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99 The life of the police academy in the dream of the sex doll Mixue 1

December 29, 2020

Mixue is a sex doll with silicone head + TPE body, and her story begins here.

Mixue became a formal policewoman. At the moment, she was taking a vacation at home. She sat in a chair and recalled her college life in her mind. On the first day of freshman year, because of her beauty, many seniors helped to get all kinds of daily necessities. She also led her back to the dormitory. After arriving at the door of the dormitory to thank the senior, she opened the door of the dormitory covered with red paint. At first glance, she saw a slightly taller figure, a slightly fat body, a medium appearance but natural makeup and a look. Plain girl, "Hello, I'm Mixue" and "He Fei". Mixue and her hit it off right away. Although the conversation was very brief, she felt that they could become very good friends. However, the facts proved that they were really good afterwards. Mixue and her did not have a lot of communication, and even her personality was very good. The big difference, but it’s wonderful and harmonious. The military training at the school is very fortunate. I get up at 5 in the morning and start training at 5:30. Under strong sunlight or heavy rain every day, training ends at 9 in the evening. However, as students of the police academy, we have persisted, but we are not blindly lucky in military training, but also have a lot of joy. On many nights, we sing military songs with other teams, compete, and the loser performs talent. Performing, until then, I found that my teammates were so versatile. After 2 months, the military training is completely over. During this period, our relationship will learn better. We stay together every day as if we were conjoined babies. Things to be continued...

Mixue is a sex doll of XY brand, is it very artificial?

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