The overall image of the sex doll |

The overall image of the sex doll

September 16, 2020

In this era, appearance is a particularly important thing. Known as "the age of looking at the face", learning to take care of one's face and learning to make up is a particularly important thing. There is a saying: love at first sight, love is face. Maybe this idiom didn't have this meaning before, but in modern society, love at first sight may be that simple. Faced with the appearance of sex dolls, many buyers pay special attention to the doll's face when buying. Because sometimes a sex doll sees a particularly gentle facial expression in the picture, but it may not look like the original picture after it is handed. Many buyers will ask the seller to post a video taken in real time before buying to prevent themselves from being deceived by the picture. But is the overall image of a doll only determined by the face? The feedback from many buyers is: because they have been cheated when buying before, they will be more cautious when buying now. So what should I pay attention to when buying? Divided into the following three aspects for analysis.

The overall image of the sex doll


The head is the part of a sex doll that many online buyers complain the most. But is there really that much difference? Actually not. Because the doll in the picture has been carefully dressed, with perfect makeup, and dressed in clothes matched by the manufacturer. Dressed up for it, and then excluded beautiful photos from different angles to make the photos look as attractive as possible. But when you buy it, if there is no remarks, it may be just after demoulding, simple eyebrow and eyelash planting, and then shipped directly. So if you receive the goods, you can put the sex doll on simple makeup. You can apply makeup according to whether you like a certain style or not. Just as you like anime, you can put your doll with the makeup of your favorite anime to make it look like an anime sex doll. There are also some product photos that seem to have excessive retouching marks, which will affect buyers' judgments on curvy sex dolls. Therefore, when buying, try to choose clearer and more realistic photos.

The overall image of the sex doll

Upper body

The upper body of the doll is mainly the breast. Buyers pay more attention to the breasts of physical dolls. The choice of breast size follows the customer's choice. There are flat breasts, middle breasts and large breasts to choose from. The second is the waist and abdomen. The slender ones are the abdominal sex dolls with thin waist and abdominal muscles, and the fat sex dolls with a little fat. If the buyer thinks he can't move a big breasted sex doll, you can choose a flat breasted sex doll with a shorter height, and the weight of such a product will be smaller. When used, it will not be so tossing. Of course, there is another kind of pregnant sex doll. The belly of this sex doll is solid silicone, so it will be relatively heavy. Because some pregnant sex dolls have a large weight base, many men can't move them. They are more suitable for satisfying sex doll players with certain hobbies.

The overall image of the sex doll

Lower body

When buying a full-size sex doll, in addition to the inconsistency of the face, some buyers will question whether the real sex dolls in the store are all physical. Because most of them have had the experience of buying their own inflatable sex dolls at a high price. The whole body of the silicone sex doll is made of silicone material, whether it is the legs, feet, nails of the feet, vagina or anus. They must be made of silicone or TPE. They will feel like a human to the touch, their hips will be very elastic, the legs can be moved like human activities. You can also nail the nails of the feet according to your own preferences. Also, whether it is vagina or anus, it will make people feel very comfortable to use. In addition to ordinary male sex dolls and female sex dolls, Of course, if the player needs it, there is also a transgender sex doll. It can meet different needs. Homosexuals can use it to masturbate, and couples can use it to increase their interest.

The overall image of the sex doll

If any part of the physical sex doll you buy is not physical, then it is not a physical doll. Some unscrupulous manufacturers now sell inflatable dolls in the name of selling physical dolls in order to make quick money. But the sex dolls in our mall do not return to this situation, whether our sex dolls are silicone sex dolls or TPE sex dolls, they are all sex dolls with good quality and brand guarantee. If you need to buy sex dolls, You can choose JY doll or Sino doll. These big brand sex dolls will have a good guarantee for the overall image and quality. Place an order in our mall, we will have a good pre-sale service and after-sales guarantee that will make you feel safe.

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