The entrepreneurial history of a hot-selling sex doll factory |

The entrepreneurial history of a hot-selling sex doll factory

August 14, 2020

When we mention the adult industry, when we think of sex dolls, we think that this is a hugely profitable industry. This industry is full of human desires. Especially during the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, many people have to be isolated at home. The long and lonely life has made many people who are single at home start to understand the industry and try to buy sex dolls at the same time. Overseas orders for sex dolls have surged.

We will see different sex dolls appear on the market, and there are many different sex doll sellers. These brands of high quality sex doll  have different styles. Then they are very delicate, even almost exactly the same as real people. When you look far away, you can't even tell whether this is a sex doll or a real person. The appearance of a doll with such an exquisite face was purely the accidental decision of Liu Jiangxia and his wife.

 sex doll factory

The accidental decision to produce sex dolls

When Liu Jiangxia and his wife came to Guangdong from Sichuan to start a business more than ten years ago, they still did their original job-producing clothing mannequins. At that time, the increasingly prosperous clothing brand and underwear design market gave birth to new demands, allowing Liu Jiangxia to see an opportunity for development: there was a huge market for fully simulated mannequins. The couple repeatedly adjusted the ratio of various materials, and gradually explored materials that make the touch more similar to real human skin.

At that time, many friends suggested that it is a pity that this craft is only used on clothing models. And the clients of clothes models are very limited. This kind of simulation model cost is very high, only a few doll manufacturers can afford such an expensive mannequin. Some low-end clothing manufacturers prefer to use cheap fake models to reduce costs. But if these models are made into sex dolls, they will face a society. There will be a large number of bachelor groups that will generate this demand, and will spend a fee to buy this necessities. As a result, Liu Jiangxia and his wife began to explore making high-end simulation dolls.

"In the past few years, we have been groping, and the optical materials have been upgraded five times." Liu Jiangxia is proud of the current products. From the initial hard feel to the current soft and delicate, these dolls are continuously optimized in the details over and over again. Process, "molding, skeleton, and tools are all independently researched and developed processes, and we have obtained one invention patent and six utility model patents."

The entrepreneurial history of a hot-selling sex doll factory

Leading sales

Sex dolls have more than 260 head shapes to choose from. Eye color, makeup, hairstyle, body shape can be personalized according to the template. Liu Jiangxia stated that she would not make celebrity sex dolls , because the use of real portraits is infringing. In the second year of being a customer service at the Liu Jiangxia factory, Jing Chaohai has been able to deal with the endless problems of customers. On the e-commerce platform, customers can order 200 physical dolls a month after consulting him, and each price ranges from 5,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan.

In Jing Chaohai's impression, physical dolls are still in the nature of “adult products” after all. This is a niche area that is shy to talk publicly-he has two WeChat accounts that strictly separate work and life. I don't think it's easy to explain to others what I'm doing.”

The factory produces about 2,000 silicone dolls every month, and more than 70% of them are sold abroad, and only less than 30% of domestic orders. However, their factory accounts for the largest market share of the same level of domestic mid-to-high-end simulated physical dolls. One family.

The entrepreneurial history of a hot-selling sex doll factory

The popularity of "No.85 Head" may be able to show the influence of Liu Jiangxia's brand in the circle from one side. The birth of the explosion came from an accidental suggestion by the customer service girl: The clothes photographed by the red face in the online store are very popular. Should we also make one to see the market reaction? After studying the faces of hundreds of Internet celebrities, the designer designed the "No. 85 Head", which was launched last year and it really became popular.

In the lively discussions of various doll bars and word of mouth from users, "85" has become the leading internet celebrity in the physical doll industry, and it has also become synonymous with this factory.

In 2017, a report from Jingdong BD Research Institute showed that from the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2017, the scale of sex toys in China reached 1.78 to 2.25 times that of family planning supplies. According to this calculation, the size of China's adult products market in 2020 is about 9 billion US dollars. Some media reports pointed out that according to 2017 data, as the leading region for adult products in China, the sales volume of Guangdong is nearly twice that of second-place Beijing.

The intelligent breakthrough of sex dolls

In Liu Jiangxia's view, as one of the high-end areas, the market for simulation dolls is also expanding year by year. This is a new opportunity brought by the development of e-commerce and the wave of Internet + entrepreneurship. Publicly available information shows that in 2015 alone, more than 13 sex industry entrepreneurial projects received more than 700 million yuan in financing.

The entrepreneurial history of a hot-selling sex doll factory

"At present, 90% of our domestic orders are sold online, and nearly 100 dolls are sent from here every day." Liu Jiangxia believes that as the domestic public further eliminates the stereotypes of artificial dolls, the industry will face greater Development opportunities. And their industry is no longer limited to sex. Sex dolls are getting better and better nowadays. Many people begin to combine artificial intelligence with sex dolls. This kind of artificial intelligent robot will make your doll have more functions.

This has given birth to some special industries, such as nursing robots and educational robots. Such robots are geared towards larger groups. Because the previous sex dolls were only for a small group of people, such as single men and women, as well as the elderly who have lost their partners, are lonely groups. Now the intelligent robot developed by Liu Jiangxia can target the elderly or children with inconvenience in life and help them live more conveniently. At the same time, some busy families may also need these robot dolls to help them clean housework, cook, etc. Today's robots can do many things independently.

The success of this sex doll factory is not accidental, they are at the vanguard of the times. Buying sex dolls is no longer a shameful thing. With the change of popular values, many people have begun to face this kind of sex doll. Regarding her as a normal social phenomenon, this is really good news for the sex doll industry. What we will face is a more volatile society. Buying sex dolls has gradually become a trend, and you will see more and more people around you will try to buy these ultra-real sex dolls. No matter what you need, you can find the sex doll of your dreams in realdollshop! You can also follow our official website to watch more sex doll videos .

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