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the release of "My AI Girlfriend" mean the arrival of an intelligent sex doll?

July 17, 2020

During the Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival, the stage play "My Artificial Intelligence Girlfriend" was staged. This stage play tells the story of the actor and a human doll falling in love at first sight. Most audiences have expectations for this stage play, hoping to see the intelligent performance of human dolls, and the audience hopes that human sex dolls can interact and communicate with the male protagonist. But until the end of the performance, the heroine bowed and thanked the audience and left. The artificial intelligence doll heroine did not have any actions or voice expressions of her own, and the audience's disappointment was on their faces. Many people feel that they have been deceived, and it is true.

intelligent sex doll

This triggered our thinking, because many sex dolls are playing artificial intelligence gimmicks, but in fact, in essence, artificial intelligence AI sex doll does not really exist, nor does it exist in the most advanced form. There is still a long way to go. So let's take a look at more news about intelligent sex dolls!


The status quo of intelligent human dolls

Many countries will have so-called adult industry exhibitions, and many people will have in-depth exchanges on these platforms and watch the current development status of best sex dolls. Through long-term observation and investigation, many people have actually realized that the current human dolls are intelligent, only the most basic intelligence, blinking their eyes and completing the simplest so-called bilingual dialogues in Chinese and English, the sensitivity is not strong. The requirement for possession is relatively higher.

She needs others to speak a standardized language to her. She must pronounce the standard language and not have too many consecutive readings. However, many people speak with some accents in their hometowns. At this time, a little accent will not work, and the sex doll will not be able to correctly identify the true meaning and content you want to express. In fact, if you really want to think about the two-way communication of sex dolls, its fun and accuracy may not be as good as the siri of the iPhone.

 the release of "My AI Girlfriend" mean the arrival of an intelligent sex doll?

The application of artificial intelligence to the research and development of sex dolls may be only a relatively preliminary stage, but as far as artificial intelligence itself is concerned, artificial intelligence has actually developed to a considerable height, allowing the well-known Google AlphaGo to play Go and rank first in the world. The defeat of Ke Jie, in dealing with certain complex problems, has exceeded the limit of human beings. There are also robots developed by Japanese scientists that can play the piano and violin, and can display hundreds of beautiful robots with rich expressions. They are full of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy. But these have one premise: high prices. Therefore, it will take time for the high level of intelligence to spread to mass consumer products at this stage.

Therefore, although artificial intelligence is very developed, these core technologies are in the hands of a few people, and many people cannot know how artificial intelligence works. Many core algorithms are involved and are extremely complex. In addition to the fact that the core of artificial intelligence is difficult to be easily copied, its cost is also very high. Just imagine, AlphaGo with artificial intelligence is only a minority phenomenon. It consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. After a long period of research and development, there are still many uncertainties, which we need to pay attention to. And with so much energy invested in this artificial intelligence, it is almost impossible to achieve large-scale mass production. Even if it is feasible, how many people can afford these high consumption?

 the release of "My AI Girlfriend" mean the arrival of an intelligent sex doll?

Because the price of an ordinary silicone sex doll is rarely affordable, most people will choose the cheaper TPE sex doll. So as far as today's situation is concerned, buying artificial intelligence sex dolls is just a niche trend. High tech sex dolls are bound to be the trend of the times. Now ordinary sex dolls will be replaced by more advanced new technology sex dolls in the future.


The necessity of intelligentization of human dolls

At this stage, love dolls for men have roughly two functions. One is to meet basic sexual needs, which is equivalent to a luxurious male masturbation device; the other is to satisfy players' fetishism. In fact, most players have both. Let me talk about the first type of meeting sexual needs. When players use sex tools to masturbate, most of them enter the state by watching "Adult Video", so it doesn't matter whether they are artificial intelligence or not. Secondly, let’s look at fetishes. Fetishes are a psychological symptom, the root of which is insecurity, such as social fear, etc., and certain objects are used as spiritual sustenance to fill in the lack.

 the release of "My AI Girlfriend" mean the arrival of an intelligent sex doll?

For example, some young children need to hold a plush toy to fall asleep, and some otakus are obsessed with second-dimensional comics and a certain star. Fetishism is not a symptom. Only when fetishism seriously affects normal life and produces negative self-evaluation, it needs to be treated with psychological counseling. Most of the players of physical dolls are single males. The dolls fill in the emotional gap caused by the lack of girlfriends. They will use their rich imagination to create an atmosphere of emotional communication with the dolls. There have been reports before that young men took dolls with their girlfriends. Outing.

So these men hope someone can respond to them. When they speak, someone will respond to their needs. When they go to get off work with exhaustion, they also very much hope that a wife with a delicate and beautiful appearance will gently say to her: "You are back." Many people do not expect that these sex dolls can really bring them any practical return. They only hope to get psychological comfort and company.

This kind of most advanced sex doll has more functions, and almost all the excellent functions are gathered in this little sex doll. For example, interactive sex doll can feed back information in time, moaning sex doll can add more fun to the process of sex, heated sex doll makes you no longer feel cold in winter night, you can comfortably hold her to sleep. The existence of sex doll makes them realize that they are not alone, they are also accompanied, so they no longer feel lonely. This will also free them from the shackles of their hearts and face the future with a more positive attitude.

 the release of "My AI Girlfriend" mean the arrival of an intelligent sex doll?

Intelligent security problem

Some artificial intelligence sex toy manufacturers have been exposed to leaking user data, including extremely private information such as user name, contact information, usage frequency, and usage details. Now that hackers are rampant, the aftermath of the ransomware that broke out earlier is still unresolved. Today, another hacking attack in London led to the freezing of 280 million US dollars in Ethereum. If the human body doll is intelligent, the private information of user data will be a test in terms of security.

Only sex dolls are good, but the same is true, you need to face the risk of privacy being exposed. Just like today's artificial intelligence phones, although artificial intelligence phones have brought great convenience to your life. But your life is indeed monitored by the outside world all the time. Although your privacy is covered with a seemingly private cover, it is extremely fragile. If you are not careful, your secret will be made public. This is what we need to pay attention to, and at what stage will artificial intelligence happen? After she has her own consciousness, will she turn against humans? These are all issues that need to be considered in advance.


Artificial intelligence sex dolls are a social trend, many people benefit from this trend. But at the same time we need to think, can some future trends be controlled? How do we resolve the uncertainty in the future? Otherwise, the intelligent age of sex dolls will not be ushered in. Although the current sex dolls are only a preliminary stage of development, we believe that the future sex dolls will develop more perfect and beautiful, we will finally usher in light. We can already glimpse the future scene is so beautiful, if you still want to know other news about robot sex doll artificial intelligence, please contact us!

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