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Unboxing sex dolls experience you can never imagine

July 04, 2020


Before buying sex dolls, you will imagine countless ways to unbox. When you have the idea of ​buying sex dolls, and then choose suitable sex dolls from various sex doll websites, you have consulted different customer service and learned all kinds of information about sex dolls. Then you build your own sex doll according to your preferences, and you confirm the payment. Then the seller sends you a confirmation message. After a long wait, you finally have to wait until you confirm the email of the finished sex doll. So, you received the logistics information sheet provided by the seller, and your heart is full of excitement. After a long wait, your sex doll is in shipping, when the sex doll reaches your home. I know what kind of mood you are taking out of your parcel. You are dreaming about spending a night with the sex doll, but you can't wait to open the seal of the sex doll. What will you see?


A special and unfogetable sex doll unboxing experience

Japan's sex doll simulation is extremely high, from maid, female high school student to anime characters, to meet the different needs of the majority of gentlemen. Recently, on Twitter and 2ch, a picture of "purchased sex doll delivered, but it was too scary" was madly spread. The sex doll in the picture was tucked in a box, only using bubble paper to cover the key parts, expressions and The posture is very scary, just like a carton hiding a corpse.

Faced with this horrible sex doll unboxing diagram, Japanese netizens were scared: "Frightened baby." "Raise your hands!" "Uncle police will see you arrested." "Hua It's too bad to send hundreds of thousands of things to buy in this way.” "I've already placed my order.”

This sex doll is simply weird. Needless to say, she does not have any protective measures on her body, nor a blanket for cushioning. It is inevitable that a single personality doll is in the box. Her expression was very strange, and her movements curled up unnaturally. It seems to bear great pain. Even customers who have learned what is inside have to be scared. What's more, people who don't know what's inside see this situation, and it is estimated that they will be scared into a psychological shadow. Such a sex doll is lying in a carton, and if the courier accidentally opened your suitcase, he may still misunderstand. Think you have done something illegal.

This is very strange. When you see something like a human body placed in these cartons, you will inevitably feel trembling. Especially when she opened her eyes and looked at you, she had an unnatural smile at the corner of her mouth, slightly opened her mouth, and she was naked, as if she was suffering great pain. She seemed to hope that someone could rescue her. This is a terrible sight. You may not want to see it a second time, and you may even wonder if you have been tricked.



 Misunderstanding clarification

But it turned out to be a misunderstanding. The sex doll is a real person. The source of the picture is the post-90s beautiful hip photo actress Takura Yuka. At the time, Yuka Kurakura was taking pictures of a group of moving workers for "PLAYBOY SUMMER2016". She and a group of actresses turned into sexy moving sisters, moving boxes and being boxed, so the photos would become crazy online. Unboxing picture of that sex doll. She once opened her feet to play Nintendo FC games in variety shows, and said in public that her butt is very big, hope her husband likes to touch her ass in the future.


Although this is just a misunderstanding. But from the side, it shows that today's sex dolls are very similar to real people. Looking at photos of sex dolls and real people, you can't figure out which is a sex doll and which is a real person. The line between a real person and a sex doll is so blurred, reflecting the growing technology of sex dolls today. Because today's sex dolls are made of silicone or tpe materials, the bodies of these worlds best sex dolls are simply a gift from heaven. In particular, her skin has been carefully designed and manufactured, and it looks more real. Her body has almost no flaws, no matter what the details, you can't find her shortcomings. She is tailor-made for you. And whether it is from the appearance or touch, these sex dolls are difficult to refuse to exist. Their skin is exactly like a real person, their beautiful skin is soft and elastic.

In addition, the body of the "sex doll" in the carton can be bent to the following exaggerated posture. Sex dolls will do too, because the interior of the sex dolls is equipped with very flexible metal brackets, these brackets help to help the sex doll to put on a variety of shapes. Her body can tolerate a variety of postures, as long as you want, she will make corresponding actions according to your instructions.


Normal sex doll unboxing

The unboxing of sex dolls is really an exciting time, the unboxing mentioned above is actually just a gimmick. What's in the box of a real sex doll? Was she sitting in a suitcase with a twisted body, staring at you strangely when you opened the box?

Of course this is not the case, there are many things in the express package of the sex doll. General sex doll manufacturers have adopted a strict delivery process, these processes will fully protect the privacy of sex dolls, but also give you a psychological buffer space. After all, the process of buying a sex doll to open the package is like a process of opening a gift. Different manufacturers take different measures, they will use different boxes for packaging. And the outer pressure-proof membrane will also adopt different materials. Some will use some foam paper or some sponges, which serve as a buffer. In order to prevent the courier's actions from being too violent and hurting the sex doll.

When you go out of these sponges, you will see the sex doll covered by a blanket. People outside can't see the content inside, you need to use scissors to cut the tape covering the blanket. This process must be careful to avoid cutting the skin of the sex doll with sharp scissors. Then you carefully opened the blanket, and the sex doll appeared in front of you. Her body was not curled together, but lay flat, lying in a wrapped blanket. Some foam paper may also be wrapped on her limbs, and the foam paper needs to be removed when holding the sex doll. So you get a super beautiful and touching sex doll, she will definitely exceed your imagination.


The above is normal sex doll unboxing. Unboxing sex dolls is really an exciting thing. She is a unique gift that you give yourself. Perhaps you alone know what is inside. This cautious sweet mood is worth cherishing in our memories. The process of unboxing is unforgettable. You also hope to receive a sex doll that can protect your privacy, or this sex doll will not scare you all at once. If you want such a wonderful sex doll, please contact us, we can not only recommend the sex doll you like, but also give you a wonderful experience, and make you look forward to happiness throughout the journey.

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