Torso sex dolls bring passion and convenience to your life |

Torso sex dolls bring passion and convenience to your life

July 03, 2020


If you want to buy a doll, but don't want to deal with all the extra limbs. If you think the full-size sex doll is too heavy, then our stunning Torso doll is the perfect solution! When you buy sex dolls on the purchase platform, you will see options for torso sex dolls and full-size sex dolls. These sex doll torso are displayed in the catalog, you will see her equally attractive. At the same time, she has many advantages that cannot be compared with the full size. If you are curious, then read on!


torso sex doll

What is a torso sex doll?

First, we need to understand, what is a torso sex doll? These dolls are complete in size, but lack some parts of the human anatomy. They have all the functions of our full-size dolls, with clear internal bones, super soft and elastic TPE and silicone and more other options!

Torso sex dolls can also be divided into several categories, first look at the structure of the doll's body. Even torso sex dolls have different characteristics.

Torso sex dolls are mainly divided into three types by their limbs: one is a sex doll with only hips and legs, one is a sex doll with only an upper body, and one is a sex doll with chest and hips but no hands and feet.

From the point of view of production materials, half sex doll is the same as full-size sex doll, mainly made of silicone and tpe materials. There are silicone sex doll torso and tpe sex doll torso. Of course, you can increase your budget to buy more sex dolls. The sex dolls made of these materials are soft and have great elasticity, and you will not be able to stop touching your hands.

From the perspective of the style of dolls, love doll torso also has many styles, we have designed and manufactured many styles of sex dolls. If you like mature sex dolls, there will be a variety of mature sex dolls. If you like bbw sex dolls, the breasts and buttocks of these sex dolls will be made particularly large, which is absolutely in line with your ideal lover. In addition, there are many styles of sex dolls, such as big breast sex dolls, flat chest sex dolls, Lolita sex dolls or doggystyle sex dolls, as long as you like sex dolls, we can meet all your sex fantasies.

torso sex doll


Semi solid sex doll to facilitate your life

When the capacity of your room is not large, the torso sex doll is your best choice. The torso sex doll has no limbs, but she should have all the body parts. Especially for the parts that satisfy your sexual fantasies, these sex dolls give you the perfect sex experience. Because there are no arms and legs, the sex doll has only a body torso, which makes her figure very petite. You can put her in your closet or some cabinets under the bed. It is very easy to place, you not only enjoy the perfect sex, but also you can easily place your sex doll. These have greatly reduced your burden. After all, it is not very realistic to set a separate position for sex dolls. Especially if the environment space of the family is small, it is even more unsuitable to buy a full-size sex doll. You will face a dilemma of having nowhere to put it.

Torso sex dolls are also very easy to clean. You know, cleaning a sex doll is equivalent to bathing an adult. Bathing children is not easy, let alone bathing sex dolls. Cleaning up full-size sex dolls is even more difficult than a real person. When you clean a sex doll, she will not change the center of gravity of her body, which makes cleaning more difficult.

This type of handheld sex doll is very convenient. You can even lift this sex doll with a single arm. You can also easily lift her up. She will lie quietly on your shoulders and obediently obey your instructions. When you want to bathe sex dolls, you can easily pick them up. These have greatly saved your energy, after all, you need to put more energy on getting along with sex dolls.

Female torso sex doll is also a full-size sex doll in a sense, but she lacks certain parts of the body, and her head and chest are all in line with the size of normal women. You don’t need to worry about the proportion of sex dolls being too small. The only difference between her and a full-size sex doll is the lack of hands or legs.

torso sex doll

Best sex doll torso brings you the perfect sex experience

The skin of short sex doll is exactly the same as the skin of real women, and it is also full of elasticity and gloss. What is even more surprising is that these sex dolls have no flaws in their bodies. If you like flawless women, then you must choose this sex doll.

She is made by the most skilled craftsmen, you don’t have to worry about the flaws in her skin, she is just a doll made for you.

These sex dolls also have very strong metal brackets inside the body, and the joints between the brackets are particularly flexible. Especially the joints of sex dolls can move freely. No matter what posture you like, half body sex doll will enthusiastically cater to your needs and bring you the ultimate emotional and sexual experience.

Torso sex dolls bring passion and convenience to your life

If you have a strong hobby for certain parts of the female body, torso sex dolls can satisfy all your hobbies. When you like the legs of a sex doll and don’t like her breasts, you can buy this kind of sex doll with only legs and hips. You can also contact the manufacturer for the length of the legs of the sex doll, you can make two perfect proportions Legs. Or if you only like big breasts and buttocks, and feel that the legs or hands of the doll are redundant, you can also customize this sex doll, which will definitely exceed your imagination. The doll's chest is particularly large, allowing you to feel the feeling you didn't experience before. After all, the cumbersome legs and arms will inevitably affect your sex experience.

After understanding what is a torso sex doll, I believe you already have some concepts about sex dolls, do you also want to have these sex dolls? Because our torso sex doll has less materials to make, her manufacturing cost will be greatly reduced, and the prices of many torso sex dolls are very attractive. If you are a novice, buying a full-size sex doll for the first time will inevitably feel a big burden. You can buy this sex doll as your first sex doll experience, she will definitely make you unable to extricate yourself. If you already own a full-size sex doll, you can also buy one, after all, this torso sex doll is really too easy to carry. If you feel excited, come take a look at our beautiful sex doll babe!

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