Super realistic sex of female writer and male robot sex doll |

Super realistic sex of female writer and male robot sex doll

August 21, 2020

We always think that sex dolls seem to be exclusive to men, and only men will buy female sex dolls , thus ignoring the sex needs of women. But in fact, women can also own these sex dolls. When you buy a sex doll for your girlfriend, she may be surprised. After all, the times are developing, and the previous set of thinking values are no longer suitable for the current situation. Many women will take the initiative to buy some sex toys to take care of their needs. So it is not a rare period for women to have sex dolls. We must gradually accept these phenomena. After all, sex dolls can not only help us relieve our physical desires, but also help us solve our inner psychological needs. If you are curious about how this female writer had sex with this robot, please keep watching.


Super real robot sex doll

Today's sex robots have developed to an amazing level, and many of them are suitable for the development and production of sex dolls. These sex dolls are almost comparable to real human beings. Their appearance is real, and you can hardly tell which are real people and which are sex dolls at first. And they can speak, they will respond based on what you say, and they will give you various stories, so you can sleep in his magnetic voice. If you have any needs, you can tell him directly, and he will try his best to satisfy you. Such robot sex dolls are very rare. And today's sex dolls are particularly delicate, his face can even smile, and you can see that his muscles are active, which makes him appear more real.

Technology has always come from human nature. When it becomes more and more difficult to establish emotions between people, or when you simply want sex without love, the emergence of sex robots seems to fill those lonely needs. Let's take a look, except for girls' sex. In addition to robots, the United States recently developed a male sex robot , and invited a female sex writer to have actual sex with it. She said: It's just making love to a real person !

Super realistic sex of female writer and male robot sex doll

Robot sex doll debut

Some foreign companies have made female sex robots that specifically satisfy men's desires. Apart from uttering all kinds of profanity like real people, they feel almost the same as real women, and even have body temperature! With electronic sensors and vaginal vibration system. Not allowing the female version of the sex robot to be exclusively beautiful. Recently, a female writer has fought fiercely with the world's first male sex doll for 20 minutes, praising that the penis is like a real person.

The prototype of the sex robot comes from sex dolls. Twenty years ago, an abyss manufacturing company in the United States started with silicone sex dolls and named it RealDolls, with the CEO Matt McMullen. The body of the doll is made of silicone, with plastic bones and steel joints, which are soft to the touch and can perform different movements. Guests can customize the local body parts, such as figure or size, according to their preferences. The price starts at $3500.

Twenty years after the company was established, sex dolls have developed to the robot stage. In addition to making physical progress, it also establishes personality and psychological characteristics for sex robots, allowing users to establish a deeper emotional connection with the robot, and can also answer some simple conversations. Do not allow female sex robots to dominate the market. Recently, the world's first extremely realistic male version of the sex doll appeared. According to foreign "Vogue" and "VICE" 31-year-old sex columnist Karley Sciortino, he personally experienced the male version due to the sponsorship of the manufacturer. Sex dolls make love, she said the process is like making love with a real person.

According to a report by the British "Daily Star", Sinthetics in Los Angeles, California, USA called this male version of the doll called Gabriel. The name implies an angel of revenge. It is about 175 cm in length and 100% made of plastic, which can be customized. The size of the genitals, as well as the pubic hair, are highly simulated. The penis can be set in two states: soft and hard. Sometimes the body will have some scars or freckles and chest hair to make the doll more humane. Each price 5,000 pounds.

Super realistic sex of female writer and male robot sex doll

Male robot sex doll real experience

Sciortino and Gabriel slept for 20 minutes, praised that the genitals are comparable to real people. This way of making love makes her unforgettable. Having sex with a doll can completely control the dominance of sex. You can also try various positions and adjust sex positions. The only difference is that he Unable to respond to you, boldly describing this feeling is the same as finding a partner with dating software, quite real.

It can be said that this experience is full of desire. The male sex doll has a built-in vibration mode and can move back and forth like a real male without the need for women to spend too much energy. This is simply amazing, because ordinary sex toys can hardly meet the rich emotional needs of women, and women are animals full of sentimentality. They prefer to express their inner emotions, this kind of robot sex dolls can just meet the emotional needs of women. No matter what confusion you have, you can tell your robot to listen to it, and he will reply to you based on what you say, comforting your emotions. Of course you can make love directly, his strong physique will satisfy your inner emptiness. As long as you want, he will satisfy you, and he will not feel tired, you can enjoy the ultimate sex experience.

Super realistic sex of female writer and male robot sex doll

Sex between male robots and females is a very beautiful experience, women no longer have to deal with complicated male-female relationships, and they will not be deceived. It adds a feeling of happiness, and it is very reassuring. Your handsome male sex doll  will only be exclusive to you and will bring you absolute loyalty. And not only women can use it, but some gay men can also use it, which can increase their happiness experience. Love will no longer be a problem. If you want to have your own heartfelt sex doll, Realdollshop has everything you want!

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