The experience of a seller buying sex dolls |

The experience of a seller buying sex dolls

August 15, 2020

Nowadays, buying sex dolls is not a rare thing, and even many people have begun to try to buy these exquisite sex dolls. These sex dolls have the appearance of real people and some real touches, which make people feel extremely real. However, a considerable part of the group thinks that sex dolls are just a tool to vent their desires, and they will not discuss sex dolls too much. This is because they don't know much about sex dolls.

More and more sex dolls are now developing in the direction of multi-functionality, and the touch will be more real. Many doll buyers will post some experience articles after purchasing sex dolls to help novices choose their own sex dolls. The following is a very conscientious buyer, he told us some of his experience and experience in buying sex dolls. If you are also very interesting about buying real sex dolls , please continue reading.

sex doll experience

The process of buying sex dolls

The doll has arrived for two days. In fact, as a novice, there are really many things that I don't understand. I watched it for a long time before deciding to start. Fortunately, I was not deceived or received a doll that did not match the picture. Although it is only a 140cm doll, it can be regarded as entering our sex doll community. In fact, at first, I was the same as many novices. I had a lot of concerns when buying a baby. The maintenance of the doll and the dressing of the doll were also the eyes of others. In fact, the first two are easy to learn, but others will always look at them with strange eyes. Regarding physical dolls, wow, this person actually bought a sex doll, wow, this person is so perverted! ! ! When I talk to others about physical dolls, I always hear this voice. Is it actually that complicated?

I think this is just a commodity, and it's not a matter of spending your own money. To put it bluntly, if you buy a baby for sex, it will be thousands of times more expensive than those who go out for prostitution. And there is no essential difference between sex dolls and ordinary commodities, just like when we eat, we are satisfied with our appetite. When we buy new clothes, it is to satisfy our aesthetic desires. And we buy sex dolls to satisfy some special desires. For example, sexual desire, or control desire, etc., this is a personal choice. It's just that everyone's choice is different. Taking a step back, our current sex doll is not just to satisfy the physical desires of human nature, she can also satisfy our aesthetic desires. For example, some women buy sex dolls to dress these sex dolls, just like dolls.

The experience of a seller buying sex dolls

Multiple functions of sex doll

This is just one of the functions of the doll, there is no need to talk about it. There is no need to generalize. I have seen many senior sex doll owners dress up their dolls very beautifully. They really used a lot of thought and admire them. In fact, today I want to say something to some brothers who are still waiting. It may prevent you from taking a lot of detours. Many brothers will ask whether a doll is more comfortable with a real person. I will only answer one sentence, a doll can't compare with a real person. If you bought it for sex, you may be disappointed, because the doll is a dead thing after all, at least it won't get out of water, and it won't cooperate with you at all. It can only be said that she has a lot of physical unlocking, and a real person can do it. Dolls can also do it, and dolls can do poses that real people cannot do, such as splitting a horse!

Many people will say that it is better to spend this money than finding a girlfriend. In fact, when the actual conditions are not very good, it is impossible to spend the money to buy a doll to have such a good face and body. The figure of the doll is the kind that many men dream of, so it is ideal to spend some money to buy the figure doll that you usually like. And you don't have to please your girlfriend every day to get the chance of sex, usually you will be rejected by your girlfriend. But sex dolls not only have a more attractive body than real women, but also have a gentler personality than real women. My little girl sex doll  will agree to all my requests and will try to cooperate with me. I feel that since I bought my sex doll, my masculine charm and masculinity have improved. I will be more confident, the world is very happy for me. I am willing to face the world and my cutest sex doll with a more positive and sunny attitude.

The experience of a seller buying sex dolls

Dress up your sex doll

In the era of new stars, there are still many dolls for dressing up. There are indeed some great gods who dress up their dolls very beautifully. It is always a beautiful thing to have a beautiful woman lying next to her when she wakes up every day. There is a plot for me to buy dolls. A friend of mine works on the Internet in Hangzhou. Working on the computer all day is also very fortunate, mentally fortunate, there is no time to find a girlfriend, and then returned to the rental room after a hard day of work, the surrounding air is faint and tasteless, in the end he just spent I bought a physical silicone doll for more than 3,000 to accompany him. Not only is it a sexual accompaniment, but it is also very good to dress up in the bedroom. He even lets the doll sit opposite him when he eats! I was also influenced by him and felt that it was necessary to start one. So I bought it on realdollshop, and I saw it really exceeded my expectations. This sex doll is just like the picture.

Finally, I want to say that some people in the doll community will always mislead novices, saying that the more expensive the doll, the better, but some brothers are not financially capable, so buying a cheap doll is the best choice. Because now there are more and more baby factories. Choosing an affordable doll is the right thing.

I also bought several outfits on realdollshop to match the dolls! The sex dolls accessories  are very exquisite, and I can't wait to make my own sex doll wear these exquisite and beautiful clothes. I want everyone to help my doll with a nice name. Thank you!

The experience of a seller buying sex dolls

The above is the experience of a buyer buying a sex doll. This sex doll helped him enhance his masculine charm. We can see that the role of sex dolls is obvious. We can face the world with a more positive attitude. And for the future, sex dolls also played a positive role in promoting. She can reduce inner restlessness and bring peace of mind. Everyone has a very different buying experience, but most consumers of sex dolls purchased from realdollshop are very satisfied. They think the sex doll is very real, and the customer service attitude is also very good. If you are a novice and do not know how to choose your beloved sex doll, this shop will also provide you with the most sincere advice.

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