Three problems in the quality of sex dolls |

Three problems in the quality of sex dolls

July 22, 2020


When you have the idea of buying sex dolls, you will naturally want to buy best lifelike sex dolls. However, sex dolls are developing very fast now, but they are still in a very small sales group. In fact, many unavoidable problems will arise. According to a well-known human doll entrepreneur, the industry appears to be booming, but the price war has intensified. It is very common for manufacturers to sell a doll for only $25, and some even sell it for only $15. Manufacturers with meager profits will naturally not work hard on product quality, which will lead to a series of problems.

Three problems in the quality of sex dolls

The status quo is that as long as the pictures are taken well, there will still be sales, and the repurchase rate of dolls as large items is low. Even if customers are not satisfied, they may be ashamed to complain due to privacy concerns, thus creating a demonized perception of the entire adult product industry. Although these are only unethical things that a few manufacturers will do, these problems are very worthy of our attention. When we buy this kind of sex doll, we must pay attention to it! We must not let our lack of knowledge about sex dolls harm our own health. Let's take a look at the issues about sex dolls that we need to pay attention to!

Pungent smell

Pungent smell

A normal sex doll will not have a pungent smell. However, some subtle odors are inevitable, because some tpe or silicone materials used in the manufacturing process have some flavors themselves. The new clothes you buy will have a smell, let alone such a large sex doll? Some sex doll manufacturers will also spray some perfume on the dolls, which will not smell any uncomfortable, but very delicate.

But if you smell this big pungent smell you need to pay attention to you, especially when you smell it you will feel dizzy. Don't think that if you leave the sex doll for a while, her smell will disappear. Because she is made of inferior sex doll materials, no matter how long you leave it, she will still have this pungent smell. Some sex dolls are even second-hand recycled. Especially the sex dolls made of TPE material, these sex dolls can be recycled for the second time, and some unscrupulous merchants specifically recycle these sex dolls. Used sex dolls will greatly reduce the cost of production. But the sex doll itself is a kind of easy to see the traces of use, the business in order to restore the sex doll to a new state. They will use some very irritating potions. These potions are very irritating and can cause great harm to the human body.

If you ingest these flavors for a long time, your body will inevitably be damaged. And the inside of the doll will have this pungent smell. You can imagine that the vagina and anus of your sex doll are also reprocessed or made of inferior materials. In the process of making love, you do not wear any condoms to protect your reproductive organs, so I believe you will be able to predict the consequences.

So after you buy a sex doll, if you smell a pungent smell, you must contact the merchant in time and protect your own real interests.

Sticky to the touch

Sticky to the touch

When your sex dolls are left for a long time, you will definitely feel a sticky feeling when you touch these sex dolls. This is the material reason of the sex doll itself. Especially life size silicone sex dolls made of silicone, these sex dolls will get oily after a while, causing the skin of the doll to be a little sticky. As long as you clean the sex doll, apply some talcum powder on the body of your cute sex doll. The feeling of stickiness on the surface of the doll's body will disappear.

Although the skin of the doll will be oily and make the skin on the surface of the doll very sticky, this cycle will not be short. The oil of the doll does not emit oil drop by drop, but in the form of penetration, which is an extremely slow process. This situation is a relatively normal situation. When you apply talcum powder after washing, it will maintain a long-term state. But if your sex doll is very sticky, it will be very sticky not long after washing, then you need to pay special attention to this situation. This situation will greatly reduce your feeling of use. The longer you use it, you will find it more and more uncomfortable, because the sticky substance on these dolls will stick to your body, and you will stick to other things. To other places. Just like you get your melted candy into your hand, you will feel very uncomfortable when you touch anything. Not to mention the skin of a sex doll, these sticky substances may also have some bad effects on your body.


Material is easy to age

The problem of easy aging of material is a very serious problem, because sex doll material is not something that can be seen in a short time.

When you buy a sex doll, you may feel that the sex doll will feel very comfortable at first, soft and elastic, just like the skin of a real woman. But it is also important to note that after long-term use of your sex doll, you will become more and more uncomfortable. This problem is very serious. You may not find any problems at the beginning. Your body may have been damaged invisibly, but you did not realize that the merchant used a bad material. These materials are very comfortable in the short term, and your experience is also very good.

easy to age

The sex doll, which is easy to age, has a very short cycle. Sometimes, even a few months, the skin of the sex doll is like dough, and it will fall off with a slight pinch. This is a very cruel thing. When you watch your sex doll fall off little by little, you can't do anything to restore her. This is quite cruel. This is the time when you are in love with the sex doll. You have just started to meet your sex doll and you communicate together, but at the best moment, she quickly withers.

The life cycle of a normal sex doll is actually very long. She can accompany you for up to five or six years. You will feel that the money and energy you spend are very worthwhile, and you can also seriously invest in your love with the sex doll. process. So when you find that the material of sex dolls is aging rapidly, then this must be the cause of the business, you need to contact the after-sales service in time to solve these problems together.

These three problems with sex dolls are very important and also very fatal. Seriously, it will greatly damage your health. We must pay attention to this problem. In fact, this is very simple. As long as you buy best sex dolls for men from a regular merchant, the possibility of you encountering these problems is extremely small. Just like our realdollshop, using the best quality materials and completely conforming production methods, the clean and aseptic doll making factory has perfectly solved these problems. Moreover, we provide the best after-sales service. No matter you have any problems during the purchase, you can contact us at any time. We will serve you with the greatest enthusiasm and bring you the best shopping experience.

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