Top 5 pregnant sex dolls

Top 5 pregnant sex dolls

June 30, 2020

Having sex with pregnant women is usually condemned by society, and pregnant women should be protected, so it is a very sad thing for those who like sex dolls. Their sexual desire cannot be satisfied, but they cannot force a pregnant woman with a husband to have sex with them. But with the development of technology, the sex doll industry can stand behind you and always support you. The sex doll industry has developed many sex dolls featuring pregnant women.

 You can have sex with a full-size sex doll in the next days, she will satisfy your visual desires and look so beautiful. Since this is not normal, pregnant sex dolls should be customized, so we recommend that you contact us to customize the ideal pregnant sex doll according to your preferences. The following five are hot sex dolls on the market. I believe you must not be able to suppress your inner excitement. I am eager to start a wonderful sex journey with these pregnant sex dolls. 


Daisy is a charming pregnant sex doll. If you are crazy about having sex with a pregnant woman, you need to check the realdollshop doll page for many customization options that suit you. Among their sex dolls is this incredibly sexy pregnant woman, 158 cm tall, with the cutest pregnancy features you can think of.

 You can see her sexy brown curly hair with a pure white clip on it, Daisy looks like an angel in a wedding dress. She was wearing a white dress and lowered her head gently, just like a lotus flower shyly. You can touch her cute cheeks and look very beautiful. She also has a perfect-shaped tummy. The shape of her tummy has been finely made and it looks very perfect and upright. You must want to kiss her cute tummy immediately.

This is even better because you don’t have to endure pre-configured sex dolls that may not satisfy all your preferences. You can access custom options here, and then take your dream sexy pregnant sex doll home.

 Top 5 pregnant sex dolls


Isabel is just like a real person but totally is a mature milf sex doll. She has beautiful blonde hair and shines brightly under the sun. She has a melancholic gaze. It seems that there are some sad things in your heart. You must not bear to comfort her heart. Isabella is made of high-quality TPE material, her skin is as fair as Shirayuki, she is a typical blonde sex doll. Elizabeth is very flexible. Even if you are heavy, she hopes to bring you crazy. If you think that pregnant sex dolls have limited mobility, you are wrong. The sex doll is not a real person, she will not have the possibility of miscarriage. So even if she has a big belly and bears some of your rude actions, she will not feel burdened.

Isabel is very caring, you can sleep in her arms, her tender mind will always be your safest harbor, no matter how hard or difficult in the future, she will accompany you. She cares enough to ensure that you get a guarantee of sexual satisfaction. Even if she is pregnant, as long as you are gentle with her, she will always open her mind to you.

 Top 5 pregnant sex dolls


Miyazaki is a very typical Japanese girl. If you like the restraint and shyness of the Japanese, then you must definitely choose this cute Japanese sex doll. Miyazaki is a shy girl, her black hair is fascinating, oriental black hair looks very attractive, and her black hair is very shiny.

Miyazaki has three holes, namely oral cavity, vagina and anus, which can fully satisfy your sexual needs. No matter how crazy your desires are, Miyazaki can fully satisfy you. Her skin glowed with pink, and her dark eyes looked very attractive, like a black pearl.

Vaginal intercourse will be magical because her vagina is surreal. Her anus is the same. Tight and realistic anal sex. If you want to feel her amazing blowjob, you can make her happy. The difference between this sex doll and regular sex dolls is that she has a bigger belly, which will bring you more psychological satisfaction. 

Top 5 pregnant sex dolls


Sandy is a sexy sex doll, she belongs to the jungle, just like the elves in the forest, can bring you a variety of wonderful feelings. Her abdomen is not big. It can be speculated that she was just pregnant with her baby. Her abdomen has a slight bulge and looks very charming.

 You can customize this sex doll, if you like the size of her abdomen, but you may feel that her skin color is a bit dark, you can customize the sex doll with a whiter skin tone. In addition, the size of the doll's chest and the color of the areola can be changed according to your preferences. She will belong to you completely, bringing you the fresh breath of jungle and the fragrance of flowers. You can feel the mystery of nature.

 The body of the sex doll is made of TPE material. This is a great benefit for you, because the sex doll is super realistic, her skin is as real as the real woman, and the skin of the sex doll is elastic, like a pudding just poured into the bowl, as you move shaking slightly, it's fascinating athletic sex doll.


 Top 5 pregnant sex dolls


Jenny has the face of an oriental woman, she is gentle and demure, wearing a beautiful white dress, looks like your bride. Her makeup is exquisite, at first glance it looks like a real person. You can't believe she is not a real person. This is also very magical. Her breasts are large, just like every mother, she can bring your mother-like care. When you feel sad, you can put your head in her chest. She will look at you tenderly, you can also kiss her belly, like there is really a child inside.

Jenny's belly is very large and belongs to a late pregnant woman. You may worry that her body cannot withstand your movements. For this situation, you need not worry. She has no consciousness, and the belly of a pregnant sex doll can't really have a baby. You can make all kinds of actions you like according to your preferences. You may also worry that Jenny’s actions will be inconvenient, in fact TPE sex dolls are known for their flexibility. Therefore, even if you are pregnant, there will be no sexual posture that cannot be achieved for you. After all, she is a mother, and the mother will redouble her efforts to ensure that you are satisfied and happy. You don't need to worry about her flexibility.

 Top 5 pregnant sex dolls

If you have ever had sexual relations with a pregnant woman, then you will know how amazing this feeling is, and it is not surprising that this makes it a top priority for many men. But there is a problem. You can't just have sex with a pregnant woman. If she is not your partner, she may never have sex with you when she is pregnant. But you can take a pregnant sex doll home, she will belong to you completely, she will only be loyal to you. This not only satisfies your sexual desires and psychological needs, but also helps you meet your sexual needs. Bring your pregnant sex doll home, she will bring you more surprises, waiting for you to discover these surprises in person!

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