The seduction of sex doll's buttocks to men |

The seduction of sex doll's buttocks to men

September 15, 2020

Big butt sex dolls, as the name suggests, are sex dolls with big butts. From ancient times to the present, men have a higher interest in woman's buttocks. This should be traced back to the evolution human beings. The limb actions before the evolution allowed the entire ass to be displayed in front of others. Because the previous sexual intercourse was to mate directly from the rear, this method allowed the man's nature to be passed down. This makes it easier for men to secrete hormones such as dopamine when they see the bigger and more warped buttocks, which makes them feel excited more quickly. Instead, woman’s breasts have become larger and larger as they evolved to walk on two legs. But many scholars still believe that the hip is the source of life. The attraction of the hips to humans can be said to be an instinctive reaction. On the Internet, more and more internet celebrities are not popular because of their beautiful appearance. But because of the good figure and the beautiful buttocks, it attracts many fans. So now, many men pay more attention to the choice of buttocks when choosing sex dolls. Good-looking buttocks can make men have stronger sexual desires.


The seduction of sex doll's buttocks to men

Hip size and shape

The buttocks are where fat accumulates. Sitting for a long time will make people’s fat accumulate in the buttocks. As time goes by, the shape of the buttocks will become larger and collapsed, becoming very shapeless. Although some buttocks are very large, they are very collapsed. This is an unhealthy buttocks shape. It means that the person has been sitting for a long time and not exercising, and the body fat is accumulated in the buttocks. Such big hips are not what men like. Men prefer the shape of their hips, like apples and peaches. There are rounded curves and smooth feel. Men think that when in sexual foreplay, open their hands and slowly stroke down from the waist of the woman, stroking the smooth, elastic and very curved buttocks, which is a very enjoyable thing. Especially when the curvature of the buttocks is larger, it can stimulate the sexual desire of men. In real life, only about 40% of women will exercise for a fixed period of time. Good-looking and stylish buttocks are even rarer in reality. Therefore, at this time the role of sex dolls began to manifest. Although not all big butt sex dolls have stylish buttocks, their hand feel is more flexible than some real people. This makes men like it more and it is easier to satisfy men's sexual desires.


The seduction of sex doll's buttocks to men

The impact of buttocks on sex

The impact of the buttocks on sex is always positive. The buttocks are one of the most private places for people. Compared with men, the buttocks are the most enclosed and mysterious parts of women. For men, a woman's back is more likely to inspire a sense of excitement in men. All men have imagined that in the early morning, a beam of sunlight shines through the curtains and shines on the white sheets. The sexy buttocks of the woman on the bed were shining a little under the sun. Then the man watched from a distance, then slowly approached, carefully admired, and then sniffed the woman's original smell. All the conditions can be perfectly completed on the sex doll. You can sleep with your silicone sex doll, pinch or pat her ass as soon as you wake up. When a man gets up in the morning, the instinctive reaction of the reproductive organs, in the morning, men can use sex dolls to do a good job early in the morning. Then the rest of the day will be refreshed. During sex, men can slap their buttocks to get tactile or auditory stimulation to stimulate their sexual desire and impulse. When entering this sex position, the man makes an exciting sound through the impact, which makes the man enter the orgasm faster.


The seduction of sex doll's buttocks to men

Butt care of sex doll

The buttocks of life-size sex dolls are the most utilized part. This also makes it easy to be contaminated and grow bacteria. Therefore, whether it is the buttocks of a full-size sex doll or a torso sex doll, care and cleaning are required. The buttocks care of the sex doll mainly includes the care of the vagina and anus. After use, it is enough to clean the remaining body fluids or lubricants in time. The surface of the doll's buttocks should also be cleaned regularly, because it is easy to accumulate dust when stored. Or there are some men who are prone to kissing or licking buttocks, and they should make the cleaning cycle more frequent. Of course, don't forget to spread talcum powder after cleaning. In addition, you should pay attention to the color of the underwear for sex dolls. You should try to choose good fabrics and light colors, otherwise the sex dolls are easy to be dyed.

If you are particularly obsessed with woman's buttocks, but you are still a bachelor. Then you can solve your needs by buying a sex doll. Don't be single and do not solve your needs, and then do things that violate the law and discipline at will. If you need a sex doll, you can go to our store to buy it. Our store has a rich variety of sex dolls, with a variety of high-quality brand sex dolls.

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