Surprisingly, what men in the world ask for sex dolls in common is-it |

Surprisingly, what men in the world ask for sex dolls in common is-it

October 31, 2020

In the past and present, there is a problem. Men prefer a beautiful face or a good body shape. More than 70% of men prefer body shape, and the editor has made a detailed description of what body shape men like female sex dolls most. According to the survey, they were found that they have a big chest first, and then a fat buttocks.

female sex doll

United States

American Ruly said: "In our country, even in the southeast, I think the beautiful standard sex doll image may be the same as many other places; tall, curvy, big breasts, golden and blue eyes (although light brown eyes are also popular ) And have fair or tanned skin."

beautiful sex doll


Egyptian user Ahmeda said that “curvy sex dolls with big breasts” are generally considered to be the most attractive in Egypt.

curvy sex dolls


Staneslav, a Bulgarian, believes that in his country, for most men, the most attractive sex dolls are "tall, tight, slim and big breasts".

slim sex doll

Nodège of Switzerland put forward women's views on this. He said that Swiss people prefer "slender, curvy women, of medium build, and usually more brown hair than blonde and fair eyes."

blonde sex doll

United Kingdom
Alec Alesan believes that the most attractive sex dolls are "petite, not too thin, with large (but not ridiculous) breasts and curvy". He also said that 5 feet 7 inches is about the ideal choice for Britain.

sex dollsshop

Breasts and hips are so important for men to choose a partner, so they will have the same role in the choice of buying sex dolls. According to the editor, about 80% of the dolls are big breasted sex dolls and big ass sex dolls. , Or both, but what size big breasts are more acceptable? Is it better with Big Yue? No, some sex dolls have too big breasts, the whole body looks uncoordinated, and even looks a bit deformed. If the breasts are too small, they don’t look curved and have no curves. Now reveal what kind of breasts are full breasts. What kind of body shape is more coordinated.

big boots sex doll

The study of slender waist and round hips shows that the ratio of waist to hip is 7:10, which means that the waist is 67%-80% of the hips, and the gourd hourglass figure is most attractive to men. A professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Texas in the United States has studied the winners of the previous American beauty pageants for 50 years and the topless girls in the "Playboy (Playboy News, Playboy Talk)" magazine, and found that the perfect sexy female average weight 50 He has lost 13 pounds over the years, but the number of waist and hip circumferences of 7:10 has not changed. He also found that most of the women who are most attractive to men have a ratio of between 67% and 80%.

beautiful real doll

In short, customers or buyers consider a lot of issues when choosing sex dolls. In terms of price, sex dolls with big breasts and sex dolls with big butts are generally more expensive, but in terms of experience, in order to stimulate their senses, spend a little more Ten dollars is nothing.


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