The advantages of sex dolls-prevent husbands from having an affair |

The advantages of sex dolls-prevent husbands from having an affair

December 21, 2020

Recently, I received emails from fans of our store. She wanted to share the story with the sex doll, and with her consent, we shared her story with everyone.

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I have a half-sister, and I will not go into details about this sister's specific life experience. In short, after my father got married, he fell in love with his first love all night. That woman was pregnant with a child, but my father didn't know. Later, his child who was pregnant with his father's first love grew up and became my sister, and I also met a half-sister.

After my half mother passed away due to illness, my father took over her and lived with us temporarily. Although my mother is very angry, she has nothing to do. After all, children are innocent. I never knew I had a younger sister before. I thought I was an only child. When I was young, no one played with me. Now I have a younger sister. What a fate!

After getting married, I bought a house in the city center. My father paid for it. My husband's house is in the country. My parents died at a young age and their salary was not high. I like my husband. As long as my husband loves me, I don't care about others. Now, my husband has made a lot of money by relying on his ability to work in a Fortune 500 company, and his family life is very good.

My husband worked hard step by step and worked hard for 3 years and became a senior executive. I also resigned and became a full-time wife in the family. Life is very leisurely. At this time, my sister found a lot of jobs due to unsuccessful work, and resigned soon afterwards, often coming to me to cry.

Sometimes my husband will inspire her and comfort her. After all, she never went to college and could not find any good jobs, and all the jobs are bad jobs. Gradually, my sister often comes to our house. After a long time, we will default. After all, she is my sister. It's just that some things are too embarrassing. After all, two women live with a man together​​!

My sister especially likes to wear fashionable and sexy clothes. As a woman, I feel the same way and like beauty. But she often wears some very conspicuous clothes, such as wearing suspenders and flesh-colored pantyhose to show my husband, and ask my husband if he looks good. Even in front of me, she is the same.

What can my husband say, he just kept smirking and staring at my sister's breasts. I am really angry. Because of this feeling, I endured it, but she became more and more immoral, even wearing thongs, ran to my husband’s side, asked my husband to give her a massage, and said she would give my husband a massage later . return. I really can't stand it. I have told her in the past, but she is still not satisfied.

My sister went to my father to sue me, saying that I was bullying her, so my father asked me to let her stay at home and not to bully her, I was speechless. For a while, I really wanted to go out to work, and meeting my sister every day really annoyed me. So I went looking for a job again, and I went on a business trip in the first month of work. I'm glad I don't have to visit that sister every day, and I don't want to.

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On the second night after returning from a business trip, I took out the key to open the door, put down my luggage, and went straight to the bedroom. But when I turned on the light, I saw my husband and sister sleeping on the bed with arms folded. There are second-hand condoms in the trash can next to me. I was crazy at the time. I have photographed the dog and that person in the past. . I didn't expect that within a few days of my business trip, my half-sister would become my husband's bed partner, which really made me crazy.

At first I thought I thought my sister would be grateful for protecting my relatives, but I didn't expect that she would really seduce my brother-in-law. This is the problem I should face. If it were you, would you accept it?

For many people, this is unbearable. After all, their favorite person and their sister have sex at home, but this kind of affair is normal around us, so can this problem be improved? What is the solution? There are actually many sex dolls. If your husband and you are not passionate and want to go out to find another woman, but you can’t accept it, then buy her a sex doll. She can solve this problem well. There are silicone sex dolls, tpe sex dolls, and big Breast sex dolls, etc.

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Hope this method can help you solve the trouble. At the same time, you are also welcome to come to our store to buy sex dolls. We will provide you with the best service and the best price. We look forward to your visit.

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