Some things you have to know before buying silicone sex dolls |

Some things you have to know before buying silicone sex dolls

July 03, 2020


What is a silicone sex doll? Before we buy sex dolls, we will face such a choice, but do we really know what is silicone love doll? In fact, silicone sex dolls are a kind of artificial adult sex products, can be regarded as a high-end Masturbator. There used to be a masturbator made of silicone, but with the development of technology, this material is used in the production of the entire body. These silicone sex dolls are made in a 1:1 ratio of the girl's figure and skin. There are many unparalleled advantages.

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First of all, before we have an intimate relationship with real silicone sex dolls, we want to have our own silicone sex doll. You don't have to be ashamed that you want to buy a sex doll and have sex with it. As society continues to develop, when thinking about how to increase happiness through sex, the days when people will become shy or ashamed are farther and farther away from us. Indeed, people are more daring today, and are openly looking for ways to increase physical pleasure. To find call girls with sex toys, you can do all operations carefully on the Internet.

Indeed, people do not need to secretly go to a sex brothel or take unnecessary risks. They can look for such people or products in their own homes. Each country has its own category of sex workers and sellers of sex-related products that promote their goods and services online. As a result, all kinds of film and television works and sex fairs are heating up in China every year. The demand for sex products is booming year by year, so all kinds of materials related to sex products are also heating up year by year.

Sex dolls made of silicone are as realistic as possible. They are as close as possible to the feeling of women. They are the right size, and there are different colors, sizes and heights for you to choose. You can customize sex dolls according to your wishes. You can choose the rubber sex doll according to your preferences. No matter what your requirements are, you can contact customer service. You can tell us some of your customized needs, we can do our best to meet your sexual fantasy. This is not a shameful thing, the development of the world is far beyond your imagination.

Some things you have to know before buying silicone sex dolls

There are even transgender sex dolls now, if you want a male penis on your sex doll, you can choose, these penis can be freely disassembled. There are also some wonderful customizations, such as installing a vagina on the sex doll's chest, which is simply incredible and realizes real breastfeeding. Not only can you have sex on the surface of the silicone adult dolls' chest, you can even customize a vagina on the doll's chest so that you can insert the doll's chest. This is a very magical thing, so there are more holes in the doll for you to insert.


What kinds of silicone dolls are there?

There are two main types of silicone dolls, one is full silicone sex dolls and the other is semi-silicone dolls. These two silicone dolls are almost completely different, especially in terms of price. So when you buy silicone sex dolls, you need to understand the specific logo of the product, whether the seller sells full silicone sex dolls or semi-silicone sex dolls. After all, some merchants are willing to sub-charge it, and sell half-silicone sex dolls at the price of full silicone. Let's take a look at what they are like!

The body of the full silicone doll is silicone except for the bones, which is the physical doll. The shape of the full silicone doll is more realistic and soft. But the relative price is relatively high, even the full silicone dolls made in China are more than 20,000 yuan, and Japanese imports are generally around 50,000 yuan. This price is very high, equivalent to several months of salary, but the full silicone sex doll has a better experience. If your budget is sufficient, you can consider the best silicone sex doll.

Some things you have to know before buying silicone sex dolls

Semi-silicone dolls have only silicone parts that are sold outside of silicone, and are filled with airbags or organic cotton. The price of such dolls ranges from 3000 to 8000. Semi-silicone is not a pure silicone sex doll, she is a combination, so this kind of silicone doll will be relatively cheaper. If you really want a silicone sex doll, but the budget is not enough, you can consider this semi-silicone sex doll. Although it is not as good as a full silicone sex doll, it can still meet your sex needs.


The advantages and disadvantages of silicone sex dolls

First of all, silicone sex dolls have many unmatched advantages of tpe sex dolls. However, silicone sex dolls will inevitably have shortcomings, all things are two-sided. While enjoying the advantages, we have to accept the shortcomings. Nothing is perfect. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone sex dolls?



  • Silicone dolls are hypoallergenic

This means that sex dolls are made of materials that are less reactive to human skin. Therefore, even without protection, latex sex doll will not cause allergies. This kind of material is safer and healthier. If your skin is more sensitive, you should consider this sex doll more.

  • Silicone dolls look and feel super realistic

The first is the face of the doll. You don’t want to look at too false faces every day, which is also difficult to stimulate your sexual desire. But the face of the silicone sex doll is very realistic, she is simply a real beauty lying on your bed. For men, sex must pass through the vagina, and silicone sex dolls make it easier for you to enjoy this process of sex. The materials used to make the anus and vagina are of high quality, thus making these points as real as a normal vagina or anus.

She can completely replace the real person to satisfy the orgasm. The silicone doll is soft and elastic after inflation, and the skin is similar to the real girl. Silicone dolls are easy to carry and clean, and can be used repeatedly. As a non-toxic, non-polluting, high-softness chemical material, silica gel has gradually occupied a dominant position in the production of sex products.

  • Silicone sex dolls are easier to clean

The material used to make silicone dolls is strong, strong, strong and heat resistant. Silicone sex doll disinfection is also very convenient, she will not leave too many harmful bacteria, and protect your health in all directions. Therefore, even if a silicone sex doll is used, it is very easy to sell it to others. In addition, if you have a silicone sex doll, please always dress her in any color without worrying that she will be stained by color or dye. This is a plus point because it means that it is very easy to care for silicone sex dolls.

  • The later maintenance of silicone dolls is more convenient and cheaper

The skin of the silicone sex doll is different from the ordinary tpe material, and her skin feels firmer and firmer. You don't need to treat her too carefully, because some small pressure will not dent it. This indirectly enhances your sex experience. The initial cost of silicone sex dolls may be high, but you need to be aware that you may not spend too much money for her too much maintenance. If you subtract the maintenance cost later, you will find that the price of silicone sex dolls may not be as high as you think.

Some things you have to know before buying silicone sex dolls


  • High price

The price of a full silicone sex doll is quite expensive. Will you question whether it is really necessary to buy such an expensive sex doll? Silicone dolls are a more expensive option for many people. This is because the process of manufacturing and manufacturing dolls is very cumbersome, and because silicone itself is an expensive material.

  • Silicone sex doll skin will be oily

The skin may look realistic, but the feel of silicone sex dolls is often sticky, especially after cleaning. This is due to the nature of the silicone material. After the silicone has been placed for a long time, the skin of the sex doll will ooze oil. Be aware that these oils are not dripped from the tap water, but slowly penetrated. The oil that has penetrated will affect your tactile experience. The solution is that you can use the soft baby talcum powder purchased for her to wipe off the stickiness, and you can even buy cheaper corn starch instead of talc.


Silicone sex dolls are still in a relatively good market in the sex doll market, if your budget is sufficient. You can buy a full-size silicone sex doll, she will bring you countless surprises. Whether you like realistic teen sex doll, pregnant sex doll, muscular sex doll or male sex doll, silicone sex dolls will meet your various needs. Come and start your wonderful sex journey!

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