Top ten sex dolls ranking |

Top ten sex dolls ranking

December 03, 2020

Today I am here to tell you the top ten manufacturers of sex dolls. If you are interested in sex dolls, please continue reading. I will introduce to you.

Jarliet lolita sex doll

EXDOLL brand introduction

Founded in 2013, the world’s largest simulation doll manufacturing company, dedicated to designing and producing various plastic coated dolls, and focusing on the development and production of dolls

EXDOLL (formerly DSDOLL) is a world-class doll manufacturing company.
The factory is located in Dalian, China. We have been committed to the design and production of various plastic coated dolls. In the pursuit of beauty, we have our own perseverance and foresight. We hope that our work will not only stop on "creation", but also continue to advance on "creation".

Because our dozens of sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, etc. strive for perfection in every production step and hope that every detail can be done well. The company invests a lot of money in the research and development of new products and new functions (including artificial intelligence, mechanical skeleton, etc.) every year.

EX sex doll

JY brand introduction

Integrating research and production, it mainly produces silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, and has a full-process production workshop, mold engineering and equipment research and development center.

Dongguan Lingjunying Organic Silicone Products Co., Ltd. integrates research and production, mainly producing silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls. The company has more than 500 employees, including 5 special R&D personnel and 15 senior molders. At the same time, it also has a team of multinational designers with an international perspective and high-quality industry level to communicate with the world with an aesthetic perspective that runs through China and the West.

In 2016, the company achieved a main business income of 50 million yuan and is a leading company in the doll market. It has a full-process production workshop, mold engineering and equipment research center.

JY sex doll

 WM Brand introduction

A company specializing in the production of simulation model props and physical dolls, integrating production and sales, is an early use of TPE materials, and is committed to the development and production of national patent products

Zhongshan Jinsan Model Props Co., Ltd., referred to as "Jinsan Props", is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of great men in China. The company is a professional manufacturer of simulation model props and physical dolls integrating production and sales. The company is committed to the development and production of products that have obtained national patents, and is the earliest manufacturer of physical dolls made of TPE materials in China.

The company’s brand "Golden San Wanmei" physical doll is a simple golden three doll in the industry. Its TPE raw materials are imported from abroad. The material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body. With its advanced and unique production technology, The skin on the surface of the doll produced by this entity is smooth, delicate and elastic. It has the same softness, elasticity and visual sense as real skin. It also has a built-in full-body simulation function of human bones, which can simulate more than 85% of realistic movements and postures. The company's latest smart doll heats the entire body at a constant temperature close to the actual temperature of the human body and has a touch sound function.

From raw material procurement, production to finished product inspection, the quality of each production line is strictly controlled. The company shall provide 4 certificates, including material test, finished product test and other certificates. Since the launch of Jinsan physical dolls, the authenticity, feel, appearance, new production frequency and market share of real dolls have far surpassed various TPE physical doll manufacturers in the same industry.

WM sex doll

Ginoid  brand introduction

A high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of super-simulated sex dolls, beauty art collections, super-simulated high-end models, and artificial intelligence robots. Its products use food-grade platinum silicone
Gynoid is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of super-simulated physical dolls, beauty art collections, super-simulated high-end models, and artificial intelligence robots. By domestic outstanding human body sculpture artists and digital artists, combining

traditional sculpture and three-D digital modeling, from mud-like sculptures to coloring of finished products, it pays attention to any detail and accepts private customized services.

The product uses food-grade platinum silica gel, and the bones are alloys and engineering plastics (imitating ergonomics to develop the full body joints to the extreme, including each joint of the finger).

Gynoid sex doll

Elf brand introduction  

 Domestic new and cutting-edge sex doll brand. The main business is the design, development and sales of TPE sex dolls. The products are made of stainless steel frame bones and TPE materials.

The ELFDOLL brand of Sino Dolls under Shenzhen Elf Valley Trading Co., Ltd. is a domestic cutting-edge entity doll brand founded by senior baby friends.

In the chaotic sex doll industry, the company does not hesitate to increase costs and choose materials that meet EU environmental protection standards to ensure the health of customers; it does not hesitate to spend 3 times higher labor costs and time than its peers to draw more beautiful makeup; In order to pursue a more perfect body curve, we insist on using the best mold masters in the industry to produce better molds; of course, while pursuing quality, we also strive to be a cost-effective equivalent in the industry.

Shenzhen Fairy Valley Trading Co., Ltd. does not want the Sino Doll to be a physical doll with adult functions, but also hopes that the Fairy Doll can become a spiritual companion with you and become the perfect one in your ideals.

Elf sex doll

Xy color brand Introduction

Established in 2018, a manufacturer of mid-to-high-quality simulation dolls, with the slogan of "injecting soul and customization" as the slogan, with high quality in product styling, makeup and color

2018 is the first time that the new design of the star artist-shaped overall product is released, which establishes the brand's fashion look, and is also a leap in the quality of high-quality simulation dolls among similar products. With the special effects of makeup artists and fashion magazine photographers With the addition of the team, the star artist type has made rapid changes in product styling, makeup, and color. The brand pursues the slogan of "the soul-infused customization partner", and hopes to bring unprecedented surprise changes to your life and life.

