The sex doll is actually your female form |

The sex doll is actually your female form

September 09, 2020

Many people have started to buy their favorite sex dolls. These people started to ease their desires. Sex dolls have a very perfect body, which is a kind of beautiful fantasy of men about their future wives. Many exquisite sex dolls are idealized objects for men. But in the later stage, people discovered that sex dolls are no longer just a tool to vent their desires, although these full-size sex dolls of the same size as humans don't have any thought, they are just humanoid dolls.

But it still brings people a lot of comfort and soothes people's lonely hearts. Sex dolls are never simply objects to vent their desires, but also a space for people to put their spirits on. These sex dolls are undoubtedly your best choice. Everyone has their own thinking about sex dolls, and they play a big role in our lives. Nowadays, there is a stock trader in Beijing, China. He has a unique understanding of the role his sex doll plays. He thinks that his sex doll is a female self. This unique thinking has attracted the attention of many people. If you want to know more about his story, keep reading!


A failed sex experience with a sex doll

"The first day I received the inflatable doll, I looked forward to going home to have sex with the sex doll at night, but it failed." Zhang Fan said with a smile. He is one of the few players who dared to openly face the media and admit his sexual affairs.

Zhang Fan, from Beijing, 36 years old, is a stock trader. He believes that the doll and him are equal in personality. The doll is not one of his toys or playthings. Sometimes it is another self. The mental communication between the two is greater than the physical. "She is the female me, not another. A woman." He didn't expect ordinary people to understand this. Before 2013, when there was no such concrete entity as a doll, Zhang Fan already had a fantasy "she" in his mind.

After get off work at night, Zhang Fan ironed his doll at home, turning his head from time to time to see if the doll reacted. He goes home early after get off work every day, and he takes the doll to the park to take pictures on weekends and buys nice clothes and accessories to dress her up.

He has created a variety of identities for his dolls, including more than 30 roles such as the eldest daughter, the white rose, the policewoman, the celebrity, the pink cotton candy, the narcotic search officer, and the Korean model. Sex dolls can be transformed into countless styles, such as juicy mature ladies sex dolls, naive girls' Lolita sex dolls, or anime sex dolls that inspire men's desire for protection . Replace a wig, and the sex doll can suddenly become a mature and passionate blonde sex doll. He likes to go to the park to take photos in love with sex dolls, which means that he has to pass two hurdles-avoiding the sight of grandma and the strange eyes cast by passers-by in public.

The sex doll is actually your female form

The heavy marriage reality faced by Zhang Fan

Zhang Fan is the only child in the family, and his parents' attitude towards him and the inflatable doll is "playing for fun, marriage is still a matter of marriage." In the glass cabinet of Zhang Fan's house, there is a beautiful wooden frame inlaid with an engagement photo taken by his parents that year. The couple in the photo is solemn, happy, and full of longing for the future. Zhang Fan is eager to finally establish a spiritual communication with the doll.

Regarding the dissent from the outside world, Zhang Fan said: "When you present beautiful things under the sun, like this beautiful doll, no one will be hostile to you. If you have to say that this is touching the bottom line of ethics, So can you tell me where is the bottom line of this society?". Zhang Fan had been in love twice before. He admitted that he was not a romantic person, but he didn't turn around and fell into the arms of the doll when he was injured in his relationship. In his opinion, as he grows older, love comes with more and more additional conditions: house, money, children, education, but these seem too heavy for him.

As a person dealing with the economy all the year round, he will evaluate the possible happiness and loss associated with failure of marriage from the perspective of income, including a loss of material and spirituality, and the balance in his heart began to focus on the latter 10 years ago.


A shift in mature thinking

With the improvement of the status of modern Chinese women, Zhang Fan felt that the old model of the relationship between men and women was broken. In the past, the concept of sex was to reduce pleasure and increase fertility, but now he wants to enjoy the increased pleasure of sex itself and the new experience of avoiding fertility, and he tries to find himself through dolls. Occasionally, Zhang Fan will create a romantic evening. Zhang Fan said that he can think about dolls hundreds of times every day, thinking about taking her to travel and shopping, and imagine simulating various scenes like a director. His current goal is to give dolls a photo album. If this is not love , I don't believe it myself.

"I gave my doll a name, Liu Ying." Zhang Fan emphasized that he is different from other players on this point. "With such an official identity, it is 'legalized'  in my heart." He His sex doll is his spiritual sustenance, he likes his sex doll. This kind of affection is not a kind of happiness on the surface, but a dependence from the inside out. It is human instinct to pursue pleasure, but if you pursue pleasure too much, it will only make people empty. But as long as we pay more attention to our sex doll, treat her as an independent thinking individual. We will find that our spirit can get spiritual salvation from these sex dolls. This has always been what the male protagonist desires.

 The sex doll is actually your female form

Sex dolls are definitely not just a simple ball of silica gel, sex dolls have been carefully shaped by people, and they seem to have human thoughts. Everyone's thoughts have opposites. The opposite of men is women. Many people want to be the opposite of their own gender. Sex dolls can make up for this innate deficiency. If you feel that your gender is not perfect, you can choose a sex doll of the opposite sex and bring your feelings into it, and there will be less unhappiness. You can even experience transgender sex dolls . We always hope to find new pleasures in life, and sex dolls can make up for your shortcomings and bring more surprises and desires to your life!

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