TOP 4 How to choose popular sex doll brand

TOP 4 How to choose popular sex doll brand

June 30, 2020


Nowadays, sex dolls are developing rapidly, more and more people are buying sex dolls, sex is becoming more and more open, and it is no longer a shameful topic. Before we buy sex dolls, we often face too many choices. We don't know the advantages of sex dolls of various brands or how to choose the best sex dolls. We will introduce you to four sex brands with high sales volume and excellent quality. If you are confused about different sex doll brands, let's move on!
TOP 4 How to choose popular sex doll brand


The dolls in these price ranges are full-size dolls. You can choose dolls of different heights according to your hobbies. These sex dolls are made of silicone/TPE materials, giving you the most real skin touch, sex dolls and normal size. Like humans, it is almost a 1:1 copy of the physical body of a real person, capable of highly simulating people.

Since the doll is about the size of a real person, your choice is more. Generally speaking, the number of dolls at this price is the largest. The manufacturers have produced dolls with different appearances. This price is also a price that the public can afford. The styles of these dolls are diverse, ranging from passionate and full-bodied dolls to petite and lovely lean breasted dolls, both black-skinned sexy dolls and blonde-haired girls. In addition, you can also buy clothes and other sex toys for the doll. You can also buy her real lingerie or other decorations, which can be easily purchased online.

RealDollshop's after-sales service is fast, and can provide you with professional after-sales service, giving you a home-like feeling, and very fast, you can soon receive sex dolls and enjoy a good time with her. If you buy a doll for the first time, we sincerely recommend this brand of sex dolls, mainly because these sex dolls have excellent sex experience and can provide you with perfect after-sales service. If you have any questions, you can Consult customer service to answer every problem for you.


TOP 4 How to choose popular sex doll brand

VM Doll

VM has the highest sales volume of sex dolls. You can see that she is at the top of the list and is the largest producer. Many people choose to buy sex dolls of this brand at the beginning. Her price is competitive in the same industry. You can buy your ideal sex doll at a cheap price. Logistics is also very fast, the express service can quickly send your sex doll to your home, and has excellent after-sales service not only can quickly reply to your information, but also provide you with more targeted services and get comfortable Purchase experience.

WM has hundreds of different types of dolls, and you can always find one you like. You can get all satisfaction from these dolls. WM dolls are usually made of TPE or silicone. You can buy a suitable sex doll according to your needs. The sex doll made of silicone is much softer than that of TPE.

The touch of silicone is closest to the skin of the human body, so if you pursue With real human touch, you can choose silicone sex dolls. But if you like to soften your material and feel softer and more elastic, you can choose tpe sex doll. Of course, these silicones cannot be cured with platinum. These dolls will leak oil for a long time, which is caused by TPE material or silicone material itself. You only need to clean them regularly. Due to different materials, WM dolls are relatively cheap, usually between US$900 and US$2,500. Most people can accept it.


TOP 4 How to choose popular sex doll brand

AJ dolls

AJ Dolls' sex dolls are also a favorite brand of customers nowadays. Due to the different materials and manufacturing processes, AJ's sex dolls will be relatively cheaper. You can choose different sex dolls according to your preferences. AJ's sex dolls can be customized by customers. No matter what kind of sex dolls you like, Lolita sex dolls, big breasted dolls or chocolate-skinned beauty can be customized.

Frankly speaking, there is no significant difference in performance between mid-range sex dolls and high-end sex dolls. They are also very realistic and can give you a real feeling. The main difference between them is the handling of details. When using it, the difference between the two is minimal. The gap is mainly in the details.

 When you look closely, you will find that some organs or parts have slight defects, and they will not reach a very realistic level. However, this does not affect the mid-range sex doll to become a beautiful sex doll, she is still very much like a real beauty. It can also bring you the ultimate aesthetic experience, allowing you to experience different feelings.

Orient Industry

This is Japan's leading sex doll manufacturer, and its luxurious silicone mate is amazing. They produce the most high-end and most luxurious sex dolls in Japan. Oriental Industry started in 1977 and has extensive experience in making dolls. They have been committed to creating female idols around you, bringing you warmth and "inner peace". For Oriental Industry, the most important thing is not to create a sex doll that is purely satisfying sexual desire, but the connection and relationship between humans and "love dolls."

Their products are also very realistic and attractive, especially Japanese dolls. Most of their dolls are quiet and beautiful, as pure as the flowers that just opened. If you like Japanese girls, you will definitely find a satisfied partner in their products. They also pay attention to product details and strive to bring the most authentic experience to customers. Oriental Industry is also committed to helping sex dolls to get rid of their stigma. Many sex dolls have endured infamy, but Oriental sex dolls have done their best to the beauty of the dolls, you can see that her expression seems to be true, sex The doll here is not only limited to satisfying their sexual needs, she is more like a fine craft, making it difficult for you to give up.


TOP 4 How to choose popular sex doll brand 

In order to better meet the needs of customers, Oriental Industry also provides customers with a variety of customization and choice of dolls, from her bust to her hair, to moving fingers and eyes. Their dolls are also made of high-quality platinum cured silicon. You don't have to worry about the quality of the dolls at all. The sex dolls of this brand will completely exceed your imagination. All you have to consider is its price. The dolls of Dongfang Industrial Company usually sell for between 5,000 and 10,000 US dollars, and the price is far higher than the normal range. Generally, the price of buying a doll is only 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars, so the price of Dongfang Industry is several times that of its industry.

The purchase of sex dolls is a very important thing. This is probably the first experience in your life. You must carefully choose the high-quality doll. She will bring you a lot of happiness. You will find that life is very beautiful. She will bring a beam of light to your life and illuminate your life.

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