Some sex doll movies worth watching |

Some sex doll movies worth watching

July 24, 2020


You might think that sex dolls are a niche group, few people know. But in fact, there have been many sex doll movies with sex dolls as the theme, and each movie is an independent story. And many of them have sex dolls as protagonists. These sex doll movies  explore the spiritual problems of people in today's society. Most of them are developed from the perspective of fairy tales, and you can see that many sex dolls have almost become real people. They are no longer a thoughtless individual. One day, your sex doll really opens its eyes, has its own thinking, and can move freely on its own. Some stories from the sex doll turned into a real person. Some movies also use sex dolls to insinuate the spiritual crisis of contemporary people, without any sustenance, and unable to truly face real life. These films all have a certain depth and are worthy of our in-depth thinking. Let's take a look at any famous sex doll movies!

Some sex doll movies worth watching

Lars and the Real Girl

The movie tells the story of the brother's family, doctors, colleagues, neighbors and other groups of delusional brothers returning to normal life. Every character in the movie is helpful. Together, they create a safe environment like a mother, tolerate and accept the male protagonist's delusional symptoms, and give him and his inflatable doll girlfriend love and care. In the end, the male protagonist gradually gave up his fake girlfriend, returned to real life and started contact with real girls who liked him. Unconditional love can heal everything.

After watching the movie, we may discuss such a problem, how to heal a person who was traumatized by love in the early childhood. When such people grow up, they are often lonely and don't like to communicate with others. They fantasize about galloping in their own world, fearing loss, fearing injury, and lacking courage and confidence. His healing requires a "transitional stage", during which a transitional experience is formed to prepare for a closed fantasy. A warm, safe, and accepted environment is extremely important, just like the therapist doing his best in a consulting room. Its hard to build.

Some sex doll movies worth watching

To heal a person, one must first connect to his world, enter his world, and accept the appearance of his world. After the connection is successful, the therapist may have such a function, just like a parent, facing a child who likes to be with toys all the time, he does not question the ambiguity of the transitional experience, but also accepts the meaning of a teddy bear. Just like in this video, Lars uses inflatable play as his girlfriend. He knows that this inflatable doll is not a real person, just like a child knows that a teddy bear is not a real bear, but he puts his emotions on this doll. Such a transition is needed, and a transitional experience is formed during this transition---feeling the feeling of love brought to him by oneself and others in the process and not questioning it, just as parents don't question the child's fantasy of a teddy bear, to accommodate this ambiguity Like sex, it will be an important environmental condition for him to be able to accept true and objective reality.

Many of us in modern times, like Lars, cannot find spiritual sustenance. We are unwilling to face the reality of life. In other words, life has given us too much pain. Only with sex dolls can our hearts be temporarily placed, just like a ship finally anchored in its port. This is an inevitable truth. The reality is getting more and more cruel. Sex dolls have gradually become our spiritual support. This is no problem in itself. The question is whether we can distinguish reality from virtual, whether we have been immersed in the fantasy of nothingness or we can find the courage to face life.

Some sex doll movies worth watching

Air Doll

The story takes place in a small town along a river in Japan. Hideo who lives in a run-down apartment has an inflatable doll. This Japanese love doll  is Hideo's only companion. His inflatable doll is thoughtless, but cute, just like all sex dolls. Hideo works in a small restaurant. After returning home, he prepares meals for two people every day. In the evening, he bathes with the inflatable doll. Then he lay down and watched the starry sky while talking to the doll. When tired, he slept in the same quilt and fell asleep.

One rainy and sunny morning, Xiu Xiong was busy washing up, and the inflatable doll beside him suddenly blinked. Hideo went to work. The doll stood up slowly in the sunshine. She walked to the window, stretched out her fingers to catch the water droplets from the eaves, and whispered: "It's beautiful." The inflatable doll in black and white maid clothes walked out the door. , She met all kinds of people in the small town.

So she met a young clerk who worked in a video rental store. After working in the shop, Junichi gradually fell in love with inflatable dolls and taught her a lot of film knowledge. The inflatable doll finds that she has a heart and can walk, touch and perceive like a human, but she knows that she is just an inflatable doll, a substitute for sexual desire. She started to learn to love someone, not wanting to be a dispensable substitute. So while trying to slowly blend in and slowly perceive this world, but also found that I was getting farther and farther away from what I wanted. She still didn't understand the rules of the world. She thought Junichi, like her, could inflate her scratched belly. So she opened Junichi's belly, she was playing games with him. But Junichi's stomach couldn't bulge up no matter how he blew, the blood from the wound kept flowing down. Junichi gradually lost his breath, and the inflatable doll died in the garbage.

Some sex doll movies worth watching

Some sex doll movies worth watching

The clothes will be crumpled, the prosthesis will get dirty, and what else will be clean. The body is inflated, the shadow is transparent, what is real. I can breathe out the wind, touch the rain, hide the stitches, but still have no memory; you can see the sea, blow on me, watch countless tear-jerking movies, but you are still sad. I thought I was the only one who had no flesh and blood, so many people were full of air. I thought it would be happier if I had a heart, but I would be lonely if I had a heart.


In addition to this kind of story-based lyrical movies, there is another category of informal movies, which appear in other forms of video shooting. These videos are more casual, but also reflect more originality and advanced and outstanding thinking. For example, sex doll netflix documentary or sex doll netflix. Nowadays, there are many robot sex dolls related to the future, such as sex doll robot documentary netflix, sex doll robot documentary and sex doll robot documentary 2020. These sex doll movies show people's fantasy about the future and thinking about the destiny of mankind itself, sex doll stories are worth watching.

These sex doll movies have deeply analyzed our human nature, and analyzed the serious spiritual crisis we are facing in today's modern society. Facing more and more real sex dolls, we should think, who are we? What do we want to pursue? realistic sex dolls for sale  can help us solve our sexual needs, and these sex doll movies can also help us think about ourselves. In this plausible society, we hope To be a real person, or a body with nowhere to put the soul?

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