The emotional crisis experienced by silicone sex dolls |

The emotional crisis experienced by silicone sex dolls

August 28, 2020


When modern humans are blinded by pan-entertainment network content, people are blocked in seemingly rich but repetitive information cocoons, and they are less and less concerned about things outside the body. And everything that is happening in the world is quietly entering and changing our lives. This incident is one of them. People pay more attention to their inner world. Especially this year's coronavirus has caused many people to live at home.

There is nothing to do, and even a very serious mental crisis has occurred, and people's emotions cannot be reasonably released. Especially people without a partner, they face the pale wall every day, can't find anyone to speak, and can only speak to themselves. In the face of countless external anxieties and own crises, this kind of spiritual burden has been difficult to maintain. Sex dolls are a breakthrough point to alleviate this kind of emotion and can help you break through this kind of spiritual crisis. But in the face of this kind of sex doll as a love object, it has been questioned a lot.

silicone sex doll

Sex dolls ease people's spiritual needs

Whether it is an otaku who chooses to buy a doll as a love partner, is keen to dress up the doll, or even insists on taking "her" out for a walk despite the objections of relatives, friends and neighbors downstairs, or choose a substitute because of the death of his wife, wealthy Eating with the boss and watching movies with a sense of ritual, we can all see the creators' understanding of this from the video. Even if this is an advanced consumption and lifestyle, the voice of ideas cannot surpass what people choose. that power. In this sense, people and people are very similar.

The silicone sex doll is worthy of our cherishment, and her ultra-real appearance brings us a new experience. Even the blood vessels of the silicone sex doll  and her fingerprints are clearly visible. It can be seen that the sex doll is sufficiently comparable to real human women in appearance. And you can choose sex dolls with different functions and different appearances. They are the best company in our lives. We can even treat her directly as a real person and have a new relationship with her.

When the emotional and spiritual deficiencies are greater than the attention that the real world can provide you, and the existing material abundance cannot meet this need, there will be some phenomena that make people unable to penetrate at a glance. At this time, a pair of keen eyes and a straight line of sight are particularly important.

silicone sex doll

Traditional love mode and new love doll love mode

After watching the production scene, a host asked the audience some questions through an interview, although this did not "present-the audience see it by themselves" is more direct and has more initiative and choice. These silicone dolls have almost the same appearance as humans, and are even produced to provide the same touch and function as humans. These inanimate objects are given real life because of human viewing, needs, and the care of the lens. Even if human beings produce such products, it still comes from a kind of "beneficiary mentality" and is also controversial by opponents-those who still support the traditional love model.

The traditional love model and the sex doll love model have always been the focus of discussion. Many people can't understand what role sex dolls play in it. Because the sex doll itself is an object without thinking, the love that people imagine is imposed on the sex doll by people. Moreover, sex dolls cannot bear children, and cannot do a task of reproducing human offspring. But this is a fallacy. Whoever we fall in love with is our own personal choice, and giving our emotions is itself a happy thing. Falling in love with someone and giving her wholeheartedly, without asking for anything in return, is the most natural thing. And if you fall in love with the sexy and juicy fat sex doll , she will not fall in love with other men, and she will not betray you and other men Flirting and making love. Only you in her eyes. In reality, many men's psychology has been hit by women. In these traditional love models, it is often difficult for men to pursue their favorite girls. Fell into heavy pain.

And although sex dolls can't give birth, today's science and technology can reach the level of test-tube babies, and you don't need to have sex with real women directly. You can also have a child with your sex doll, and you can form a complete family between you. Therefore, the traditional love model is inevitably threatened, and it is now in a transitional period of society. In the future, more men will have their own sex dolls.

silicone sex doll

Sex dolls in the future world and human emotion patterns

Will the world in the future open up a new mode of life? Hard to say. This possibility was boldly assumed in the first episode of the documentary "Before Tomorrow". On the west coast of the United States, such sex dolls have evolved to the point of AI, which makes people can't help but start the reverie of science fiction movies. Isn't that the same as the relationship between human and copy in "Blade Runner"? Although it is not equal, it is still established, even sincere and precious. Time and space are nothing but an opportunity, and it is actually you and me that are complicated.

Even if the current technology is sufficiently developed, humans still cannot fully apply these technologies to research and development. After all, this is facing a moral question and condemnation. This is an ethical issue, not a human technology issue. People certainly want to create a sex robot, but the intricate interpersonal and ethical relationships behind it are worthy of our thinking. This is also the spiritual crisis facing sex dolls today.

silicone sex doll

After all, no one of us can accurately predict the future society. Will a completely intelligent sex doll bring new breakthroughs to our lives, or will it make our spirits more empty? But what we know is that now people are no longer sharply rejecting having a silicone female sex doll , there are even male sex dolls, people are more correct Face your own desires. If you also want to have a very intimate sex doll, please contact us!

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