The birth and future of Gynoid dolls |

The birth and future of Gynoid dolls

December 01, 2020

In terms of quality and appearance, Gynoid sex dolls are one of the best doll brands. First of all, they are of good quality, exquisite details, very imitated and famous. Next, let me introduce her birth and future to you.

Gynoid sex doll


Gynoid is a manufacturer of silicone sex dolls. However, compared with the actual manufacturer, the manufacturer considers it very industrial. They are a company dedicated to researching surreal humanoid collections, high-end mannequins, surreal solid silicone dolls and artificial intelligence robot girlfriends.

They used a combination of digital sculpture and hand sculpture, and the combination of the two created their Real Doll product line. They combine 3D digital modeling with traditional carving art.

They use food-grade platinum silicone resin and specially designed metal alloys and plastic bones. Keeping ergonomics and realistic functions in mind, Gynoid silicone dolls have reached a complete joint range equivalent to real human bones when developing products. All dolls' hand and finger bones have clear joints, and no wires can be seen!

Gynoid sexy love doll

Information and use

Material: medical high-quality RZR silicone love doll, high-quality material, safe, soft and durable
Eyeball: movable, finger joints can be moved, body bones can be moved in high places
Shape: World's top realism (factory craftsmen have world-class surrealist Hollywood movie models)
Standing: Gynoid doll is self-supporting (no metal can be seen on the feet)
The head and torso can be separated, and the hands and torso can be separated for easy storage
Gynoid silicone dolls have a more perfect figure and better real facial features
In terms of skin expressions, Gynoid is the world's first silicone doll factory. It can make lifelike skin texture, blood vessels and spots without affecting the overall appearance, while maximizing the mobility of all joints (especially all fingers). Our silicone dolls can move to a large extent
Touch response is closer to real people

Gynoid domineering sex doll


Gynoid takes the high-end route and pays great attention to the quality of dolls and customer experience. This is especially true in the future. Intelligent robot sex partners will become their future development direction, creating super simulators and intelligent robot sex partners that serve people.

Gynoid eyes close sex doll

More and more users pay more and more attention to self-experience. After all, people live to experience life. Everyone wants to live a better life and wants to buy high-quality items. Someone said: "I would rather spend more money to buy high-quality dolls than to buy a variety of inferior products", but everyone has their own consumption concept, so in the end, I still see their consumption level.

Gynoid high quality sex doll


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