The difference between anime sex doll and elf sex doll |

The difference between anime sex doll and elf sex doll

August 17, 2020

The sex doll is a real doll that can change its style according to the taste of the public. Customers who buy dolls will always have some peculiar needs,so the types of dolls will become diversified with their needs. With the optimization of increasingly sophisticated production technology,the appearance,figure,style,etc. of many dolls are more and more reflected. It is commonplace that as long as it is a new thing that conforms to the precious law of the development of things and the forward trend,it will always be quickly accepted by people. The same is true for elf sex dolls and anime sex dolls. Under the evolution of primitive inflatable dolls,realist sex dolls do not only satisfy people's sexual needs. Silicone sex dolls can also be used to watch and act as a companion. The appearance of fairy sex dolls is to satisfy customers' longing for elves,and the appearance of anime dolls is to satisfy the love of two-dimensional lovers.

The difference between anime sex doll and elf sex doll

Anime sex doll

Anime is a combination of animation and manga. It has different appearances in different countries and regions. It originated and developed in Japan. Japanese animation has strong national characteristics without losing its innovation and attractiveness.And in Japan,animation is the most important industrial chain,and there are few rivals in the world. So this has also contributed to the rapid development of animation entity dolls in Japan. In China and the United States,there are actually artistic expressions of animation,but this form of animation is not suitable for making young sex doll. In terms of the appearance of a Japanese doll,anime sex dolls seem to be different from ordinary life-size real dolls in terms of makeup and wear. But in the eyes of anime players,this is not such a common thing. They will think that this gives the doll a different soul and finds the comfort they are looking for in their hearts. In the fast-food era,animation authors will defend their rights based on their original content,so it is difficult for many anime characters to produce peripherals without buying the copyright. Therefore,most of the anime sex dolls will not be simply copied anime characters.

The difference between anime sex doll and elf sex doll

Elf sex doll

Elf sex dolls are based on the appearance of elves and are further processed and studied on the basis of ordinary full-size sex dolls. They often have long and pointed ears,a symbolic tool of their own in their hands,and their long hair is fairy-like. The different qualities they have are formed according to different genie classifications. There are different legends about elves in different countries,and each myth is full of different charms. Elf sex dolls are classified according to the elements. In many places,people think that elves are fallen angels. There are four types in total. They are fire elves,water elves,wind elves,and earth elves. There are also different categories,and there are many categories. Although there are not many products of Elf sex dolls,each one is basically a boutique.

Here are some examples of Icelandic fairy tales. It’s like this,Eve bathes the child by the river,When God came to her,he asked Eve if all the children were in front of her. Eve answered yes. But after God arrived at the money,Eve's act of hiding the children who were not washed was seen by God. So God was very angry and said that there was no need to hide children in front of me. So those hidden children can no longer live among humans and become beautiful elves.

The difference between anime sex doll and elf sex doll

The difference between them

Different doll owners have assigned different roles to their dolls,and their emotions towards dolls are also different. In addition to admiration and appreciation,there is worship. Although both elf sex dolls and anime sex dolls belong to one type of sex dolls,It's just a little more different story,refined makeup and matching. They are indeed two different concepts of real sex dolls. But for different players,they are objectively different individuals,they can make people produce different emotions,produce a variety of different feelings and thoughts,and different behaviors. Although they are different individuals,just like us humans. They also have their own stories and life experiences in their "home",and they have their own pronouns and costumes.

The difference in usability

There is a sense of use difference between the fairy sex doll and the anime sex doll. They are all normal real sex dolls,with normal breasts and buttocks,and tight vagina and anus. Most of them are female figures,and a few are transgender sex dolls,which can be changed according to the player's choice. All have the body of a normal curvy sex doll. And they can also customize hair color and makeup according to the different needs of players,as well as the choice of opening or closing eyes,and the choice of opening or closing the mouth. Visually,they are an evolutionary version of ordinary physical dolls. In terms of experience,there will be some emotions and excitement that are different from ordinary mature milf sex dolls in the process of use. They are different from ordinary masturbation tools. Ordinary masturbation tools can't bring visual impact and enjoyment. They can bring more tension and excitement than you can experience during sex with ordinary people. They will bring different surprises in the process. In addition,having this kind of dolls requires a little more care for them. The dressing of them needs to be observed and paid attention to whether their skin will be stained. The skin care for them needs to be the same as for normal women,and they need to be cleaned by observing whether they are getting ash.

The difference between anime sex doll and elf sex doll

In fact,whether you are a fan of elves or anime,you only need to buy an elf sex doll or anime sex doll to go home and experience it. You know the difference between them and ordinary sex dolls or ordinary masturbation tools. If you need to buy,our mall provides purchase channels for these two dolls,as well as custom dolls. We will provide you with the best service,so that you have never had a good experience.

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