The head sculpt chosen correctly for your own sex doll |

The head sculpt chosen correctly for your own sex doll

August 25, 2020

The doll's head can bring us new feelings and experiences, especially when we are tired of a certain kind of the same sex doll head sculpture. And there are many different sex doll head sculptures on the Internet. These head sculptures can very well help your sex doll to transform, and your sex doll can instantly become what you like. But I believe that when you buy dolls, you will encounter situations where you like the head of the A family but the body of the B family, or the overall doll of the A family is over budget, you can only buy the original head of the A family, and then go with a cheap body. This choice will cause the problem of head-body matching. Do you know how to correctly choose your sex doll head ? If you are curious, you are welcome to continue reading.

The head sculpt chosen correctly for your own sex doll

Why do you want to change the head sculpture of the sex doll?

There are many types of sex doll heads. These sex dolls have a delicate appearance, and even the pores are clearly visible. You can hardly imagine this is a fake head sculpture. There are many reasons for changing heads of sex dolls. I believe everyone feels a little imperfect about their original sex dolls and hopes to make their sex dolls more perfect. Meet our true expectations of sex dolls. Our sex doll must be perfect.

But due to long-term use, our sex doll face has become very ugly, and her facial makeup has disappeared. Or it has faded, and some sex dolls have even lost eyelashes. Such sex dolls will inevitably be discounted. At the same time we have been facing the same face for a year or two, and these faces may have bored you. You don't know how to deal with these faded sex dolls that are not perfect, you can only choose to constantly change the face of the perfect sex doll. For example, use false eyelashes for your sex doll and add lipstick to your sex doll. These different facial gestures can greatly enhance the beauty of your sex doll. But there are still some sex dolls that cannot be restored to their original beauty no matter how repaired. Only one head can be changed.

Moreover, the price of a head is not expensive, an ordinary tpe sex doll head only costs a few hundred dollars. Silicone doll heads are a bit more expensive. If you want to try silicone sex dolls, these cute silicone sex doll head sculptures are a good choice. You will not be disappointed, and the price is very friendly compared to the entire silicone doll. Every sex doll head sculpture is very delicate and beautiful. You will be very surprised.

The head sculpt chosen correctly for your own sex doll

The connection between the head and body of the sex doll

At present, no matter which country it is in the market, there is no uniform standard for head-body connection in the physical doll industry. Many sex doll heads of different brands are designed and made by their own manufacturers. The head-body connection can be roughly divided into the following three situations:

  1. Most silicone doll manufacturers will develop their own unique skeleton, the connector is welded to the skeleton, this kind can only use their own head carving, such as ex, gynoid, sanhui, XY, etc.


  1. Some silicone doll manufacturers consider the problem of head-to-body conversion when they produce their bodies. The connectors they design are separated. You can replace the connectors with other manufacturers' heads. For example, xnx, you must talk to the customer service before placing an order, otherwise the default It is welded, and this design is particularly humane.


  1. Most TPE doll manufacturers use a unified skeleton, the connector is also the same, all are common 1.6cm screw mouth, each body and head can be replaced at will, no need to change the head, such as JY, WM, QITA, 6YE , AF etc. These manufacturers all use the same connector, you can freely change the head of your sex doll.

We recommend buying sex dolls in the third scenario, because these brands are some of the better-selling brands. For example, JY sex doll , this brand of sex dolls is very real, and there are various types, and there are even dozens of categories for you to choose from. No matter what style of sex doll you like, you can find the one you like here. Whether it is mature and enthusiastic European and American blondes, or graceful and shy oriental girls. You can find them all here, and different series have different products, you will definitely find the one you like. These sex dolls are simply perfect, you can hardly ignore her magical beauty. When your sex doll is replaced with these heads, it will show a completely different beauty. Your sex doll must also want to be more beautiful to please your preferences. Give your sex doll a head sculpture now!

Another reason why we recommend this sex doll is that these dolls can freely change their heads, and the associated brands are also very rich, which can give us more choices. And no adapter is required. If you encounter a mismatched head, a different adapter is required.

The head sculpt chosen correctly for your own sex doll

Use the adapter to freely change the head of your sex doll

The physical dolls are all life-size. Storage and storage is a problem. Most baby friends who like to collect dolls will buy multiple head sculptures, but there may be one or two bodies, which will also cause head-body matching problems. Besides, I bought a doll for a period of time and I’m tired of seeing it. If I want to replace it with a new one, it’s very troublesome to take the body to deal with. If the matching problem can be solved and the body is preserved, it is much more convenient to just deal with the original head sculpture. .

All of the above problems are caused by the fact that the head and body connectors of each company are not unified standards. In order to solve this problem, doll lovers began to develop their own converters, which is to match each manufacturer's head and body through a metal connecting rod. After a long period of design adjustments, even the doll heads of the Japanese ot company can match the body of domestic dolls. The price difference between the doll head and the body in Japan is more than three times. The doll head of the ot company sells for about $2,000, but the body It costs more than US$4,000, which is only the local price in Japan, excluding tariffs and shipping costs. Using the adapter can very well help you flexibly diy your beautiful sex doll.

The head sculpt chosen correctly for your own sex doll

It is quite fun to play with physical dolls at a certain stage and freely choose their heads. It is also very fun. I hope that major baby factories will continue to produce good products, so that the majority of baby friends have more choices. If the same standard is used, it will be of great help to people who like dolls. We will not be limited by the adapter and can freely change the face for sex dolls. At the same time, the adaptability will be very good, although the adapter can fit the head to a certain extent. But it is still difficult to achieve the flexibility of the original manufacturer. We look forward to the production of better dolls, which will bring us more benefits and surprises. You can also change a head for your exquisite sex doll and enjoy the fun of having multiple wives. Make your super real sex doll  more cute, and you will want to go home with your sex doll every day. If you want to get more information about sex doll head, please contact us.

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