The advanced aesthetic concept of Oriental Sex Doll Company |

The advanced aesthetic concept of Oriental Sex Doll Company

September 17, 2020

Nowadays, there are a lot of sex doll brands on the Internet. As the popularity of sex dolls increases, more and more people begin to try sex dolls, and many sex doll brands have also emerged. Therefore, for consumers, we must understand some of the history or development of different sex doll brands, which will help us choose some good sex dolls. If you want to mention Japanese sex doll brands, everyone will think of a lot, because Japan is a big country of sex dolls, and it has produced many high-quality sex dolls. Sex dolls have almost become a trademark of Japan. But if you want to ask about the best quality Japanese sex dolls, then there is no doubt that it is the sex dolls of Oriental Industries. Many doll lovers admire this brand of sex dolls very much. So why is this brand popular with so many people? What are the reasons? If you are curious about this, if you want to know more about this brand, please continue reading.

The advanced aesthetic concept of Oriental Sex Doll Company

Creation of Oriental Industrial Brand

Japan Oriental Industries, founded in 1977, ranks among the top in the world in terms of strength, and is a manufacturer of ultra-real dolls of the old brand. Orient Industry was founded in 1977 by the former sex shop owner Hideo Tsuchiya. He noticed that customers who bought inflatable latex sex dolls from his shop returned complaining about being pierced. Tsuchiya sold his shop and used the money to build Own business. The goal is to make more durable products. Orient Industries is located in Ueno District, Tokyo. It has a factory in Katsushika District. It currently employs 26 workers, including makeup artists and sculptors, many of whom are art school graduates.

Players usually call these silicone dolls OT dolls. In fact, these make-ups and productions are artificially made and incorporate a number of their patented technologies. The manufacturer treats the bones, muscles and epidermis of the real human body in various human postures. Long-term research has been conducted on the different states shown in the state, and a large amount of valuable data has been accumulated. The research results have been applied to silicone sex dolls, and senior makeup artists have completed makeup to truly express the inner world and rich body shapes of love dolls. and many more. So the sex dolls you see are very real, and they have even reached a state comparable to real people. Especially when you see the super high-end sex doll of Oriental Industry, you will even think that this is a real girl. Their skin is delicate and without any blemishes. When you see her, you can't help but want to touch her cheeks and feel how soft her pink cheeks are. Everything will make you feel Very surprised. Even the hair on their feet is clearly visible, you can hardly believe it. There is also a real model, she is just like a human being. You won't think she is a sex doll without a soul, as long as she smiles, she seems to have a soul, which can attract all your eyes.


The advanced aesthetic concept of Oriental Sex Doll Company

A breakthrough in the stigma of sex dolls

Sex dolls seem to many people to be a relatively dirty thing, because it is to satisfy the private hidden desires of men. In this society where sex is ashamed, sex is considered a very bad thing. Of course Think of sex dolls as a dirty thing. The sex doll has always existed around us, but we have never found her existence. And Eastern Industries made the following breakthroughs. They made obscene sex dolls public. But this way of presentation is very elegant.

Japan's oldest love doll manufacturer wants to strip off its gloomy image of sex toys and encourage people to treat them as works of art. A spokesman for Tokyo-based sex doll manufacturer Oriental Industry Co. said that even now the stigma still exists. The company recently held a three-week exhibition to celebrate its 40th anniversary, which showcased the evolution of its dolls and attracted more than 10,000 visitors.

But in their exhibition, there are many male and female tourists, in fact, there are more women than men. There are men, women and children, men and women. I think people come because they have heard of how beautiful our dolls are. We want to get rid of this stigma.

In fact, this is also a business philosophy. Silicone sex dolls can definitely attract our interest, but what kind of method should be used to make more people accept sex dolls. Acknowledging and accepting sex is an instinct. She does not have any difference between high and low levels. It is a kind of thing that allows us to observe our innermost things, and we know what we want in our hearts. Such a concept can help us learn more about the future society, and it can also help us face our own hearts.


The advanced aesthetic concept of Oriental Sex Doll Company

We need to talk about sex

Robot experts say that we need to talk about sex. The price of the doll ranges from 262,440 yen to 685,000 yen, with a detachable head and genitals, and a realistic appearance. The silicone skin feels soft to the touch, the joints are completely soft, and the real hair and other details further enrich the realistic fantasy.

When the company was founded, the doll's face looked like the face of a mannequin. Now, we have staff shaping these faces, and their appearance is highly praised.

Since 2001, they have been using silicone to make dolls. By shaping the face and using makeup, we can make dolls that are more realistic than before, and improve the quality by using better materials. This is a big improvement for us.

Famous photographers such as Laurie Simmons and Kishin Shinoyama used the company's dolls as the subject of books and exhibitions, and the latter displayed his work at the Oriental Industrial Anniversary Celebration held at the Atsukobarouh Gallery in Shibuya from May 20 to June 11. .


The advanced aesthetic concept of Oriental Sex Doll Company

High-end sex dolls really make it impossible for us to look away. Today’s sex dolls have developed more features to attract us to observe. You can learn more about updates and more relevant information at any time. You will definitely Gain a lot of knowledge. At the same time, there are many types of sex dolls. Whether you like real full-size sex dolls or small but portable mini sex dolls, they will meet your needs. You can also customize your own sex dolls to make her the best. Heartfelt slave!

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