Torso sex doll and full size sex doll |

Torso sex doll and full size sex doll

September 12, 2020

How to choose a sex doll is a technical job that requires special homework. With the increase in the types of sex dolls, the current sex dolls differ in size, chest shape, hip shape, waist size, etc., in addition to their facial features. Sex dolls are divided into torso sex dolls and full-size sex dolls according to their body size. Literally, the torso sex doll is a simple bust doll. The full-size sex doll is a real-life sex doll that is perfect from head to toe. The emergence of this kind of bust sex doll makes sexual resolution more convenient and quicker. Why do we say that? We will have a simple answer later. Do you know when you are buying a real sex doll, should you choose a torso sex doll or a full-size sex doll?

Torso sex doll and full size sex doll

Torso sex doll

The torso sex doll is just a half-length sex doll, it is convenient because it does not have bulky hands and feet. Most of them are sexy types. This makes a lot of sudden sexual urges better resolved. When you watched a sex video, your genital organs became uncontrollably enlarged and hardened. At this time, you really want to have a perfect and complete sex. If you have a full-size sex doll, you have to move it out, and then move its hands and feet to the position you want. Because of the bulkiness of this curvy sex doll, you will consume a lot of time and energy. If you have a torso sex doll at this time, you only need to take it out and use it directly. It is suitable for solving physiological reactions that occur in a short period of time because it is relatively small and more convenient to access. Although it is small and exquisite, it can also be very sexy, with exquisite features, complete head, perfect breasts, pink vulva, and comfortable vagina. This is enough to satisfy normal male sexual impulses. If you have other hobbies, such as crazy obsession with woman's feet or fingers, you should choose the full-size sex doll that will be introduced next.

Torso sex doll and full size sex doll

Full size sex doll

A full-size sex doll is a complete life-size sex doll. Complete hands and feet, perfect body can satisfy all male orgasms. All kinds of faces and body sizes that seek common ground while reserving differences can all be chosen according to the type of girl you like. If you have some small hobbies, you can also be fully satisfied with mature sex dolls. There are many types of full-size sex dolls, the cute and sexy ones are all very common types. You can also choose to buy elf sex dolls and anime sex dolls, because they have a different charm, making people more intoxicated and easier to reach orgasm. They have a very comfortable and comfortable vagina. The vagina of some dolls on the market now has a technology that has a constant temperature, which provides a more comfortable vaginal environment for the owner. Let men avoid premature ejaculation because the vagina is too cold. In addition to being used for sex, it can also be used as a posing model or your spiritual partner. In addition to being unable to move, it can accomplish all other simple things.

Torso sex doll and full size sex doll

How to choose

In the face of buying sex dolls, this is a headache. Because of the variety, it is difficult to make decisive choices. Of course, if you have a strong demand and need the hands and feet of a real sex doll, you should choose to buy a full-size sex doll. If you want more convenience, or if you are single and you live with your parents or roommates, it is recommended to buy a torso sex doll. Because they are easier to hide when inconvenient to be seen. The problem of access is also mentioned above. If you have a problem with your sexual function, you will end your sexual drive in a short time. That torso sex doll is more suitable for you. Because it can be used as soon as it is taken out, your sexual function may be exercised if you use it for more time. If you don't have enough time to take care of or clean the sex doll, the torso sex doll will also be your best choice. You can save some budget while keeping inventory time. When you want to choose your ideal goddess, full-size sex dolls have many faces and figures for you to choose. The advantage of a full-size sex doll is that you can directly treat it as a family member. It is a complete individual. Although it can't speak, the silent company will make people feel full of power.

Sex dolls are products of the era that emerged and survived based on customer needs. It cannot be said that everyone needs sex dolls, but everyone needs sex.When your sex should be solved but not solved in time, this happens many times, and your sexual function may be affected. If you are still single and your sexual needs are not particularly satisfied. Or when you come home after a busy day, it can silently accompany you and give you silent support. You can buy or customize a sex doll to help.After reading the article, if you want a torso sex doll or a full-size sex doll. You can go to our mall to buy, our mall has a rich variety of products, customer service people are kind, and will give you the most comfortable shopping experience.

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