The wonderful experience of buying sex dolls during the epidemic |

The wonderful experience of buying sex dolls during the epidemic

September 04, 2020

During the epidemic, people in many countries had to stay at home due to the country's closed measures. People are like being put in their own homes, but the Internet links them messily. We want to be online 24 hours a day, but still face the panic alone. When the whole world seems to be chaotic and you feel lonely, what do you hope to achieve? When you can't find anyone to speak alone, and when you face a cold cell phone or tablet every day, do you yearn for the emotions between people?

At this time, the desire related to life suddenly became sensitive and extremely strong. A a big ass sex doll  is a very good companion, if you feel lonely, you can try a cute sex doll, a Chinese male is in the epidemic At that time, I lived alone at home, I found my companion for life, and discovered the new joy of life. If you are interested in his story, you are welcome to continue reading.


The loneliness of a middle-aged man living alone

Li Chilyu is nearly 40 years old. He has lived alone for many years. He leads a regular and quiet life. He likes to play chess with left and right hands on the iPad. This is also a hobby of code farmers. Sometimes I can stay up all night if I am absorbed.

He has been thinking about love and marriage. Before the epidemic, if he went home early, he would walk downstairs and meet a girl who was close to his eyes, would inadvertently say a few words, or pat other people's puppies, add a WeChat, the result was nothing more. There is no follow-up story. The scene of love at first sight on the screen never appeared to him.

When the epidemic came, the little ripples in life had disappeared. He returned to the city where he worked just after the New Year, and when he entered the community, he was not at all popular. In the past, the residents had quarreled for parking spaces many times. Now he can park sideways. Even if a girl showed up with a puppy, Li Chily didn't dare to go out.

Sometimes working from home can finish a day's work in half an hour. The rest of the time, Li Chilyu squatted in the house alone and looked at pastries on the Internet. The inexplicable day was gone. After being closed for a few days, he felt that his mind was a little "confused", as if it were all messy codes.

The wonderful experience of buying sex dolls during the epidemic

The sex doll saved his boring life

The arrival of the doll, I have to admit, to some extent, rescued Li Chilyu from the "confusion". One day at the end of February, Li Chili couldn't be locked anymore. Meet with a few photographers, blow the sea breeze on the beach with no one, take some photos. One of them mysteriously told them to take some fresh photos today. This was an adventurous small gathering. At the destination, the person hugged someone from the back seat. It turned out to be a physical doll. A few middle-aged men immediately gathered around and squeezed them with their hands in a novel way. "Open your eyes, you know it's a ball of glue, close your eyes, it really looks like a real person's skin." Li Chilyu's tone is still amazed now, "Especially her blue eyes, I will tell you that there is a special god It's a little later, and it looks like a real person."

When he went home to sort out the photos, Li Chilyu suddenly thought of buying a doll. The epidemic has given him a lot of time, so he can do his homework on the doll forum where doll lovers are very active. The doll that my friend bought from Japan is close to 20,000 U.S. dollars, which is too expensive for Li Chiryu who is talking about the price-performance ratio. There are many sex doll brands in the doll market. Different sex dolls have different characteristics. The most popular sex doll brands are JY doll , Sino doll, XY doll and irontech doll Wait. He finally ordered a Chinese-made sex product for about US$1,000, which was in line with his imagination of dolls, and took into account both quality and price.

The wonderful experience of buying sex dolls during the epidemic

The two-person world of him and the doll

On the day of receiving the doll, after calming down the initial gap, Li Chilyu had an extremely embarrassed mentality, while consulting the customer service, he put the doll's head on, and then dressed the doll. This is a completely different job from dressing a living person. The doll's limbs are stiff, and some clothes need to be taken off before they can be put on.

A few hours later, his life-size doll appeared in front of Li Chilyu wearing a white embroidered lace skirt with long hair and hanging shoulders. He felt that his lifeless room immediately had a wonderful change.

The original layout of Li Chilu's room was quite boring, with cold lines, solid-color furniture, a single sofa, a small coffee table, and a few pots of green plants. The doll in front of her looked out of tune with her surroundings. She squinted her eyes slightly and looked confused. Li Chilyu found a mediocre metaphor: "A beautiful lady is wearing a bikini and lying under a sun umbrella by the sea. The breeze blows, just like that."

Anyway, this doll made of metal and silicone gave Li Chilyu's room a soft atmosphere, and the light seemed to come alive. The idea of returning the goods disappeared, "It seems pretty good."

The next home life became a "two-person world" and became a little more interesting. Li Chilyu will dress up the doll and design some portraits according to her own ideas: she can wear sexy clothes and sit on the sofa, or she can lean against the corner with dim eyes, or lie on the bed in the most stretched posture, "What time will she need? , Whatever the state, just dress up," Feel free to pat and see, most of the day passed. The doll was silent, but absolutely meek. Li Chilyu felt the sense of companionship brought by inanimate objects, subtle and real.

As for the fun function, Li Chily admitted that he has tried several times out of curiosity, but the experience is far from as good as he imagined. "It's too heavy to speak."

The wonderful experience of buying sex dolls during the epidemic

Sex dolls can give people a gentle experience, and they are like the most intimate girlfriend. Li Chilyu could not find a marriage partner in his middle and old age, nor could he find his soul sustenance. But he can find his expectation for the rest of his life from the sex doll. People should not be defined, everyone is an independent individual. Not all people have to get married and have children and live according to the traditional marriage model. Li Chilyu is to some extent a pioneer of the times. After all, being happy is the most important thing in the world. And you have many sex dolls to choose from, such as hot-selling big boobs sex dolls, mature sex dolls , anime sex dolls and muscle sex dolls. No matter what your requirements for your partner are, sex doll manufacturers will restore the goddess you most look forward to.

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