Three species favorite dolls of otaku |

Three species favorite dolls of otaku

November 12, 2020

There are many types of dolls and appearances, but there are always a few dolls in the aesthetic range of most people. Let me introduce the most popular types of sex dolls recently sold.

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1. Pure type

Huanmeng is a Chinese girl with thick and flowing black hair and beautiful hairstyle. Their eyes are bright and clean, their noses are slightly high, and their jelly lips look delicious. A pair of tassel ear studs. Her features are beautiful. Now she is naked. You can see that her skin is fair and smooth, her breasts are plump and round, her limbs are slender, and her abdomen is flat. With hands on hips, it looks like a model is walking on a fashion show. Yes, she is a model. This is her usual behavior. She likes to be noticed and has a strong stage appeal. With her natural talent and hard work, she now enjoys a reputation in the modeling industry. In this way, she has many otaku fans and has become the choice of many otaku. She is an AF brand sex doll, beautiful, and hardworking.

AF pure sex doll

2. Sweet type

Tianxin is an elf girl with short silver-white hair, curvy eyebrows, big and smart eyes, small nose and thin pink lips. She wears a cute pink headband and white fur collar. Wearing a black and white bikini, her breasts still look big even if the breasts are covered by the bikini. Her expression seemed surprised. Have you found anything interesting? Sweetheart is a peace-loving elf. She likes to eat sweets, so she becomes a pastry chef and often shares her own desserts with children. She is a kind girl, isn't she?

sweet elf sex doll

3. Mature type

Lina has long silver curly hair, gentle and kind eyes, a slightly tall nose, faint lip color, reddish face, delicate features, with a clavicle chain, and she is sexy in white light gauze Underwear, sexy underwear can't cover her breasts, full and straight, waist is very thin, buttocks are slightly curled, skin is delicate, and her figure is really attractive. Although her body is very good, she is not a model. She is a lawyer in a law firm. She looks so gentle and mature and does not look like her appearance. She is a very personal lawyer. After her case is accepted , Keep calm when facing things, speak sharply, and be strong. This is what others describe her, but outside of work, she is very gentle and patient with children. She often goes to the orphanage as a volunteer and is very popular among children. Facing a girl with a thousand faces, what are you still hesitating? Lina is a sex doll promoted by JY brand sex doll, I believe you will like it.

JY muture sex doll

Although the above three dolls are of different types, they are definitely beautiful. Choose the type you like, create their own stories for them, give them life, and they will integrate into your life and accompany you through every day and night.

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