The social reality behind the skyrocketing overseas sales of sex dolls |

The social reality behind the skyrocketing overseas sales of sex dolls

August 07, 2020

This year is destined to be a year full of great changes, and 2020 seems to be full of many uncertainties. Almost all countries in the world are plagued by the epidemic. You will see that many companies are faltering in this crisis, and even many companies are unable to support an industrial winter and eventually go bankrupt. However, some industries are particularly prominent in the context of the economic recession.

In addition to some medical industries, some fitness equipment companies and sex doll companies seem to have skyrocketed during this period of time. This seems to be a normal thing, because sexual desire is a person's own needs. But we can see some serious social realities from the skyrocketing sales of these sex dolls overseas. If you are interested, please continue reading.

From inflatable to silicone, the dolls have a real-life texture

Different from other sex toys, sex dolls with human figures have received particularly high attention. While doll products were still barren in the Chinese market, overseas markets have been developing for many years. As early as 1997, Abyss Creations, a well-known California sex company in the industry, began selling the first batch of "dolls." These products were once used as props in film and television dramas.

New products baptized by Ou Fengmeiyu gradually began to affect domestic netizens. Netizens occasionally joked in the comments in the reply: "Your girlfriend is inflatable?" There are also some social news with a horrible headline that did the first batch of market enlightenment: "Floating female corpses were found in the river, and it turned out to be... "

These dumbfounding gimmicks prove that this seemingly distant new species has actually quietly entered the house of an otaku. Moreover, the products are constantly iterating, and the production materials have evolved from plastics and fabrics to a more realistic direction. Metal bone technology is also applied to the design and manufacture of dolls to ensure that otaku can get the movements they want.

The founder of adult product brand YANNOVA and the CEO of Yiwu Yansheng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Yan Si Xue has been engaged in doll design and production for many years. He said that the dolls of these two materials have their own characteristics. TPE material is between rubber and plastic, has good thermoplasticity, can be molded into any shape that customers like, and the finished product has the touch of human skin. However, the material is too heavy. A 158cm doll may weigh up to 40 kg, which is not easy to carry.

Although silicone sex dolls  solves the problem of overweight dolls, generally each doll can be controlled at about 25 kg. However, the thermoplasticity is not strong, the skin hardness is too high, and the blemishes on the skin surface are not easy to deal with, and if the user moves too much, the silicone doll is likely to tear. However, as long as they are properly maintained, sex dolls of any material can get along with the otaku for a long time without looking old.


The growing group of bachelors

Dolls, a product with strong privacy, are not suitable for sale on the counter. The rise of e-commerce has opened a door for doll marketing. Compared with a few years ago, e-commerce channels have risen, and sex toys are selling hot on e-commerce platforms. In 2018, the scale of China's erotic e-commerce market has reached 30.66 billion yuan and is expected to exceed 60 billion this year. Here, the proportion of sex dolls is getting higher and higher.

The growth in overseas markets is even more pronounced. Practitioners believe that with the establishment of a new social system, people can communicate with the world without leaving their homes, which may cause many people to have social communication barriers. In order to pass the lonely time, buying a sex doll becomes an alternative choice for otakus who cannot find a girlfriend.

The Spanish newspaper La Nacional reported that from 1978 to 2018, the proportion of marriage in Spanish society significantly decreased, and more and more Spaniards chose to live alone. In 1990, the population living alone accounted for only 10%, and in 2016 it rose to 25%. Survey data from the United States, France and other countries also show that the age of first marriage in various countries is increasing, and the proportion of choosing single life is also increasing.

In addition, some countries that were considered economically developed by the people in the past have suffered economic difficulties, which has also increased the proportion of bachelors. According to a data in 2018, Italy has more than 5 million poor people. It is still an EU country with a large number of poor people, accounting for one-sixth of the poor in 28 EU member states.

The growing group of bachelors

Today, the production of sex toys in China has accounted for 70% of the world, and more than 3,000 factories are busy in order to enjoy the sex life of others. Sex doll products have evolved from the initial price of tens of yuan to thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, and consumer groups are also quietly changing. Not only single men will choose to buy sex dolls, but also some couples will buy the kind of transgender sex dolls . Both men and women can enjoy this extreme The thrill. And it helps the emotional communication of both men and women.


Expansion of female consumer groups

Women now advocate independence and equality, and women enter society. Then the individual's independence gradually became apparent, and they were no longer male accessories. Marriage is no longer their only choice, so love seems to have become dispensable. Most women look forward to future marriages. But if they can't find a suitable partner, they will choose to live alone. After all, society is becoming more open and tolerant of women, and people are beginning to agree with women's choice not to marry. After all, women in the past would be regarded as monsters if they did not get married and would be ostracized by society. But the times are different now.

Nowadays, women are beginning to pursue their own needs. If the reality cannot be satisfied, they will look for it in the virtual. You will find that there are more and more male sex dolls nowadays, and the sex dolls exported during the epidemic are certainly not all female sex dolls, and a considerable part of women choose to buy male sex dolls . Some women will buy female sex dolls and treat sex dolls as their friends. These sex dolls can well solve the physical and emotional needs of women. After all, there is no need to have children or educate naughty children at home, and there is no need to sacrifice their youth and beauty to deal with the cruel reality.

sex doll

The new crown virus is just a fuse, which makes the groups who were hesitant to buy sex dolls firmer in their inner thoughts. Buying sex dolls is no longer a shameful thing. Moreover, this epidemic has made more and more groups aware of this industry and some of the social values that this industry plays. The current social trend shows that sex dolls are the trend of the entire society, and with the emergence of artificial intelligence sex dolls, sex dolls have more functions and functions. When people experience a severe social crisis, they will cherish even more beautiful sex dolls. If you also want to relieve your mental loneliness, have a most heartfelt partner for a long time at a cheap price, and be the trendy boy of the era, please contact us. You have to believe that this is the most correct choice you have made!

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