Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019 |

Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019

July 02, 2020


Flat-chested sex dolls are warmly loved by the public. Although flat-chested, these flat-chested dolls are more beautiful. If you like pure sex dolls, you don’t want sex dolls to be too coquettish. If you want a pure sex doll to accompany you, then you must try these sex dolls. These flat chested sex dolls are simply men's dream lovers. Here are some of the most popular flat chested sex dolls in 2019. Let's enjoy the following:


Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019

Although Maria is not a typical flat chested sex doll, she meets all the characteristics of a flat chested sex doll. She is a Japanese sex doll, wearing white peach heart underwear. You can see that her face is very pure, just like a child, she wears a pair of ponytails, wears a choker, and wears the same series of headbands. Everything makes her look pure and full of desire. Undoubtedly she is the type most men like. Big eyes and black eyes are filled with emotions. She is very pure and her complexion is as white as snow. There is no flaw on the skin, you will see that she is the darling of heaven. Everywhere on her body seems to be made by the most powerful craftsman, and it is difficult to find shortcomings on her body.

Her posture is very petite, only 138cm, which means that she is very light. You can move her at will, she will not make a dissatisfied voice. This will save you a lot of energy. The weight of a full-size sex doll is considerable, if you are not very strong, you can hardly bear the weight of a 170cm sex doll. She is so cute, don't you want to have her right away? 



Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019

The girl's name is Odelia. She is like an angel and an elf in the jungle. Her posture is particularly petite. Not only is her breasts small, but her height is also petite, only 135cm. Although Odelia is a little petite compared to normal people, her figure is the same as normal women. It's even better than the actual female figure ratio. At the same time, Odelia's chest is not hollow, and her chest is filled with solids. You can see that her chest is very straight and there is no sign of sagging. The white translucent gauze vaguely covered her chest. Make her breasts look more lovely.

Did Odelia arouse your desire to protect? When you stare at her, her eyes are dim, and she seems to be hiding a lot of thoughts. She was melancholic and her inner loneliness could not be dismissed. She was so affectionate that you could not bear her eyes full of tears. She is waiting for you to take her home, you will rekindle the love fire in her heart, everything will be better. The smile will bloom on her face again.



Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019


Mamiko is a typical Japanese sex doll. Her hair was dark, like a waterfall flowing down. Mamiko does not seem to belong to a particularly pure, but a mature female image with a mature and seductive atmosphere. She is wearing black sexy transparent underwear. Her breasts are especially attractive against the black sexy lingerie. You can see Mamiko's pink nipples through this thin gauze. She is a combination of two characteristics. On the one hand, she looks particularly pure, but on the other hand, she also has the sensuality of an adult woman.

Mamiko's skin is fair, if you like women with flawless body, then you must choose Mamiko. Women in reality are not always perfect, there will always be various flaws, these flaws are difficult to satisfy you. But sex dolls don't, every detail of Mamiko's body fits your sexual desire for women. Mamiko is the embodiment of innocence and desire, you must not want to miss this sexy stunner.



Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019

Camille is a very unique sex doll, although she is also a flat chested love doll. However, her complexion is very distinctive. Her complexion is as attractive as honey. You can see that her body exudes a breath of breath under the sunlight. Her skin is like a good silk fabric, smooth and attractive people. Camille's collarbone is obvious, and she has a similar proportion to a normal female figure. There are very few real women who can have a BBW figure, which is unavoidable. If you don't like that kind of exaggerated chest, but pursue a realistic touch. Then this sex doll is definitely your best choice.

Camille is a tpe sex doll, her skin is very soft, like a pudding just poured out, full of elasticity. In addition, the skin of the doll is very similar to the real person, and her super-real touch is one aspect. Another aspect is that her appearance is also very realistic. It's exactly the same as a normal person. Her ribs can be seen under her blue bikini underwear. It is precisely because Camille is very thin and the manufacturer's sophisticated manufacturing technology that we can clearly see her ribs, very realistic.

Camille's figure is very good, her breasts are not too big, which means she can wear many different clothes, regardless of the size of the situation. Especially for sex dolls with particularly large breasts, their breasts are very large. Ordinary size clothes cannot match the figure of these big breast sex dolls, so the doll has to spend more money to customize exclusive clothes for big breast sex dolls.


Top 5 flat-chested sex dolls in 2019


Celia's complexion is a sexy chocolate color, just like melted chocolate, flowing freely on its skin, exuding a unique shine. Her side face is protruding, and she has a more exotic origin, not a typical European or Oriental. The bridge of her nose was high and she cast a light shadow on her face. She sits there quietly, you can't help but want to kiss her lips, she can make everything more interesting.

In addition, Celia is a flat sex doll, does not mean that she is not sexy. On the contrary, she is simply a sexy incarnation, her arms are very slender, and she has very long legs. Celia's legs are sexy, and her perfect legs will definitely bring you an unimaginable sex life experience. And Celia's figure is very flexible and free, you can put her body in any position, no matter which position you like, she will satisfy you and give you the greatest passion. She will drive you crazy all night.

Celia has three holes in her body that can be moved. Her mouth, anus and vagina can be used. It will definitely bring you a different emotional experience. You will fall in love with this charming flat chest love doll sex doll.



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