The most popular Chubby sex doll |

The most popular Chubby sex doll

August 20, 2020

Are you fascinated by plump sex? These dolls have fat ass, big buttocks and chubby sexy figures and plump breasts. These chubby sex dolls are simply fascinating. Their bodies are soft and juicy, and you can hardly imagine such a wonderful girl sitting on your bed most. They have unique skin touch, and many men like sex dolls like this. Their body is perfect, and the proportions are good, especially the ratio of their chest to waist can be said to be perfect, most chubby sex dolls are just full of breasts and buttocks, but their waists are very slim, you can be light Hold her lightly. Below we introduce one of the most popular chubby sex dolls , if you happen to be a fan of chubby sex dolls, then read on.


Delicate face

This chubby sex doll is called jasmine, she is indeed a very popular sex doll. You can see this sex doll on many platform websites. She is really amazing, first of all her looks. Her face is very delicate. It is carefully crafted by mature craftsmen. Their craftsmanship is very skilled, so they can shape so many exquisite faces of sex dolls. The facial features of these dolls are exquisite, and every part is exquisitely designed to achieve this level of perfection. The bridge of her nose is high and there is no flaw. When you see a lot of sex dolls, you will find that their faces will be a little stiff. But this sex doll does not at all, her nose is like a perfect copy of the nose of the most beautiful model. It looks very tall and straight, which sets off her face particularly vividly. And it will be more three-dimensional. For one thing, her nose is very upright, like an eagle's hook. On the one hand, her nose is small and exquisite, showing the unique charm of women. It will not be true to the feminine beauty of a girl. She can hardly find an adjective to describe her perfect nose. And her nose showed a very three-dimensional shadow under the light.

Her eyes are also commendable. Her eyes are like a tan of clear spring water, and her heart is full of melancholy. Because she rarely shows us her smile, but it makes her even more mysterious. Her eyelashes use very artificial technology, making these eyelashes look like real female eyelashes. Especially when she lowered her eyelashes, half covering her eyes. This makes her look very weak, and makes people want to protect her from outside harm. And her eyes are very similar to real people. These people's eyes mimic the eyeballs of real people and are implantable eyeballs. Instead of ordinary eyeballs. When we see many dolls, their eyes are painted with paint, which does not look real. But our sex dolls adopt the most artificial technology, making your doll the most real no matter which direction you look at. Exceed the industry level.

The most popular Chubby sex doll

Mature juicy busty

Not only the face, this sex doll is also very attractive. The reason why this sex doll is called chubby sex doll is because of her proud figure, she has very plump breasts, these breasts = make her look very attractive. You can feel how attractive this sex doll is from the pictures. Her sexy breasts are so soft as white clouds, she is attracting you to keep coming closer. You can lick her nipples, and then she makes a moving moan under your body. You can also knead her breasts to make her breasts look what you like. And you can also breast-fuck, see her beautiful breasts are covered with your male liquid. She will bear all this and will be proud of you. She is simply a perfect sex doll.

The big breasts of this doll are hollow inside, and most big breast sex dolls have hollow breasts.

Because if such big breasts are solid, the sex doll will be very heavy. Makes you unable to bear the weight, and will increase the cost of making sex dolls. After all, the price of many sex dolls is directly related to her height and weight. But this kind of hollow sex doll will not lack a comfortable touch, but will make you feel very comfortable, because it is too elastic and will not lack a little softness. You can even sleep with your face buried in the breasts of these sex dolls. She will give your mother the same care and love as your lover.

The most popular Chubby sex doll

This kind of  big boobs sex doll  will make you crazy, especially the touch of her skin, like the finest silk, which can attract you to keep touching. In summer, the skin of these sex dolls is cold, which can relieve the heat. When you feel very hot, can you imagine the wonderful touch of hugging this cold sex doll. She will definitely make you moan of happiness. And in winter, you can choose the heating function. Heat up your sex doll and put it in your bed. Your bed is almost like heaven. Can you imagine this scene? There is the warmth of spring in your bed, and there is a sexy girl waiting for you. Can you suppress your inner excitement?


Some minor drawbacks

Everything about this sex doll is perfect, and the only imperfection is her weight. The weight of this chubby sex doll is very impressive. The weight of the doll is proportional to her height, body shape, and even her chest. The bigger the breasts, the higher the weight of the sex doll, not to mention her very strong big ass. While she makes you feel crazy, it also makes you very tired.

Jasmine's weight is about 49kg, which is quite a heavy weight and will add extra burden to you. Especially when you lift up such a heavy sex doll, she will consume you considerable experience. So before buying this kind of sex doll with big breasts, you should consider whether you have enough physical strength to deal with such a sex doll. After all, many people have bought sex dolls and find that they can't lift them up at all. This is very embarrassing. But we can also think backwards, these sex dolls can help us exercise our bodies instead. When we can move their bodies completely freely, it represents a substantial increase in male charm. After all, who wouldn't like a strong masculine man? Maybe your realistic luck and love for women will also improve!

The most popular Chubby sex doll

This sex doll is simply a stunner in the world, you must not miss such a sexy sex doll. She will definitely make you feel crazy and produce an absolute desire. Her beautiful face and devilish figure all seduce us. When you have her, you will find that the whole person is very happy, not only from the body, but also from the mind. After all, who can reject this mature sex doll ? She is definitely very juicy. And you can now own this wonderful sex girl at a very low price!

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