The status quo of the rise of sex doll brothels

The status quo of the rise of sex doll brothels

June 30, 2020


Sex doll, for many people, they are only suitable for the sad men who can't date, right? But in our evolving sexual and technological fields, many new things will happen. I mean, change. Change happened. Baby, welcome to the future. Sex dolls have been around for a long time, but it looks like we are dealing with new discoveries of their popularity, and the rise of sex doll brothels has slowly but surely emerged globally.
The status quo of the rise of sex doll brothels


The rise of sex dolls

Many shops are constantly emerging, and real sex dolls are so realistic that many people want to try this new thing. And there are people who want to buy a sex doll themselves but have not tried it. They want to experience the feeling of sex dolls, so they enter this sex doll brothel. Most people are optimistic about the development of these brothels, especially in today's rapid development of technological momentum, but is all the development really what people think?

In the beginning, the appearance of sex doll brothels caused a huge sensation. This is also inevitable. The emergence of new social things will always cause a sensation. Many men want to try the feelings of sex dolls. And this is also a relatively anti-traditional thing, after all, traditional brothels are already unacceptable, not to mention the newly emerged sex doll brothels. Some concerns have also arisen. Many people are faced with the question of whether sex doll brothels will replace real brothels and whether real sex workers will face the risk of unemployment.

The wave faded and we no longer cared about the follow-up events of sex dolls. Many people only saw the initial prosperity scene, because of ignorance, but also immersed in the previous fantasy, thinking that sex doll shops have a very hot business, guessing that there will be many customers come to visit. But is this the truth? So how is the development of sex doll brothels now? Let's take a look.


The hard status of sex doll brothels

Aura Dolls customers in Toronto could have paid CAD 120 per hour, and CAD 90 per half hour, to do whatever they could for the six dolls on the employees, as long as they did not penetrate anything can. They are not kidding. It has never really been opened, but actual brothel employees must clean up the dolls between appointments to prepare for the next client. For customers, this is very important. Each doll is a large piece of silicone, worth about $6,000. Silicone is the most suitable material for sex dolls. Its softness is moderate, and it is most suitable for human skin touch. Silicone dolls are also very realistic, and dolls are very similar to real people.


The status quo of the rise of sex doll brothels

And Aura is far from the first: there are similar brothels in Barcelona, Moscow and Turin, Italy. However, it was strongly opposed. The brothels in Barcelona were forced to move to places known only to customers, which greatly reduced the popularity of sex dolls. Only regular customers would know such a place, and the store would have difficulty recruiting new customers.

Just two months later, Hong Kong's first sex doll brothel closed. The shop owner was arrested not because of the sex doll business, but because of public display of sex toys without properly covering them. Sex dolls cannot be displayed publicly. In their view, this is still a very private matter, and publicity is not conducive to social stability and education.

A month later, a similar business in England was forced to close due to complaints from neighbors.

In France, the first-person doll brothel was accused of encouraging rape and proposed a motion to close it. After the city council decided to ban sexual relations with inanimate objects, plans to open brothels in Houston were canceled. Not sure where to leave my regular sex toys...and not sure if I want the answer.


The status quo of the rise of sex doll brothels

The fact is that, legally, sex dolls exist in some kind of gray area. Although technically, they do not violate the prostitution laws of most states, but in the United States, strong moral opposition to any sex work is still fierce, which is an obstacle in itself. Therefore, it is not surprising that although sex doll brothels are very uncommon, people are very angry about the idea of such dolls, especially in the US legality industry.

It may be that the emergence of this emerging industry is an unknown field, and she has touched the boundaries of technology and ethics, and it is still a new emergence. You know, people are not all tolerant to the emergence of new species. The development of an industry requires continuous progress and improvement, and no one thing can be completed so easily. The situation faced by sex dolls is very difficult.

On the one hand, it is still imperfect science and technology, on the one hand, it is fierce opposition from society. Many sellers of sex dolls have been seriously hit. The future development of robot sex dolls is unlimited. We also cannot ignore its rapid development speed. If you are curious about sex dolls, buy a sex doll and try it out!

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