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Uncover the secret: Why are real dolls expensive but popular?

October 29, 2020

Recently, I have found that more and more people are spending thousands of dollars to buy real dolls. Why is this? Next,I will solve the mystery.

real doll

Question: Why is the price expensive

Answer: Actually, this is not because there are few real dolls and therefore expensive, nor is it because the merchants engage in consumerism and increase price deliberately. But the production of real dolls is very labor-intensive and labor-intensive.

First, customization

Real dolls are different from other commodities. They are not products that can be mass-produced according to a standard. Almost 100% must be customized.In other words, instead of having products for customers to choose first, they will produce after having customers' needs.Because everyone’s tastes are different, some like strong ones, some like soft girls, some like jk, some like married women...Just as everyone has different preferences for natural scenery, some people will like the height of Himalayas, and some people will love the flatness of hills and mountains...

Custom doll

Second, make

To manufacture humanoid skeletons, each skeleton is composed of more than 100 parts, which is very complicated.

Make the body of the doll, fill it with sponge on the outside of the skeleton, and then coat it with a protective layer.

Make the skin and pour silicone on the outermost layer of the doll.Make a silicone doll.This is to hang all naked human bodies on a hanger. Each doll has long legs, thin waist, big chest, narrow shoulders, and small face, just like a perfect body shape between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. , Even the blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible at close up.

With the initial human figure, bathe the doll again, then polish and wipe the body, apply makeup, nails, and hair-every step is very careful, as if taking care of a girl without clothes.After this step is completed, a silicone doll is completed.Finally, split the body parts of the silicone doll and put it into the box, waiting for delivery.

real doll

Question: Why is it popular

Answer: There are many ways to use real dolls

  1. The introduction of otaku culture---sex needs

Otaku culture originated in Japan, which is called the national soft power by Japan, and then spread all over the world.The otaku doesn't like going out because of his personality, and he doesn't have a girlfriend. They spend time reading manga, anime, games, novels, etc.The otaku also has demand, so he is hooked on real dolls. Why do most otaku prefer real dolls?The dolls have beautiful faces and are goddesses, such as exquisite features, fair skin, and devil's figure, which are enhanced versions of real people.

sex doll

  1. Emotional needs, loneliness

A 30-year-old man who is unmarried but wants to adopt a daughter because he is envious of someone daughter, but to raise a child requires a lot of emotional care and material support. After thinking twice, he decided to buy a mini physical doll.He dresses and bathes his daughter every day, washes and ties her hair, and takes her out to take pictures and play. He is really raising his own daughter.

mini doll
  1. Epidemic homes caused by new coronary pneumonia

The global epidemic is spreading, everyone stays at home to isolate,It’s easy to get contagious when getting along with people. You can’t get together or go out, so everyone is bored, lonely and want to find something to do. Learn to do hairstyles, design clothes, etc. through real dolls.

real doll

Question: What is the development trend of real dolls?

Answer: The future is bright, with mostly female dolls, but there will be more and more male dolls.

why? With the rapid development of society and the fast pace of the city, in the beginning, there were more and more homeboys, and more and more female dolls were needed. Gradually, men are looking for dolls, and girls are no longer pursued. Women can make money on their own, and they are unwilling to be with men in reality. Then girls will look for male dolls. As a result, there will be more and more male dolls. The more market demand, the brighter future of real dolls.

female real doll

In the end, we still have to return to life. Dolls are just dolls. We can't really replace real people with dolls. Wouldn't human beings become extinct?


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