The difference between closed mouth sex doll and open mouth sex doll |

The difference between closed mouth sex doll and open mouth sex doll

September 11, 2020

There are many types of sex dolls. In terms of gender, they can be divided into male sex dolls, female sex dolls, and transgender sex dolls. According to the facial parts, the eyes can be divided into closed-eye sex dolls and normal open-eye sex dolls. The different mouths can be divided into closed mouth sex dolls and open mouth sex dolls. The design of these best sex dolls naturally has its rationale and philosophy. According to the preferences of different consumers, the design of each realistic sex doll can present different effects. The emergence of sex dolls is to meet the needs of consumers, and consumer preferences are not just a single idea. Therefore, in the mouth design, in order to make the sex doll more vivid, the mouth is opened and closed. What is the difference between these two dolls? Is it just the difference in appearance? How should male consumers choose? Now for these questions, let's make an answer.


The difference between closed mouth sex doll and open mouth sex doll

Design difference

Dolls are designed as two choices of opening and closing. In fact, most of the reasons are to allow customers to choose according to their preferences. Generally, closed mouth sex dolls are the configuration of most full-size sex dolls. They are just a simple lip with different lip colors. People who have real sex dolls can also buy lipsticks to change its color according to their needs. In addition to this, there are also different lip shapes, thick lips and thin lips, faceless lips and smiling lips. In addition to these, there are also different lip peaks that make sex dolls look different. But this ordinary closed mouth sex doll cannot meet the requirements of some men who love oral sex or French kisses. So the mouth-opening sex doll appeared. Its open mouth can be equipped with detachable tongues and teeth to satisfy customers who like tongue kisses. When it is not needed, the removable tongue can be removed and cleaned to keep the sex doll's mouth clean. From another perspective, this is also a way to protect yourself. In addition, it can also satisfy consumers’ oral sex preferences to a certain extent. Although this is not as comfortable as oral sex during human intercourse, this design mostly satisfies men through visual impact to achieve their inner sense of accomplishment and dominance, thus entering the orgasm phase faster.


The difference between closed mouth sex doll and open mouth sex doll

Use difference

Closed mouth sex dolls can simply kiss the mouth, while open mouth sex dolls are different. Open mouth sex dolls provide users with another level of enjoyment through sexual intercourse in different parts. Oral sex and hot kiss can serve as sex foreplay, so that the whole sex process is filled with romance and orgasm. Although the experience of using an open mouth sex doll will not be as comfortable as real oral sex, when it is used, it is intense and fast. The same touch will also appear during the process, because rubbing the penis will make the penis more irritating, resulting in an impulse to enter orgasm. Due to the rapid movement during the process, some pressure may be generated in the mouth of the curvy sex doll, allowing the penis to experience the pleasure of suction in an environment with different pressures, and thus enter orgasm more quickly. So in terms of use, although it can not meet the needs of imagination in simple imagination, in fact, this is a very real sex experience.


The difference between closed mouth sex doll and open mouth sex doll

Make a choice

In terms of choice, consumers can control life-size sex dolls according to their sexual intercourse habits. If you just want to satisfy simple sex, you can only choose a closed-mouth sex doll, because it can satisfy basic kisses. If you love oral sex very much, that oral sex doll can meet your needs very well. When you need oral sex, you can open the lips of the sex doll, put some lubricant on it, and then put your reproductive organs into its mouth. At this time, if you need to add a little friction to stimulate your penis, you can also place a dental device in its mouth. Through the friction of the denture, the user’s penis experience will rise to another level. Of course, this way of experience also requires a little lubricant to prevent the penis from rubbing the skin due to excessive friction. If your sex experience enjoys a soft feeling, you can install a soft and comfortable tongue in the mouth of the full size sex doll. It can help you get into your orgasm faster.

If this article can help you choose a sex doll, then it is our pleasure. If you want to buy a mature sex doll of your own, but you still don’t know how to choose. Then please contact the customer service of our mall, they will be very good to help you answer your doubts.

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