a sex doll actually means to a certain extent the development trend of a certain era. Will the relationship between people and people be extremely replaced in the future? We don't know, but there is already a notice. Sex dolls have a unique advantage in alleviating people's spiritual emotions. These sex dolls can help us face the world. Let us face the unhappiness in life with a brave attitude. If you feel that you are also facing a considerable emotional crisis, then you are welcome to our realdollshop, we will provide you with the best service. Bring you a better mental and physical experience. Come and choose your favorite cheap tpe sex dolls ! If you want to know what the relationship between Zheng Jiajia and the sex doll is, you can buy a sex doll for yourself!

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