XY sex doll

Sino brand Introduction

Professional silicone material product manufacturer and independent brand product seller, dedicated to the research and development and production of simulated robots, intelligent physical dolls and silicone medical products
As a professional manufacturer of silicone material products and a seller of independent brand products, Guangdong Shunde Xanaxin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development and production of simulated robots, intelligent physical dolls, silicone dolls, and silicone medical products since its establishment. And with the route of high-end development, the products are fashionable, intelligent, refined, and real flowers, so that smart life is full of intelligence and fun, so that the majority of male compatriots can get rid of the harm and influence of low-end products and win happiness.
The founder of Guangdong Shunde Xanaxin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., was one of the founders of a well-known entity doll manufacturer in the industry. He has more than 10 years of product development and marketing management experience in the industry, and the technology development of entity dolls Application and future development and changes, have a keen market perception and predictability, and have a high reputation and influence in the domestic and international markets. Therefore, the founder has the ability and strength to lead the company from its infancy stage to rapidly develop into a company with strong strength in the industry, and to fully enhance the company's brand awareness and influence in a short time.
At present, Guangdong Shunde Xanaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. plans to develop several projects with considerable market potential and benefits: intelligent sensor systems and related instruments, and strive to improve the anthropomorphic use experience of consumers and the application expansion in the medical care industry; The Internet of Things shared service system enhances the function of accompanying services in furniture applications and improves the quality of life of consumers; voice recognition dialogue system enables the full realization of interpersonal communication applications; simulates intelligent robots, seeks technological breakthroughs, strengthens mechanical transmission capabilities, and increases products The joint mobility ability makes it closer to the real person and gives consumers a more perfect experience.

Sino sex doll

Mzr brand Introduction

Dongguan Meizuoren Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology enterprise focusing on super-simulation entity dolls, intelligent robot dolls, beauty art models, and artistic wax figures. The company's R&D team is led by domestic human sculpture art experts, combining traditional sculpture techniques and 3D digital modeling, from basic mud samples to finished products polishing, paying attention to every detail. The product uses high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly silica gel and TPE as raw materials, and integrates ergonomics, fashion, innovation and other elements. It resembles the touch of real human skin. The exquisite and exquisite craftsmanship gives customers an unprecedented wonderful experience!
Adhering to the belief of "innovating high-quality products, loving to accompany customers", the company produces every product with the determination of the craftsman's heart, and serves every customer with meticulous care, and is committed to making "beautiful people" A valuable and competitive intelligent entity doll product leader!
Qita Brand Introduction
A more well-known physical doll manufacturer that uses TPE materials, has a special effects makeup team, and has an advantage in face and makeup.
Shenyang Qita entity doll is a domestic high-quality entity doll manufacturer jointly created by Shenyang Fengcai Advertising and Shenyang Jintu Design.
Shenyang Fengcai Advertising is a sales team with elites in the northeast region. It has made achievements in media, IT, social platforms, event promotion and other fields, and has many years of experience in sales, promotion and media public relations. Shenyang Jintu Design is a domestic high-quality urban sculpture and wax figure production company. The exhibits are displayed in large exhibition halls such as Xinjiang Shaobrak Museum, Tacheng Museum, Changchun Clean Government Education Base, and the Jintu design also has excellent special effects makeup. The team, this also makes Qita entity dolls have huge advantages over other manufacturers in terms of face and makeup. After fully combining the advantages of the R&D team and the sales team, Qita physical dolls have become a well-known doll manufacturer in China in just one year.

Mzr sex doll

Rc Brand Introduction

Established in 2011, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of silicone entity dolls. The main products are entity dolls, simulation dolls, smart entity dolls, silicone dolls, etc.
Sunac is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, service, technical support, etc. The company specializes in manufacturing intelligent heating body temperature sensing sound entity dolls, intelligent entity dolls, simulation dolls, simulation dolls, silicone dolls, men and women Gay dolls, sex dolls, physical dolls, fever-sounding physical dolls, non-inflatable skeletal dolls, realistic skin skeleton dolls, etc. The company has introduced foreign production equipment and has nearly a hundred product molds. Sunac demands to be better, and constantly takes continuous innovation and creation as the premise to serve the public in line with the aesthetic goals of each customer. The company always adheres to "technology as the pioneer, quality With the business philosophy of “Leadership and Service First”, we constantly innovate, create, and create excellence, always aiming at the forefront of the development of physical dolls, self-innovation, innovation, reform and innovation to meet the needs of continuous development and change.

Rc sex doll

Under the meticulous efforts of the research team, the doll can produce fever, voice, dialogue, multi-point induction voice, face shape, hairstyle, eye color, lipstick color, whether the lower part of the color is integrated, and the lower part of the breast color can be made according to your needs, and each joint of the body can be a range of real-life products. It is perfect and customized according to drawings.

 beautiful sex doll


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